Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend


  • Frustration / Anger → Patience, Playfulness, Freedom
  • Liver / Gallbladder


Energetic Metaphor:

Spring freshness caresses every pore
Meet it. l must.
Catch the Sun
Awakening, Rising – l REACH…Yes!

ln form and structure the spark of True Dreams
Spontaneously directed
blood starts its movement to energize 
Springs to Life
Human Consciousness takes a new step

The Executive, The Mastermind
How quickly you Respond Lighting your sparks,
Blowing in the winds
Fresh forever
the Spirit Transcends

There’s a feel that comes in the spring

the vision of hope -a new beginning

the world is alive and shining

see us all- the young and the old

and birth each day with the smile of perfect timing



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Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend

The 5 Movements represent the 5 main life movements that parallel the natural cycle of nature – the seasons of the year and times of day

  1. We flow within our Dream/ Life Purpose-(Winter- Night)
  2. We rise to put our dreams into action-(Spring- Morning)
  3. We radiate, inspired and passionate about the many possibilities- (Summer- Noon)
  4. We focus/ground to carry through one step at a time and connect with others in relationships-(Autumn-Afternoon)
  5. We gather to completion to manifest our original creation and once completed let go of the past-( Fall- Sunset ) to move into deeper dreams…and the cycle, movements, seasons repeat. 

Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend
Which Keyword of the 5 Movements do you desire most?

Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend

Which Movement's Reactionary Behavior do you like least in yourself or in others?

Spring: The Rising Movement is associated with Spring, Awakening and the new action of creativity conceived in winter and now newly born into the world. The Liver that conducts 589 actions, 450 each minute masterminds the spontaneous planning of our dreams- Now, with its partner the Gallbladder and for the future. This iSOHA essential oil blend integrates freshness, spontaneity with patience and timing and thus teaches us to use frustration instead of it using us.

Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend

Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend

Spring, Rising, Innovation, New Action, Now- patiently project. Anger? better to smile and use it...Choose, SELECT

Rising/new Action/spring/tree-like Oil Blend

If you crave the freedom to create and when challenged get frustrated, angry and push others away by being too aggressive, this slightly cooling oil may help you to "chill out", remember the big picture and instead allow patience to guide your enthusiasm for action.
Rising/New Action/Spring/Tree-Like Oil Blend


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