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Health Assessment

The following links take you to various Health Assessment Methods. Click on any link to assess yourself. For Recommendations, go to the Health Recommendations page and click on any one of the recommendations to help you create a Vital Health condition suited to YOUR Individual Health Condition.

5 Seasons Personality Type

5 Seasons Reactive Behavior Type

Health Recommendations

The following links take you to various Health Recommendations Methods: Click on any link to follow recommendations to create vital health for yourself.

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Constellational Influences

Discover the energetic tendencies inherent to the date of your birth. Physical, Spiritual, Social and Emotional life influences surround the year, day and month of each person’s birthdate. All influences are variations of the seasons of the year. Understanding your personal setup may provide keen insight as to why you behave in certain ways and how to more efficiently change patterns that need resolution. Integrate your life with the forces of nature that change annually and monthly.