Gathering to Completion/ Individuality/ Fall/Metal- Like Blend


  • Guilt, Blame, Shame, Grief → Forgiveness, Kindness, Deep Self Understanding
  • Lungs / Large Intestine

Energetic Metaphor:

Looking at You
What do l see Turbulence or Trust Breathing Two Different Sides of Me
Events of the past…resentment?
Do I still hold?
Spirit come forth
 Do I still hold  Spirit come forth
Reabsorb, forgive
 Gratitude for the lesson
 Move on
My Greatest choice calls
Deep Truth.     Destiny- NOW
As in the feeling of a late fall, harvest gathered bundled row upon row- I rest in the manifestation of long-awaited goals and dreams-

I reap what I sow. I am response-able- in kindness to my deeper self, I acknowledge the past as learning. Now it is time to go- Deeper, Deeper back to the flow


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Gathering to Completion/ Individuality/ Fall/Metal-Like Blend

The 5 Movements represent the 5 main life movements that parallel the natural cycle of nature – the seasons of the year and times of day

  1. We flow within our Dream/ Life Purpose-(Winter- Night)
  2. We rise to put our dreams into action(Spring- Morning)
  3. We radiate, inspired, and passionate about the many possibilities (Summer- Noon)
  4. We focus/ground to carry through one step at a time and connect with others in relationships ( Autumn-Afternoon)
  5. We gather to completion to manifest our original creation and once completed let go of the past ( Fall- Sunset ) to move into deeper dreams…and the cycle, movements, and seasons repeat. Flowing/Adaptability/Winter/Water–like Oil Blend

Which of the 5 Movement KEY words do desire the most?

Which of the 5 Movement reactionary behaviors do you like least in yourself or in others?

Fall: The Gathering movement is associated with Late Fall, Harvest, Completion, and Letting go of the Past. From the culmination of all other movements and most directly influenced by the previous grounding season, we sense our individuality/uniqueness while still realizing the importance of evolving from the past version of ourselves lest it limit us.

Gathering to Completion/uniqueness, Late Fall Metal-Like Oil Blend
Late Fall, Gathering to completion and letting go of the past. Who am "I" sense it -Express it and be open to changing it.

Through the navigation of extremes within the forces of Nature that parallel the seasons and days of one's life, our soul's individuality/uniqueness evolves.

Metal-like energy gathers/manifests. This final energetic phase represents the completion and achievement of personal goals - the finished product. Individuality, commitment, devotion, determination, independence, and material success are all possible characteristics of this phase, as are stubbornness, rigidity, guilt, feelings of being stuck, difficulties with trust issues, and isolation.
Gathering to Completion/ Individuality/ Fall/Metal-Like Blend

When the free expression of gathering energy is distorted, obsessive compulsiveness, orderliness to a fault, and self-worth, guilt, and grief may be presented.

Free Flowing gathering demonstrates a sense of unique style with an openness to letting go of the past to create a continuing better version of self throughout the seasons of every year.

Gathering to Completion/ Individuality/ Fall/Metal-Like Blend

For a bodywork therapeutic perspective see


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