Radiating/Passion/Summer/ Fire-Like Oil Blend


  • Hyperactivity / Chaos → Calm Passion, Centeredness
  • Heart / Small Intestine, Cardiovascular System

Energetic Metaphor:

Here, there, everywhere,
my heart bursts, radiantly
to all in its way
ln Laughter l swell
ln tears l fulfill
Express from my overflow
As a flower’s petals spread
We Smile Our Souls wink –
understood A song of joy

Blazing in my eyes
Quench the Soul
Leave me searing hot, sizzling
What a lovely way to burn

Summer shines its warm inspiring light on all to feel

Flowers bloom in fluorescent radiance

As our hearts sing with joy

We celebrate the Spirit of our bodies caressing the heavens above
while still feeling the solid earth below our feet

Stretching, Radiating up and out – re joice



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Radiating/Passion/Summer/ Fire-Like Oil Blend

The 5 Movements represent the 5 main life movements that parallel the natural cycle of nature – the seasons of the year and times of day

  1. We flow within our Dream/ Life Purpose-(Winter- Night)
  2. We rise to put our dreams into action-(Spring- Morning)
  3. We radiate, inspired, and passionate about the many possibilities- (Summer- Noon)
  4. We focus/ground to carry through one step at a time and connect with others in relationships-(Autumn-Afternoon)
  5. We gather to completion to manifest our original creation and once completed let go of the past-( Fall- Sunset ) to move into deeper dreams…and the cycle, movements, and seasons repeat. 

Which Keyword of the 5 Movements do you desire most?

Which Movement’s Reactionary Behavior do you like least in yourself or in others?

Summer: The Radiating Movement is associated with Summer Passion where the spark of Spring ignites the Fire of infinite possibilities. The Radiating movement has 4 Meridians to balance our Passions lest they burn us out. (unlike the other movements that have 2 meridians) The pace of our inspiration is balanced by the Heart Regulator (pericardium -protection) Heart (absolute passion), Small Intestine (assimilation/understanding of our passion), and Triple Heater (Circulation of passion to upper, middle, and lower body) This iSOHA essential oil blend regulates possible hyper ups and downs, manic depression, anxiety, bi-polarity allowing us to feel life with inspiring Calm Passion.

Summer Radiating Passion, Inspiration Infinite possibilities managed one step, one breath, one taste at a time

If you aspire to let the fires of inspiration run through you while still maintaining a healthy balance of body mind spirit and if you tend to get scattered when bombarded by so many activities this iSOHA essential oil blend may help you to use passion instead of it using you.

Radiating/Passion/Summer/ Fire-Like Oil Blend

Fire-like upward and outward energy represents the flourishing and radiant inspiration of life. Summer excitement. Rising tree energy creates the idea that sparks fire-like energy into full bloom. Fires can burn with great excitement, and they always require fuel. Stagnation in this phase might be expressed as hyperactivity, extreme mood swings (“flaming” ups and “burnt-out” downs), and a desire for stimulation from others to fuel the flame. (e.g., laughter and applause). A person manifesting balanced fire energy expresses himself as a consistent and peaceful charismatic source of light to which others are charismatically attracted.


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