Vision Improvement Glasses

In conjunction with my Vision Training Handbook(.pdf e-book, included in the price of these glasses) watch your eyes improve.

A must for the person who seriously wants to improve their vision and/or any eye problem. You will be amazed at how much you can see without regular lenses. Pinhole glasses, that increase circulation to the eye muscles,  used to be a standard recommended  tool for vision improvement before the popularity of refraction lenses that ultimately make the eye weaker.
Pinhole glasses, first invented by Leonardo da Vinci teach us how to use our own eye muscles to see better. Exercise your body and your health improves- same with our eyes. So many people including myself have reaped the benefits of this “good to be true” simple tool. 15 minutes daily for one month and I no longer needed reading glasses. YOU do have to WEAR THEM. Write me and I will provide some individual tips for you. COMES with MY EYE EXERCISE  VISION TRAINING HANDBOOK (.pdf). BLACK is the standard shipping color. Other colors may take longer to get. Write me if you want another color.

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Vision Glasses Improvement tips

Vision improvement is actually a full body mind spirit health improvement endeavor.  The eyes and visual center in the brain require 8-30X more O2 than the rest of the body. If a more life essential organ like the heart or liver requires healing than the priority of our blood circulation will gather there  instead of the eyes, leaving us with vision challenges. Learn to create vital health for your whole body while doing exercises that train the eyes to see better. Like any muscle in your body, exercising the eyes will make them strong and flexible.

The fastest way to improve vision almost immediately with big differences after one month.

Wear training glasses for 15 minutes daily. Especially helpful in natural light. Do not Drive with them or wear in busy pedestrian traffic. Never strain. Make sure reading with them is easier without straining. Reading will become easier immediately or over time as you use them. Limit your head movement when reading with them and instead, move your eyes across a page. Especially helpful are wearing the glasses when doing balance exercises(e.g. standing on one leg. Most of the exercises in my book can be done with the vision training glasses as with your eyes unassisted.

Tips for Daily Use

Look into the distance often during reading or computer use

Avoid Glare (computer screens, windows)

Blink Frequently( Slowly and quickly)

Close eyes and rest when daydreaming (blank stare)

Roll eyes with eyelids shut or open

Trace shapes close or far in focus or blurry

Do these and other exercises when waiting(e.g. checkout lines, waiting rooms, at traffic lights)

Vision Training takes consistent practice and when practiced diligently will reap  great results. Remember that faster and longer lasting results occur when we isolate our personal health challenges that take energy from the eyes. Take our Vision Training Instructor Certification Course to train other people and simultaneously improve your own eyes when practicing with others.