Flowing/Adaptability/Winter/ Water – like Oil Blend


  • Fear → Faith. Being in our life purpose
  • Kidney / Bladder & Reproductive Organs

Energetic Metaphor:

From Deep inside
A Calling
Sends me,
Before Time and Thought,
Charged by Faith and Trust l move –
l just know

ln the depths of the unknown Lies a Sound,
The echo of a voice
A Destiny Profound
Follow its call! l choose Stretch, take a chance
Play it safe?
l’d rather dance

“Boldly going where none have been before”
 Be the moment,
The starter’s signal…the Sound
Charged, Motivated, Primed

There’s a feeling that comes in the darkness of winter’s cold hibernation.
In the comfort of warming quilts, bundled up to rest in the embrace of soothing stillness,
energizing my being,
where deep rest regenerates my soul, my spirit, my dreams, and destiny.


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The 5 Movements represent the 5 main life movements that parallel the natural cycle of nature - the seasons of the year and times of day

  1. We flow in our a Dream/ Life Purpose-(Winter- Night)
  2. We rise to put our dreams into action (Spring- Morning)
  3. We radiate, inspired and passionate about the many possibilities (Summer- Noon)
  4. We focus/ground to carry through one step at a time and connect with others in relationships ( Autumn-Afternoon)
  5. We gather to completion to manifest our original creation and once completed let go of the past ( Fall- Sunset ) to move into deeper dreams...and the cycle, movements, seasons repeat. Flowing/Adaptability/Winter/ Water - like Oil Blend

Which of the 5 Movement KEY words do desire the most?
Which of the 5 Movement reactionary behaviors do you like least in yourself or in others?

Winter: The Flowing movement is associated with Winter, Sleep, and the subconscious home and source of all creativity. From the actual source of energy for the reproductive system and it's close connection to Kidney/Bladder functions, to the energy resources for reproducing every cell of the body, this iSOHA essential oil blend regulates one's connection to the Dream/Life Purpose he/she came here to manifest.

Flowing/Adaptability/Winter/Water-like Oil Blend

Winter Flowing Adaptability Courage… Follow my Tao my Dream with the resilience to connect (instead of rejecting).

If you crave a connection to the Big Picture of Life/ the Tao and when challenged tend to avoid conflict by detaching this iSOHA essential oil blend may be for you. The Winter blend being the warmest of all the blends may also help people who would welcome an overall warming effect on the body mind soul.
Flowing/Adaptability/Winter/Water-like Oil Blend

Water-like energy flows. It is similar to sleep or hibernation, where energy regenerates and potential is cultivated like a seed, dormant underground, awaiting spring. This floating energy represents the behavior pattern described by the well-known phrase “going with the flow.”

If the free expression of this energy is blocked, a person might experience caution, fear, or even paranoia when confronted with too great a change. We could compare it to the feeling of being suddenly awakened from a deep sleep. Disorientation, a rush of adrenaline, and a shocking scare are possible adverse reactions experienced when an extreme stagnation of our floating energy is influencing our personality. When flowing freely, water-like energy expresses itself by motivating a person to courageously flow from one change to the next, appreciating the challenges and growth that their difficulties stimulate. Just as water flows to assume the shape of any container or boundary, so too, will a person flow to accommodate any situation. “Boldly going where no one has been before.” (Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry.)


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