Grounding/Connecting/ Autumn/ Soil-Like Oil Blend


  • Victim – Blaming Others → Personal Participation & Response Ability, Perseverance 
  • Stomach – Pancreas / Spleen

Energetic Metaphor:


Listening, Embracing Love
The warm touch raptured in safety
Focus to endure
Sweetness so pure

ln Writing?
A Song? 
Desire persists, time motivates.
My Focus Strong
 Touch Connects 
Safe? Embraced? 
Fill, Quench, Soothe,
Feeling Love’s Lullaby

There’s a feel that comes in early autumn where rustic leaves of orange, red, yellow and brown fall from the heavens to embrace mother earth. To nurture her, to hold, protect, give back to the source of all things. Falling in love, connecting, merging- Held in forever, giving the greatest gift, I am one with love. 

Feeling Love’s Lullaby




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Grounding/Connecting/ Autumn/ Soil-Like Oil Blend

The 5 Movements represent the 5 main life movements that parallel the natural cycle of nature – the seasons of the year and times of day

  1. We flow within our Dream/ Life Purpose-(Winter- Night)
  2. We rise to put our dreams into action-(Spring- Morning)
  3. We radiate, inspired, and passionate about the many possibilities- (Summer- Noon)
  4. We focus/ground to carry through one step at a time and connect with others in relationships-(Autumn-Afternoon)
  5. We gather to completion to manifest our original creation and once completed let go of the past-( Fall- Sunset ) to move into deeper dreams…and the cycle, movements, seasons repeat. 

Which Keyword of the 5 Movements do you desire most?

Which Movement’s Reactionary Behavior do you like least in yourself or in others?
Autumn Grounding Connection with others, Participate Be instead of blame -Co-operate Mutual Nourishment

If the free expression of this energy is blocked, one may feel heaviness, the victim of others' insensitivity where any movement feels heavy- sinking in quicksand and thus one blames their environment- others. When flowing freely.
Grounding/Connecting/ Autumn/ Soil-Like Oil Blend

Or perhaps in your connection with others, you feel your vulnerability- betrayal – abandoned—Blame another..he/ Is your sense of heaviness the result of someone else’s actions have a choice/she is your teacher… a participant in shaping your soul….. be grateful

Feel, and embody the touch of Human desire- Put your attention on the sensations of your body …. feel the nurturing touch you desire… and are willing to share. Bonding in the spoken words or in silence –your connection to others grounds you. Follow the hunger of your stomach- It motivates you to carry through your inspiration as you feel safe participating, in communion, connected to all.
Grounding/Connecting/ Autumn/ Soil-Like Oil Blend

You have what it takes to respond….. response-ability Grace-full attitude -gratitude

Resources, Fuel, Endurance… enduring blood sugar, the secretions of the pancreas, Immunity from the white blood cells of the spleen -the neutralization /resolution of all toxicity- Your physical Body provides you with the necessary fuel to feel emotionally…Safe, Safe in Sharing, whatever the consequences – You are a chamber of Love and no other can ever take that from you- You embody mother Earth-Generous Nurturing Touch reminds us …we are home


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