Shaping-Destiny-Internship Course


Be mentored through all the material of the book Shaping Our Destiny personally with Seymour Koblin. Regularly scheduled meetings in skype or phone, FaceTime, google hangouts etc. Distance learners receive at least one person to person meeting with Seymour in your place of residence to fine-tune and to make sure you have the confidence and skills necessary to be a success in your chosen field(s) . Interns may also witness  private lessons of  both other apprentices and Seymour’s work with clients. Seymour guides each intern to develop his/her unique approach to Holistic Health and Healing.

Inquire about Flexible Payment Plans. If you are committed to learning let’s find a way to make it happen.



Shaping-Destiny-Internship -Based on Seymour’s Book, Shaping Our Destiny, participants will be mentored through every chapter in this book personally under Seymour’s guidance. From Eastern and Western Health perspectives to all models of Body Reading-Face Hands Hara, Back, Yin/Yang Chakras, 5 Movements/Elements, as well as Recommendations: Foods, Herbs, Exercise, Lifestyle , Meditation, Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. Integrate Seymour’s vast experience with body maps, recommendations and Intuition into your own approach to holistic Healing. Destiny Course includes regular skype, phone google hangouts etc meetings and at least one personal meeting with Seymour to assure you are getting the fine tuning   of a face to face experience. with If you choose  to, you can sit in on Seymour’s private Shaping Our Destiny  lessons with other interns as well.
Graduates will be qualified to assess  clients by reading Face, Hands, Body Language, Voice, Birthdates and Touch.  Graduates will be qualified to make recommendations  for clients using Lifestyle, Foods, Chi Exercises, Herbs, Essential Oils and Feng Shui.


Intuition development and energy therapies




Chi body alignment

Graduates will be qualified to effectively use and coach clients through the Calm Passionate communication skills offered within this internship course.


Completion of this in depth course will be with a  thesis describing how students affected change with 3-5 individual clients. This internship segment is also a part of the Whole FoodsNutritional Counselor, Zen-Touch™ Practitioner/Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner and Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui Consultant Programs. Depending on other studies and the recommendations of the student’s thesis, may allow the graduate to also obtain these additional Certificates as well. Contact Seymour for details


It was so helpful to have Seymour actually show us hands on what different organs and even pathologies feel like.


The only way to really know it, is to feel it

Dear Seymour,

Thank you gratefully for your marvelous workshop in Prague. I am absolutely excited by your style of interpretation, your work with people. I am fascinated by great facility, which you had transmitted us your deep knowledge and experiences clearly with, your great wisdom, fineness and kindness.
Thank you also for a new point of view on yin – yang, work with chakras and diagnostics of elements. I am enriched a lot because of that. But it was not only words and information which I was interested in. It was your (spirit) energy mainly, voice intonation, body talk. It was energy under your words mainly, which has taught me a lot of new experiences and connections, which you had not even said many times. Thank you, thank you for the education hidden “behind words”.
“I’m so glad you were born! You have transformed so many lives in such a positive way! You are a blessing! Your good works are continuing for generations! Lots of Love!”- K M Brandmair

Reap the Benefits of joining Our International community of Holistic Health Practitioners.

Inquire about Flexible Payment Plans. If you are committed to learning let’s find a way to make it happen.

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