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The “Chakras” are seven major centers that lie along the body’s central energetic core (also referred to as the primary channel) from the crown of the head to the tailbone. They describe an ancient energy system that has many different interpretations.

My interpretation is derived from reading many books, listening to my teachers’ opinions and mostly from my own experience of their application in private practice with clients and students.

These centers are the source of vibration and energy for all body mechanisms.

The first/bottom or “root” Chakra and the seventh/top or crown chakra serve as the entrance points to the primal energies of Earth’s electromagnetic upward force and Heaven’s downward gravity force, respectively. These two energy centers are the purest in that they are the 2 forces of energy that effect all phenomenae.


When superimposing the body as a microcosm of receiving and transmitting polarities on the planet, it is necessary to put one body in the Northern Hemisphere and the other body in the Southern Hemisphere. The equator is where the strongest/fastest earth’s force emanates from in either direction towards the North and South poles (heaven’s force)


As long as we are alive, these 2 primal forces are entering our bodies. When we die, these forces no longer have a body to conduct- receive and transmit their signals.

Heaven’s force also known as “Yang†and Earth’s force known as “Yinâ€, in the Asian interpretation of these primal forces, are attracted to each other. They flow like a parallel current, along the central primary channel, and converge collide, interact and express themselves at the remaining five Chakra centers.

The downward gravity/heaven’s Yang force, like a meteor becoming smaller as it falls to the earth, initiates contraction. The upward electromagnetic / Yin force like a balloon getting larger as it flies upward initiates expansion. This effects of contraction and expansion can be compared to what physicists call the strong force (that holds energy, electrons/mass together) and the weak force (that moves/disperses energy, electrons/mass apart). The Yang/ Yin description describes these forces as neither strong nor weak but merely as different types of very powerful forces that seek to balance each other lest the meteor disappears or the balloon bursts.

At each of the five chakra vortex centers between the entrance points, the convergence of the 2 primal forces creates new energies with individual characteristics that can be generalized for all people to a degree but also influence each person very subjectively. For example, based on location, the throat chakra is often associated with words or the 3rd eye with thoughts. Because the Chakras are interacting with each other constantly, I personally wonder how accurate the often many associations written for each chakra apply to every person. Hence my associations describe very basic and obvious functions and instead of memorizing a lot of intellectual material on each chakra found in the many written texts, I encourage the practitioner to intuit what the quantity and quality is like at each chakra to better understand what is going on with a person’s words (throat chakra) or thoughts (third eye chakra) and how to make practical recommendations based on what is felt.  We will also assess and make recommendations for each person’s most empty chakra (where we are called in / attracted towards the subject’s chakra and the fullest chakra (where we are sent away / repelled from the person’s chakra. These individual extremes in any subject represent where the extremes of his /her life are seeking balance. The Fullest Full and the Emptiest Empty reflect the greatest potential for change. The terms Full and Empty are sometimes also the places with the most and least energy and sometimes are telling us where one is repelling /transmitting outwardly and longing/yearning to receive inwardly respectively

Full = Repelling away from the body, sending energy outwardly and sometimes excess energy.

Empty = Attracting towards the body, pulling energy towards and sometimes deficient energy.

A person who is “empty “in the throat area may be yearning to speak (unexpressed excess) and/or at a loss (deficient) for words

A person who is “full†at the throat area may be resisting or repelling communication (unexpressed deficiency) or speaks incessantly to push others away (excess.)

This is where Intuition is called upon to feel the unique condition of every client.

Also, a person may have what seems like an obvious Chakra distortion. E.g. Heart attack. Certainly, the Heart Chakra is involved AND the cause may be because of a greater distortion (empty or full) between thoughts (3rd eye) and Words (throat) the heart may have reacted in a failed attempt to send energy to the sourced chakras that were seeking harmony. When the distortion of the two greatest extremes is balanced the energy is free to heal the heart and/or anywhere else in the body before the mobilization of other secondary chakras and their potential harm “full†symptoms. It’s like two people talking to each other and just before a resolution is achieved a third party comes along to help and shares new information that only escalates the problem between the original two. Too many chefs spoil the soup.

That being said, I will list some of these Chakra associations. Crown and Root chakras points have their origins in the environment. Like the forces Yang and Yin they represent Light (White) and Dark (Black). I see them as initiating forces that both influence and are influenced by all the other chakras and have little practical assessment or therapeutic value.

I view both the earth and the body like a spinning top. The earth attracts heaven’s force at the North and South poles and that pressure results in the earth spinning on its axis with the greatest speed at the center-the equator (root chakra) and slowest at the north and south poles. The body attracts heavens and earth force at the crown and tailbone and the chakras start spinning with the central (Heart chakra) acting as a bridge between the more condensed lower chakras and the more expanded higher chakras.


What happens between the entrances points are the most important as this is where daily life really happens. Most people live between the equator where it is too hot and energy moves too fast and the Poles where it is too cold and energy moves more slowly.


In my perspective, our North / and South/poles and are initiating celestial /crown chakra energy to either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Earthly influences are generated from the Root equator chakra to either the North or South Poles. These crown (N. S. poles) and root (equatorial) influences are the purest energies that keep the planet rotating on its axis around the sun and are relatively speaking affected the least by the other chakras.

It takes thousands of years for their direction and angle of influence to change. Even if we destroy our population with global warming or nuclear catastrophe these polar opposites will continue to spin the planet.

When these primal pure energies first collide in a human be ing (at conception) they are altered according to the human blueprint (genetics, parents’ condition, potential body structures, etc.  And that is probably why I many chakra systems associate the color violet and red with these two chakras (instead of white and black.)

Relatively speaking the root and crown chakras transmit more unified/coherent signals compared to the other chakras that contain paired polar opposite organs and glands, e.g. 2 kidneys adrenal glands, lungs brain hemispheres, testes ovaries etc.


As a more visual and basic example toilets tend to flush counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. I would love to see how they flush at the equator- or is it possible to actually find that equatorial location where the spiraled opposites would cancel each other out. Also, the spinning velocity of the earth is slowest (and coldest) at the poles – perhaps why no one lives there.

These two pure polar opposites are the source of all life relationships that exist between them in the body chakras and on the earth. Note, some people have theorized where the other 5 chakras are located on the earth.


The lower chakras are physically denser than the upper chakras and as such, the lower and upper centers have a natural balancing effect on each other.

The Hara chakra is connected most closely to our legs and is associated with Physical movement on the earth while our Third eye is connected to our mental or philosophical movement. These two chakras like a yin/yang pair have a natural balancing effect on each other. The tendency to over analyze often shows up as tension between the eyebrows.

The person who thinks too heavily (analytically) falls forward

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

And the person who moves from their physical drives

Sexually) falls backward

A woman in black shirt with hands together.


When our thoughts and actions are integrated we stay balanced – in a coherent harmony with our self and others. The sixth or “third eye” Chakra, facilitates mental balance and foresight. Our five senses are directed through the powers of the mind to maintain a balance between thoughts and action.

The lower Tan Tien or Hara Chakra is the physical reservoir for creativity (life comes from here). While the Third eye/brain initiates mental creativity

Regarding physical associations, the organs and endocrine glands in the area of each chakra are the most directly affected by it? In the lower abdominal center, we have Reproductive organs and hormones, Urinary and lower Intestinal functions.

This area is also known as the reservoir of physical “Chi” (life force energy where life is born). As our reservoir fills with vital energy, the overflow circulates into the higher centers.

The third, or “solar plexus” Chakra, where our stomach, pancreas, spleen liver gallbladder, kidney, and adrenals are located facilitates the digestion of our “desires”; our “hunger for life.” It directly influences the organs and endocrine glands here.


Note: The umbilical cord navel (our original connection with mother’s nurturing) lying between the 2nd and 3rd Chakra centers suggests why these areas of our physical vitality/balance (2nd chakra) and our desires (3rd Chakra) are so deeply affected by ties too closely connected desires.  Cultural, racial, familial ties and any personal interactions that initiate great inspiration or frustration may catalyze deep energy shifts that affect the functions of organs located here. Ideally, we take benefit from the power provided by feelings that show up in these locations. (E.g. butterflies in the stomach).

The lower position for these Chakras tends to stimulate physical body manifestations that are less consciously associated with our philosophical and spiritual responses. E.g., an imbalance here may manifest as lower intestinal or reproductive difficulty (2nd chakra) or blood sugar imbalances (3rd chakra – pancreas or liver-related) without a clear awareness of the emotional/philosophical or spiritual pattern connected to the physical difficulty.

Imbalances in the higher Chakras demonstrate more obvious connections between

Behavioral conditions and physical imbalances, e.g., “stress” induced headaches.


Our physical desires –Solar Plexus chakra are often mediated by our throat-communication in words, When we are hungry for/ desire something we usually speak it or not and this balance between our desires and their verbal expression effect both the solar plexus and throat ( thyroid, parathyroid glands) The fifth, or “throat” Chakra, facilitates communication through words.


The grounded source of our willpower and life desires originate in the lower Chakras while our ability to express our path finds an outlet here.

The fourth, or “heart” Chakra, is in the center of all the Chakras and as such has no other Chakra set up to assist its balance. The energy of heaven’s and earth’s force collides here and radiates out to the arms as we reach out to others for harmony. Hence why this chakra is associated with Relation Ship.


The journey from physicality (lower chakras) to spiritual evolution (the upper Chakras) is facilitated/bridged by the heart chakra= others.

 Emotions can manifest/be felt anywhere in the body and it will always be through People, Parents, Parenting and Partners that they will cross the bridge of the Heart chakra moving up or down to mediate healing of the body and soul.

The Heart Chakra’s natural location lends itself to be the bridge between our physical and spiritual experiences.

So often, people feel frustration, anger, or sadness because their heart Chakra’s function of linking grounded daily living experiences (lower Chakras) with philosophical and spiritual consciousness (upper Chakras) is compromised.

As we move toward “Health, Happiness and Harmony,” we experience a greater sense of freedom in our lives. As we clear the primary channel and cultivate the charge in these energetic centers, we will clearly see and feel the unity of physical and spiritual balance.

As an assessment tool, the Chakras can be very helpful.

It is commonly believed all body structures, organs, blood vessels, and energy meridian lines originate from the vibrations created by heaven’s and earth’s force colliding at each of the Chakras.  This system is commonly known as the 5 movements (elements, seasons, phases) in Chinese background and with other names in ancient systems from India and other countries and cultures.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.


Thus, if we observe stagnation at the different Chakra centers, we can initiate change by working complementary meridians to create balance. For example, the posture of a person whose upper body (particularly the head) reaches forward suggests heightened activity in the upper Chakras. The person may be experiencing mental pressure which creates tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.

A possible therapy could be to stimulate the meridians in the legs to initiate activation of the lower Chakras.


The Chakras as discussed above can be worked directly in sitting, standing, supine or prone positions. Also, “palm healing”, a technique where the palms are placed over the different Chakras at a distance from the body, can also be employed. Here, the practitioner is working more with the body’s projected energy field, instead of more direct stimulation to the meridians through the body tissue. I find working the back relates to a person’s connection with past patterns while working on the front relates to his or her present relationship moving towards a better now in each tomorrow.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

We will use the 5 Vortexes located between the main entrance points (the Crown and Root Chakras) Move one of your hands towards and away from each of the  5  Chakras between the entrance points.  Of these 5 Find the 1) most Empty (attracting power) chakra and 2) the most Full   (repelling power)   chakra. Fill in this sentence to provide a recommendation: When you create harmony with _________________ (the keywords of the full), than the ____________________ (keywords of the empty) will improve or counterclockwise each of these two chakras are more naturally moving. This information will make the†When You recommendation†more specific. 




Focus/Clarify THOUGHTS Express THOUGHTS

Focus/Clarify Your WORDS Express Your WORDS

 Focus/Clarify RELATIONSHIP Needs

Express Your RELATIONSHIP Needs Socially 

Focus/Clarify Your DESIRES Express Your DESIRES

Focus/Clarify PHYSICAL

Activities- Rest

Express more PHYSICAL Activity- Exercise

“When you clarify your words you will get better rest.†= Throat Chakra is full and below navel Chakra is Empty and both these chakras were rotating counterclockwise.

“How do I do that?†By eating more root vegetables and grains your accumulated THROAT chakra energy (Full) will sink to nourish your PHYSICAL MOVEMENT chakra (Empty).

When the Full (accumulation of energy) is above the Empty (craving energy) recommending more downward moving root vegetables and grains are usually  appropriate.  When the Full is below the Empty, recommending more upward rising   foods   like   vegetables,   herbs   and   spices   are   often   more   appropriate

One traditional technique includes chanting various sounds while palm healing in order to increase the vibrational field. For example, the “aaah” sound stimulates the lower Chakras. The oooh” sound stimulates the middle Chakras and the “mmm” sound stimulates the higher Chakras. Thus, we have the popular chanting phrase a-um.”


Initiating change toward balance through these energy extremes creates ripples of

Vibration which effects all our bodily experiences – e.g., pains, immune responses,

Emotions, mental or spiritual limitations, tensions, accumulations, etc.

When the Empty and Full pattern is mobilized, clients often find their own answers.

They ask questions about diet, exercise, and lifestyle that surprise the most experienced practitioner and can challenge a massage therapist’s education. They heal themselves. Learn more about the existence of crucial stimulation points in the human body – by applying some ancient Japanese technique and knowledge, via

Shiatsu Therapy services in San Diego. 

Years of Stuckness difficult yet predictable fear

of change?

Safety in the Known

 stale as it may be

One day a Spark,

Who knows from where it came

 The vision of New Beauty

 adorns me   

 My path Unfolds

 inspired by the Unknown!

Sets me free


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