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About our school

In 1989 I began a Holistic Health and Massage school called School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach/ San Diego California. We were one of 5 Holistic Schools at the time including IPSB, Mueller College, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and  Body Mind College. A few years later, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, and Vitality Institute and Natural Healing Institute also opened in North County. All of these schools were created by Holistic Health Conscious individuals who had years of experience in the Holistic Health Fields.

Fast Forward to 2017 – All of these with the exception of Pacific College and Healing Hands have closed down. For a while starting in 2014, I founded and was working with a school called ICOHS in San Diego. We had differences in perspective and they initiated a change in direction for me that led to my  current iSOHA Continuing education classes and programs in various countries around the globe ( a very rewarding and creative direction- Thank-you ICOHS).
The challenge of  creating a balanced Holistic Health School in USA comes from increased regulations and standards that are dictated by Accrediting agencies,  Federal Funding and other requirements of student financing agencies.

Holistic Health Massage San Diego

The common comment is that the original schools found it difficult to offer the original creative, heart-centered education while following the increased regulations. I am so happy to say that Healing Hands School of Holistic Health has now added a campus in San Diego. This school captures the Heart of Holistic Healing mostly because it is is run by a Husband/Wife team- Paula and  Neha  Curtiss, long-time Holistic Health Practitioners who both administer and teach many of the classes. Their vision of Holistic Health and Massage prioritizes creativity, highly skilled technique that includes compassion as well as  all the technical skills necessary for passing all State and National Exams and requirements.in San Diego. Healing Hands  is nationally Accredited, offers federal loans to students, WIA and VA benefits to help students pay for their tuition.