You have maybe heard the word “Ohm” People call this sound the foundation of the universe. Everything that ‘is’ contributes to the power of vibration of OHM. So Ohm is a vibration that is everything.

Our job is to make that Ohm brighter and brighter. We are the “Ohm” and are here to make it more light, love, positive… We make the Ohm more powerful, positive, bright, light, and resonate at higher octaves, by making every moment feel loving.

When we make the moment feel negative and make all the so-called bad things in our life dominate our awareness, we are stagnating or changing the frequency and feeling of Ohm – to a feeling that is  more dissonant or heavy.


Wherever we are, we are meant to be. And that means we are meant to be loving, and we can be loving, because we are supposed to be love. So make the moment feel positive no matter what, and the ohm becomes stronger and we make the universe a better place.

Our thoughts affect that the way that we are, and the way that we are is what affects the Ohm. So if we want to be in a loving state, one step is to make our thoughts pure and positive.

Everything is a vibration and we are here to simply make the vibration of love stronger and stronger. We can love and make decisions that benefit other people and help them be stronger while being in a loving state. If we have the power to love everything that ‘is’, because it is part of the ONE VIBRATION OHM, then we have the answer to all our questions….Who? Why? Where? How? Its a big answer.

You, me, everyone, everything, is part of the OHM vibration of the universe. It’s a  part of all of us.

Reflect on the word “UNIVERSE”. UNI VERSE.  Uni means one verse – like a verse in a song. This is more significant than many people realize.  We are all melodies, harmonies and rhythms of the same vibration/song  called Ohm.

Accept all as love/connection with the uni- verse and help love all and love every moment.  Help everyone feel loving for themselves and others for simply being there- being as much as they can. To simply be…..love/connection with the uni-verse/OHM.

Everyone is on their path towards being love in every moment. Everyone is here working through their stuff, balancing vibrations contributing to the ultimate goal of feeling deeper love. These vibrations are shared through everyone. We are made up of different vibrations – instruments in the symphony of the ohm, all uniting together to make you, me, and the expression of the uni-verse.

If everyone had this understanding and lived  by that, do you think the world would be a better place?

-Jahjah- Miles-

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