While Seymour Koblin is best known for the creation and development of his innovative form of Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu, he has also evolved as a motivational speaker in the areas of self-help, nutrition, relationships, communication, and intuition. His Nutri–Journeyâ„¢ method integrates the power of emotions with intuition. He asserts that emotions are the most powerful “nutrient.â€
Koblin has been writing articles and books and presenting classes and workshops in holistic nutrition, Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu, and Eastern healing Internationally since 1978. Humor, intuition, imagery, hands-on applications, and a modern-day perspective of ancient holistic health practices make his presentations throughout North America, Asia, and Europe an inspiring experience.
Kobin’s ability to demystify Eastern philosophies, and present them in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way, makes him a highly appreciated facilitator of the healing arts. Because of the experiential nature of his work, participants are often astonished by the insights they embody as a result of both his inspirational communication style and classes.

Excerpts from Seymour Koblin’s upcoming book- “Kung Fu Quotes on the TAO”:

The Tao is like the river, lake or ocean between these opposite shores.
The Tao, like the river, embraces both sides of the shore through all time, weather and seasons.

The river both feeds and cleanses all that it touches and embraces all with gratitude- the most intense storm and the calmest of days.

Tao emerges with every raindrop, every rock, every scent, every ray of sunshine and both sings and hears the song of all nature’s creatures
in their infinite experiences.

The Tao is both receiver and provider and as such is inexhaustible…eternal


The Tao is in this way is pure Love. The Tao accepts all with inspired awareness~ as we all can-

 Could that who is one with the Breath of Eternity be anything but pure love?

Thus, remember that we too are both the receiver and messenger of the breath of eternity

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Remember…. Say:

I breathe the breath of eternity

feeding from and expressing the Tao that runs through my veins

Carried in my blood

Nourishing, Connecting and Cleansing the shore of my every cell

I am the embodiment of eternity breathing, living, experiencing

now and forever

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Yin yang symbol wigh clouds and stars


What of Fear or Faith?

REMEMBER the frequency of your choice –
FEAR or FAITH is FUELED and created WITH the energy of its opposite- They E-MERGE as one and it is our perspective that chooses which side of this valuable coin to rest on. FEAR serves us much as Faith Value and Honor both for their perfect purpose and let them serve us lest we serve them for with DARK comes LIGHT OUTSIDE merges with INSIDE TIME partners with SPACE EXPANSION / CONTRACTION mutually INSPIRE FEAR begets FAITH ALL created from UNIVERSAL DESIRE

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