What is Zen-Touch Shiatsu ?

Zen-Touch Shiatsu is a trademarked ™ innovative hybrid of shiatsu, acupressure, and Asian/Eastern bodywork created by Seymour Koblin. Experience Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Seymour Koblin and his students and certified teachers at FABULOUS FRIDAYS  at  Healing Hands School of Holistic Health  9025 Balboa Ave, SD CA 92123 AND
Every Thursday in Prague, Czech Republic

Zen-Touch™ twist

Let’s twist again with ZT Shiatsu

NOTE: iSOHA does NOT directly certify students for CA massage certification. Our instructors teach at many State Approved  Schools. Our organization provides teachers for such respected  state approved massage schools like Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, California Holistic Institute, Institute of Beauty and Wellness and others.

 Seymour Koblin, our Founding Director was  also the Founder of School of Healing Arts in San Diego now called ICOHS. Seymour no longer teaches at this school although Seymour’s Zen-Touch ™ Shiatsu bodywork form  with it’s  principles and practices is still  taught there. iSOHA also provides  Holistic Health services to clients internationally through  many affiliate Holistic centers. See iSOHA Zenergy Clinic.

I was asked once by a client: how come her symptoms improved so much after our session.
“I really experienced a definite shift with my __________ issues after you worked on me.  I would love to chat more with you about what you focused on in that session if you recall”

I answered:
(with humility)
When the principles of  Zen-Touch  1) Reverence and 2) Being Received are followed through with 3) Flowing intuitively, 4) Being Natural (without ego) and 5) Two  hands (connecting to universal life force),  are applied, our soul(s) becomes “engaged” –  committed to the marriage of unity with the infinite universe.


Zen-Touch Shiatsu unity of soul and universal spirit

Practitioners apply pressure while stretching limbs gradually. The attitude of compassion, respect and “energetic empathy” that accompanies the work, serves to stimulate “chi” flow, circulation and vitality.
Every touch combines health assessment and therapy as the practitioner sensitively responds to the unique condition of each client…… A dual journey in healing for both client and practitioner.
The versatility of light energy balancing, deep holding, stretching, elbow, foot and knee techniques or stimulating hand movements provide the practitioner with a vast repertoire of methods to affect profound changes with clients.

“Seymour’s modernized insight into the behavioral associations of the traditional energy meridians combined with his improvisational approach breathes new life into bodywork”
-Jeff St. Onge HHP, Instructor

See Zen-Touch Shiatsu in action:

Zen-Touch™ Chair Massage   Zen-Touch™ Supine  Zen-Touch™ Neck
Zen-Touch™ Back  Zen-Touch™ Assessment and Recommendations

Why do people enjoy practicing Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu?

Trinity Clean wing

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu CLEAN WING

This bodywork style is a pleasure to do. I feel tremendous health benefits from practicing it and my clients get profound results.”
K. R. Ridge-Practitioner

Zen-Touch™ demystifies the traditional eastern philosophical models of yin/yang, five elements, body reading, and lifestyle recommendations by incorporating them into an easy to understand modern-day perspective.

While the philosophies and techniques of Zen-Touch™ provide the student with an abundant source of motivating studies, Seymour emphasizes that compassion, reverence and the expression of one’s innate natural wisdom lie at the heart of healing.
Zen-Touch™ has introduced me to my most valuable ally… Intuition
F. Yousry – Student

Learn Zen-Touch Shiatsu

This program does not qualify the student to obtain a license in the State of CA or most other  USA  states. Please check your city, state or country’s requirements for massage.

One-Day Workshops (contact us  for schedule)
100-hr. Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician Certification
(2 week, 3 weekends, or 9 week part-time format) Zen-Touch™ I (Beginning /Intermediate, Zen-Touch™ II/advanced with improvisation and Zen-Touch™ III/ Body Reading, (can all be taken concurrently or at the students own pace.)
Students will learn to apply a full body Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu session including basic through advanced techniques, applications of Yin/Yang, Empty/Full, Chakras, 5 Movements Elements, Oriental Diagnosis, Body reading, and Client recommendations. To graduate from Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu Technician  students must complete  all coursework, homework and do a practical test on Seymour Koblin

Zen-Touch™  Shiatsu  I Beginning Intermediate 4000 KC, $225 USD

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu   II  Advanced Techniques and Improvisation 4000 KC, $225 USD

Zen-touch shiatsu

ZT Shiatsu lift


ZenTouch™ III/  Body Reading 4000 KC, $225 USD

 IF PAID IN FULL  one month before class begins  : 10,500 Kc,  600 USD

500- hr. Zen-Touch Practitioner/Instructor Internship Program- includes Zen-Touch Technician and approximately 400 additional hours

In-depth studies in a traditional apprenticeship environment. Seymour’s supervision of advanced studies in technique, health assessment, intuition, recommendations and communication skills shapes the individual style of each intern.


  • *Completion of  ZT I,  ZT II/ Advanced /(Improvisation) and ZT III/Body Reading) as a “Repeat Student/Teaching Assistant aprox. 45 hrs.Tuition for Repeating classes is 1/2 price. This price is waived if enrolled in the ZT Practitioner?Instructor Program
    Zen-Touch™ 5 Movements

    Zen-Touch™  Shiatsu 5 Movements

  • Zen-Touch™ Practitioner Advanced Techniques includes: Point Impressions, Energy Currents, Articulations, and Advanced Flow techniques. Advanced Back and Hara assessment/recommendations, Time Layers, and Life Challenge Transformation Technique/LCTTThe following subjects are covered in varying time (3-15 hr) segments. Sometimes, related subjects like Nutrition, Herbs and Aromatherapy are combined into one full course. Students who want more attention in specific areas can arrange for private or small group internship meetings with Seymour or a          Certified ZT Instructor.
  • 100 hrs Anatomy & Physiology
  • Traditional Home Remedies
  • Body Reading
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Macrobiotics includes Basic & Popular Nutrition Perspectives
  • Herbology and Aromatherapy Introduction
  • Compassionate/ Client Communication and Ethics
  • Chinese Astrology Feng Shui
  • Water Zen-Touch
    • Palm Healing and the 7 Chakras 4 hrs
    • Healing the Hara 8 hrs
    • Traditional Home Remedies 4 hrs
    • 5 Elements /Macro Food 12 hrs
    • Energy Channels and Acupoints 20
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine 20 hrs
    • Basic Nutrition 20 hrs
    • Comparative Nutrition 20 hrs
    • Herbology Introduction 8 hrs
    • Compassionate/ Client Communication 16 hrs
    • Anatomy and Physiology 100 hrs
    • Basic First Aid and CPR 10 hrs
    • Holistic Therapies Internship 32 hrs minimum (participation- this requirement can vary with individual proficiency)

                                                    Approxiamate Total= 500-600 hrs

    All of the above classes can be taken as part of an HHP program and are required before interns are eligible for paid teaching positions.

  •  Thesis and 50 hrs logged practice sessions
    Approxiamate Total= 500 hrs- Tuition is $15/hr (USA Canada) and 200 Kc/hr (Czech). Previously paid tuition of Zen-Touch Technician or any other applicable individual classes is subtracted from the cost of the full Program.
  • Varying Discounts, and work study scholarships are applied to tuition at different times and for applicants with past credit in certain courses (e.g. Anatomy). Please inquire with seymour@isoharts.com
    Enrollees may repeat group courses for 1/2 the  price of the course.
    ZT small group internship meetings for enrollees on specific topics can be attended without any cost indefinitely.
    Donations are accepted.

    Zen-Touch Shiatsu

    Zen-Touch Shiatsu Diploma

  • To graduate from Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu  Technician or Practitioner/Instructor programs, students must complete all coursework, homework, do a practical test on Seymour Koblin and demonstrate teaching skills.
  • This program is not for a license in the State of CA or most other  USA  states. Please check your city, state or country’s requirements for massage.

All of the above classes can be taken as part of an HHP program and are required before interns are eligible for paid teaching positions.

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Teaching Considerations

The ability to teach involves different skills and aptitudes than those required of practitioners. The following are intended to shape one’s skills with the eventual outcome of attaining Instructor Certification. Proficiency in all of the above courses through consistent practical experience obtained through each intern’s private practice, “sitting in” on classes taught by different ZT instructors, repeating classes, and experience with clients at Holistic Therapies Clinic –

  • *Completion of  ZT I, II & III  as a “Repeat Student/Teaching Assistant” approx.45 hrs (when done once)
  • Successful facilitation of ZT I, II & III  under the supervision of a current certified instructor. After successful completion as a supervised TA the Intern is eligible for a position as a Teacher Intern paid at the teacher intern rate.
    Zen-Touch Clean wing

    Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu  Clean wing

  • Participation in Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu intern meetings : theoretical and hands- on advanced training with Seymour Koblin*Private/small group lessons with Seymour in various aspects of Zen-Touch™ (technique, communication skills, assessment, recommendations etc.) There is no additional charge for Program enrollees and enrollees and graduates may attend them indefinitely. Donations are accepted.
  • Thesis: Completion of a 5-10 page written thesis that summarizes how you integrate a particular interest of yours into your Zen-Touch™ E.G. ZT and…. Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, 5 Transformations, Yu Point therapy….etc. The thesis includes an introduction/intent statement, case studies (assessment recommendations, follow up, summary/conclusion with each of your 3-5 clients 50 logged practice sessions.) The thesis ends with a synopsis of your research, what you have learned, and where you are now with the direction of your work.

The thesis requirement can be waived if someone has successfully facilitated ZT at the teacher intern level for 5 years.

After completion of ZT Technician, the intern repeats ZT I, II, or III  as a Teaching Assistant. If intern is  enrolled in the  HHP program these “first time repeat” hours will be counted towards the 1000 hr cetification and added to the official transcript.

Zen-Touch Shiatsu internship includes individual and group time spent with Seymour outside of regularly scheduled classes. These hours vary for each intern and may or may not be  included in a transcript depending on the student’s circumstances-inquire with Seymour@isoharts.com). Fees can be financed through the school for an additional finance charge of 10% of tuition and can also be added to an existing agreement/contract.
Interns will develop advanced skills in assessment, client recommendations and intuition. Private lessons, internship meetings, thesis and advanced classes with Seymour Koblin will prepare the serious student to become a high level professional. The internship format individualizes training to bring out each interns highest potential. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other styles of energetic healing, nutritional and emotional therapy, communication skills as well as modern scientific discoveries in biology and quantum physics are some of the subjects integrated into the practitioner/instructor’s training.

Successful completion of all the above is required to receive Zen-Touch™ Practitioner/Instructor Certification. This title may be listed in promotional materials, cards flyers, etc. Upon approval by Seymour, interns may receive a Zen-Touch ™ certification before they are awarded an instructor title.

[Note: Instructor interns receive a lesser teaching fee than certified instructors.]

Graduates are accepted as members into AOBTA and may test for AOBTA instructor certifications. (American Organization Bodywork Therapies Asia)aobta
The Zen-Touch Practitioner/Instructor course of studies is one of the rare apprenticeship trainings anywhere. It is based on proficiency instead of hours and encourages the individuality of each intern. It is a journey and the lessons learned on this path take precedence over certification and credentials. My commitment to facilitate in this style will reap different results for each of you. You will likely benefit most by avoiding expectations around when and if you will graduate, teach or “finish”. Zen-Touch™ is always changing and as long as you are enjoying the journey, I welcome
your participation.


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