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Join Seymour for the powerful and relaxing Chi Cultivation exercises. Seymour Koblin has  both studied and taught classes with his teacher Grandmaster Chu since 1978.

“It is an honor to share these life transforming exercises developed by CK CHU. Of all the Chi instructors I have come across in my 30 years of study, CK Chu’s explanations and developments of these traditional forms are as far as I’m concerned ….THE BEST .  My clients and students who practice them regularly, without exception heal themselves of their health difficulties and lead lives filled with vitality.” SK 

 A combination of Eternal Spring Chi Kung/ https://www.chutaichi.com/eternalspring.shtml, Tai Chi form/ https://www.chutaichi.com/taichi.shtml and Nei Kung/ https://www.chutaichi.com/neikung.shtml create a system of exercise that enhances vitality of body/mind/spirit while promoting life longevity. Learn internal exercises to move ones health condition to a high level of vitality, to build stamina, and to enhance internal strength (bones, tendons, internal organs) and overall immunity.

Periodically, after the exercise portion of class time will be spent “sitting quietly‗-breathing in emptiness with Taoist Meditation https://www.chutaichi.com/meditation.shtml.  

- Tai Chi Chuan modified Yang style short form: This set of slow moving postures linked together in a flowing manner are designed to create vital health through correcting body alignment, improving balance, deep breathing training, and focused concentration. This form that takes only about 5 -10 minutes to perform will provide the participant with a lifetime of Health benefits including more energy, freedom from pain and disease, maintaining an attitude of patience and peacefulness and creating life longevity. For learning it you need about 10 lessons.

 Eternal Spring Chi Kung: is a set of postures created by Seymour’s teacher of 30 years, Grand Master CK Chu  https://www.chutaichi.com/

ES incorporates deep healing effects on any one who practices them regularly. 

Nei Kung-Internal training: was handed down through thousands of years of Chinese tradition as a valued cultural treasure that more than any other practice, enhances health and vitality. Experience for yourself how these deep Internal exercises strengthen body mind spirit.

 Also included will be principles and practices for cultivating the three treasures: Jing/Essence, Chi/life force, and Shen/Spirit.

Taoist Meditation: Sitting Quietly, aligning the body, deep relaxed breathing and

 Classes will include all four of these practices. First part of the class – Chi Kung and Nei Kung and second half – Tai Chi Chuan form and periodic sitting in Taoist meditation

Classes may be taken individually or as a complete course.

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