Can a Person Really Learn can Learn to Become a Nutritional Counselor Online?

NO- Sure anything’s possible… and the probability of being successful in this field without a person to person teacher-student relationship is extremely low.

At the International School of Healing Arts, we believe that understanding a person’s nutritional needs requires that the counselor “tune in†to a person’s health condition—physically emotionally and spiritually. This ultimately intuitive connection is formed by integrating the various body assessment maps— face, back, hands, charkas, abdominal, sclera, tongue, pulse, body language, birth date, and more into a simple explanation for each client.

“I have to say THANK YOU for all your attention during the day course.  I was the woman you “read†as a demonstration.. You impressed me with your intuitive knowledge of all my health issues.

I went into your course with total disbelief- .only being there to see if I could understand the oriental way of thinking better…  The courses I have taken so far have confused me beyond belief… But you made it sink in for me… Seeing it thru your eyes made me understand it, realize it..and again thank-you

With a smile,

Kim Hartzel “ 

“I learned how to make life transforming assessments and recommendations by sitting in on my teachers’ consultations.  I experienced how underneath the many possibly complicated perspectives and information available, there is an essence, an echo of understanding that cuts through— and reflects the source of a clients challenge. I then learned how wording it in a way that moves the spirit of each client was the next step that inspired change and healing.â€Â Â Seymour Koblin

Again, no computer program can convey the traditional learning format of the mentorship experience.

Fortunately, SEYMOUR KOBLIN and his personally trained coaches demystify Yin/Yang, 5 Elements, Ayurveda,  Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, and other energetic approaches to life and  the food that nourishes it. Popular dietary approaches are looked at to assess their appropriateness for each client.

You will learn to take the technical information learned in online classes and integrate them for your clients needs through scheduled coaching meetings in person, by telephone and video conference.  If you are committed to learn the art of Health and Healing, we are willing to come to you to make sure you integrate online knowledge with your unique expression of personal wisdom.

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