The literal meaning?  A nutritional counselor provides advice on the following:

nour·ish vt

  1.    To give people, animals, or plants the substances, they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy
  2.    To encourage or strengthen a feeling or idea
  3.    To help something to grow or develop

nu·tri·tion n

  1.    The process of absorbing nutrients from food and processing them in the body to keep healthy or to grow
  2.    The science that deals with foods and their effects on health
  3.    Foods, or the minerals, vitamins, and other nourishing substances that they contain

nur·ture vt

  1.    To give tender care and protection to a child, a young animal, or a plant, helping it to grow and develop
  2.    To encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful
  3.    To keep a feeling in the mind for a long time, allowing it to grow or deepen

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The International School of Healing Arts defines a nutritional counselor as someone who motivates people to accomplish their dreams.

A human being is born with his or hers’ physical body almost completely developed at birth. By the age of 18-24 years, the bones have stopped growing in height, and physical growth is finally complete. After this age, the physical body becomes increasingly sensitive or susceptible to aging factors.

So what are we nourishing? SEYMOUR KOBLIN says that like the amniotic sac that sheltered the growing physical body in the womb (for 280 days), after birth the body serves as a protective casing that’s purpose is to protect the gestating soul of each human being for (100? Years).

In this context, a nutritional counselor assists an individual to nourish the physical and evolve the emotional and spiritual body. The physical body was nourished in the “darkness of the womb†for those 280 days. The human soul is nourished in the world of “1/2 dark and 1/2 light†(the world of polarities/duality/yin and yang) for approximately 100 years, and if the soul is fully developed, it is born into the “light.â€

This wider definition of nourishing ourselves maintains that our health is the foundation for spiritual development and that the fundamental component of any nutrient is energy.

Food, Air, Sleep and perhaps most importantly Emotions (energy of relationship) are in increasing order of quantity the sources of energy that fuel our dreams and ultimately our enlightenment /connection to G-D or whatever the readers’ spiritual journey aspires to.

Without vitality/energy, there is no health. As an example, when one’s blood sugar level/hunger is low, it is virtually impossible to think clearly. Food may take 10-20 minutes or longer to boost the blood sugar/energy level back to normal. Taking a deep breath that oxygenates the lungs and relieves the blood of CO2 also increases energy quite quickly, but the quickest energizers are emotions.

When people are in love, they forget to eat. When you are confronted by a gut splitting laugh, violence or even hear a threatening, loud noise; your fatigue is instantly transformed into wide range of emotions and fatigue disappears.

From this perspective, the energetics of foods—the quality they vibrate at supports the development of our soul. From an energy perspective, there are no good or bad foods. The question to ask is: which foods are in alignment with YOUR physical emotional and spiritual needs?  Also, foods that stimulate drastic highs and lows (sugar coffee) create energy deficits and health symptoms when they are overindulged in.   So, how do I know which foods create a balance that serves me?

The nutritional counselor helps clients to assess their unique energy/life style and health condition, empowering them to make choices for themselves.

The Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor does this by using foods to nourish the body.

What a concept.

Our bodies have internal organs that were created to digest and assimilate nutrients from foods. Using them is like exercise, it keeps these essential organs toned and functioning as they were meant to— with vitality. Dependency on concentrated supplements eventually weakens the internal organs and overall health of the body mind spirit.  Yes, I know you have heard how the soil and food are depleted of nutrients, so supplements are necessary?

Reflect…inquire within on the famous words of Katie Byron:

Is that true?

Is that true (all the time)?

How do you feel if it is true?

What if it’s not? …

Is there something you can do…. now to eat healthy vibrant foods… Of course, there is.

WHY rational LIES?

By making steps to eat well, we change our selves and the planet.  Do it. Be it.

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