Smallest Units

Electrons are in a state of perpetual

            potential until viewed or measured-

The smallest units of the universe like electrons or photons, which form our life experiences are not  solid and stable.   They exist as a potential of any one of  many future circumstances/selves —or what is known by physicists as a ‘superposition’, or sum, of all probabilities. Until we observe or define any object or experience, it exists as a potential of infinite possibilities – all at the same time.

At its most elemental state, physical matter isn’t solid and stable – indeed, isn’t an anything yet. Physical matter isn’t solid and stable – indeed, isn’t an anything until we  observe or measure it.

Is there a noise of a tree falling in the forest if no listener is there to hear it? According to these revelations in quantum physics the answer is NO. Something exists when we choose to make it exist.

Our world exists as we know it because we observe it to be the way we choose to observe it.

We use our 5 senses to condense potential into something recognizable-(matter)

Can we choose another reality for ourselves? Definitely. It is a scientifically proven fact that anything is possible…..and we create our own reality.

In an infinite universe there is no way to determine the center except by considering the focal point known as the observer. So each one of us is the center of our own universe where we both receive and transmit information.

If I am the center of the universe and anything is possible, than why can’t I materialize a million dollars in my bank account tomorrow?

There are 2 limiting reasons:

  1. a) myself

Attachment to the past- our expectations based on past limiting experiences or patterns keep us from experiencing the unimaginable.

The experience of repeatedly having a limited amount of money in the bank may keep us reproducing a similar/familiar reality.

 Health condition- the state of our health condition determines the energy level at which we receive and transmit reality.


  1. b) others- We live in a world with at least 6,777,993,152 other human beings who are at the center of their own universe. WE ARE INFLUENCED BY ALL OF THEM.

The Danish physicist Niels Bohr discovered that once subatomic particles such as electrons or photons are in contact, they remain aware of and are influenced by each other instantaneously over any distance forever, despite the absence of the usual things that physicists understand are responsible for influence, such as an exchange of force or energy.

Once entangled or contacted, the actions — for instance, the magnetic orientation of one, will always influence the other in the same or the opposite direction, no matter how far they are separated.

In other words, we are influenced by anyone and everyone

we have ever come in contact with

and an even greater revelation comes when we realize that we are to some degree

in contact with everything in the universe 

We are like a sieve or leaky bucket.  We let in and let out the opinions and experiences of others who are centers of their own universe and we are affected by all of it. 

How to change reality

Health condition– Our bodies are like the filament of a light bulb. The filament gives resistance to the primal electrical forces of life. All phenomenae are polarized with  + and – charges (Yang and Yin). Our bodies, like a tv or radio, slow down the electric frequencies of the universe and the static is heard or pixels are seen and life becomes recognizable. The reason we all experience the world differently is because the ohmage of our filament-like bodies is also different. In an electrical device the resistance is measured in OHMS. The human body is an “OM†generator. Pun intended.

The quantity and quality of the frequencies traveling/ being received and transmitted through our body mind spirit is different.

E.g. Electricity travels more efficiently through water than it does through wood.

The water has less resistance but with too little resistance humans would like an older light bulb, burn out. This effect is similar to a heart attack or stroke. We also commonly use the term resistance in sentences like “I got a cold because my resistance was too lowâ€. We are subconsciously very aware of this electrical model that defines our existence.

To make our bodies more efficient/balanced /vital conductors of the in and out forces we can improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health condition.

Too many heavy foods—e.g. meat. Peanut butter, hard boiled eggs can create stagnation/excess resistance. Too many lighter foods— fluids, fruit or alcohol can lower our resistance too much. Extremes are the source of all health difficulties.

So that is why it is so common to hear how a “balanced diet†is so important. Technically, all diets are essentially balanced. However, excess meat and alcohol represent a balance with parameters that are too wide to sustain the longevity of our bodies.

The same is true of a balanced exercise program (fast activity balanced by stretching and relaxation). Deciding how fast to exercise or how much relaxation we need determines an appropriate level of extremes for each person.

AND what about emotional relationships? Stress with another can ground us by altering our attitude to connect more closely with people or stagnate us if it creates too much pressure/confinement.  Not enough connection and we feel abandoned/lonely. We are all “Bi-Polarâ€.  We all experience emotional highs ad lows. Again it is the degree of ups and downs that determines the health of our OHM –like bodies.

Is our spiritual direction too esoteric or unreasonably methodical? Do our choices bring us closer to our dreams or are we spiritually frustrated?

Improvements in our health condition will improve the conduction of impulses that ultimately shape our destiny

2) Choose to follow our Dreams. Start asking, getting and eventually expecting the miraculous.  Push the boundaries of some of your normal life requests and watch what happens. Choose to find a parking spot close to home. Choose to have better weather.   Choose to have better communication with someone.

AND…because we influence and are influenced by others it is important to include reverence for other life in any intention we put out there. 

Reverence + thought+ feelings+ action = beneficial change

How does your intention contribute to the Harmony of the Planet?

 When setting an intention say in your own words (with feeling ) something like:

 In accordance with the Harmony of the Universe I respectfully ask for:

 As I honor the balance of life necessary to sustain Peace and Harmony on the planet, I humbly set the following intention:

With reverence and respect to all life relationships I set the following intention:

Assuming my intention is aligned with the betterment of all life on Planet I ask for:


You will be surprised at the results and eventually become more confident at creating the miraculous.

When more and more people (center of their own universes) start creating believing and developing our ability to influence the universe in profound ways, the group consciousness will become highly evolved. The difficulties of modern times is exactly the necessary motivation required to fuel our “quantum†leap to a new reality where instead of draining our resources,

technology will fuel our journey to vital and miraculous level of existence.

Technology: Humans have always used tools to enhance our life experiences. Sticks, stones, fire and now cars, planes, cell phones, computers etc. are our way of connecting more closely to the infinite source. The world wide web is probably the most obvious invention that displays our inherent knowledge of being connected to all things. Our bodies have yet to catch up to this level of connectivity so we invented a device to help us.

The next step is to create devices that sustain instead of destroy our planet.that choice?

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