The Path of Relationship — Legend, and Legacy

The Legend: The story has been told many ways, in many a place

Is it true? Search your soul..feel..divine..grace

From the unity of the infinite came a separation-a separation that would birth a passionate expression of vital energy…Life

Heaven meets Earth- Yin welcomes Yang, Bright and Dark embrace in a compelling loving force that conceived a child…planet earth

There was a time estimated beginning 26,000 years ago when the poles of our planet faced a part of the galaxy where the concentration of constellations was of far greater magnitude than we see and feel today.

Imagine looking up to behold a bright confetti-like vision in the night sky— a tapestry of infinite stars glittering, sparkling and radiating their light and vital force towards the planet earth. At this time on earth, the inhabitants were deeply aligned with the vibrations of the universe that originated at the dawn of creation.

The people of this time embodied the same vital energy that radiated both from the atmosphere above and through all the natural life surrounding them. The wild food growing from the earth was concentrated with so much nourishment that very little cultivation or preparation was necessary. The bodies and minds of this civilization were charged with an adaptable vitality that could endure the vast range of environmental influences. The inherent physical resilience of these people allowed them to focus their time on consciousness-raising spiritual practices that were all based on communion with nature and all living things. Humans, animals, and plants lived together and cooperated in a harmonious life dance. The abundance of chi/life force made it very natural to live in extraordinary ways—telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, and intuition combined with an attitude of acceptance, honesty, and appreciation for beauty in all life forms dominated the existence of this civilization who instinctively knew how to transform any difficulty into inspiration. Lies, hate or violence were unknown —compassion and deeper understanding was the final result of every conflicting circumstance. People smiled at the clouds of interpersonal adversity because they witnessed and trusted how life’s surprises resulted in beneficial change and were a part of nature’s harmonious cycle. Light always followed darkness, which in turn, was the mother of renewed light. The attitude of gratitude—grace-full attitude was a given. The intense vital forces of nature were balanced by an opposite yet the complementary force of peace and harmony within the people who were exposed to these influences— creative forces of nature streaming down and uniting with the equally fertile planet earth— Life was dominated by a spring and summer-like enthusiasm and passion…

And all things come to pass

The powerful forces of nature eventually exerted a force so strong on the planet that the poles of the earth changed to face a different part of the galaxy. The resulting catastrophe revealed a different night sky with fewer stars shining down on the planet and the inherent vitality of humanity was no longer a given.

The water and soil quality were no longer nourished by the same vitality radiating from the heavens above. Increased food cultivation and the use of fire became necessary to provide the resulting less vital foods with the energy necessary to sustain health. To compensate for the diminished forces of nature influencing the planet, humans were being called upon to look within and create new ways to establish peace and harmony.

A fall from grace? A winter hibernation ~Where Analysis replaced Intuition

Where time and space seemed linear ~Where the intensity INSIDE

Emotion…Feeling was puzzling… Perplexing, appalling and sometimes paralyzing.

A fall from paradise? Or a necessary development?

The Legacy

From the period after 6000 BC elders, sages and wise souls (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tse are some of the more well-known) tried to speak or write memories of the past to be once again realized by the human race. That innate wisdom which was once a given had become a valued mystery that all beings longed for. The essence of vitality showered upon us in the past seemed hidden or distorted. It was up to humanity now to find new ways to sort out this dark veil of confusion. For so long our outer environment provided these answers intuitively, and now instead of adapting by looking more deeply into the wisdom within, we continued to look outside ourselves for solutions….. To no avail —so where we once respected our surrounding influences, we instead began to blame our external environment for the troubles we experienced. Instead of blending with nature we seek to control it as quickly as possible in ways that bypassed reverence or thought to the consequences on our mother planet. Instead of living off the energy of the sun we began taking from the reserves of energy within the earth— oil. More energy brought more people. Before 1800 the population of the earth never exceeded 1 billion. By 1930, new sources of energy fueled a growing population that rose to 2 billion. By 1960 population rose to 3 billion and now 6 billion populate the earth without enough energy to support this expansion. We borrowed from the earth to fuel this growth and are now in debt to sustain our existence. We have spent these reserves with no immediate plan to repay our debt. The earth is reclaiming its need to regain these spent reserves through catastrophes that could eventually bring the population back down again.

In times of stress, this dodging of respect was extended to our brothers and sisters. We forgot that all our relations were an extension of ourselves. To survive we protected our immediate communities. We created boundaries, cities, and countries. We separated from the one world society of the past.

This trend continues in modern times. Our words and actions reveal inconsistencies. We say we strive to maintain cleanliness yet pollute the planet to do so? We say we value peace among all beings yet kill to have it? We say we want truth yet lie when it serves us? We say we love our brothers and sisters and use the word hate as often or more than we express love?

These inconsistencies create a gap in our awareness/consciousness—an inner lack of trust in our self, AND if we both recognize and transform these incongruences, we will learn that the energy derived from these contradictions is here to drive us to create a better world. Acknowledgment of our extreme personal polarities and transforming them into harmony is perhaps the very goal of our existence. This transformation from blame to response ability compensates for the constellation energy we lost 6,000 years ago. Mayan and Chinese calendars predict that by either 2012 or 2102 the balance will once again be regained. How many of us if any will be alive to witness it. Energy is never created or destroyed. Energy is transformed. The deficit in the core of the earth is balanced on the surface by our actions, including our ability to turn fear into love…and it happens through relationship.  When we make choices that are motivated by love instead of fear, we create the necessary life force to make the world go around. Start with the self, and extend the power of healing our inconsistencies to family, friends, spouses, and partners. The resulting harmony will overflow into social, political and global relations. When making choices, ask yourself: Which decision is best for my health and the health of the planet I live on? Which decision creates more love within myself and in the world around me? Which decision brings me to my authentic life dream and the dream we all share—Love in a peaceful world? This legend is ongoing and will be the legacy we leave for generations to come. Know more about the relevant health and healing concepts with one of the best healing arts school in San Diego, California.

Why have I chosen? Why do I care and persist?

Because inside a voice whispers, sometimes screams

We’re here to shift.

Follow Love’s call. Maintain-Connect with all the rest.

For the Glory of Heart, Spirit, and Soul

Beckons Our Drive – And the Glow of this light

Always Persists.

Conflict!  I welcome your shade

For the seed is nourished by darkness…

To transform… Metamorphosis.

I revel in the fuel created by Fear’s grinding

Deeper into the abyss…

To surface sublime.

Beholding the Great New World where

“Rainbows are the Shadows of a love that’s so divine.† (Leon Thomas)

Great New World we are inviting, creating~ now

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