In the beginning there was one

Separated / shattered by a polarity of forces that are contemplated

as two

And a myriad of dualistic opposite pairs seeking reunion

Sounds colors tastes touches and scents

motivating thoughts, feelings actions: all fuel for e (nergy)= masses in motion

Science quantified e= mc2 and we feel the quality of this motion

All based in the resolution of opposites: Pain/Pleasure, Fear/Inspiration Good/Evil

That when transcended we feel that most famous of all …LOVE

Can a shattered vase be repaired so that all missing pieces fit together as one?

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Can a scattered puzzle fit perfectly once again to behold that magnificent vison of unity?

And In the human puzzle,

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there is a difference far greater than reconstruction

In human re union the resulting picture evolves with greater brilliance than ever known or imagined

and this transformation/evolution is the same force that makes the world /universe go

round and round

Thus we have relationships

What seems like infinite variations of pairs

Each seeking his/her complementary opposite to once again feel the bliss of Oneness

To Join in the Sacred Union that empowers life itself

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To join the parts of ourselves that were long lost, now found and enhanced

Revealing……? Let’s find out

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