Empty/ Full- The Resolution of Extremes

It is interesting to note that high levels of activity commonly get our attention more quickly than low levels of activity. A mosquito* flying by one’s ear with its high frequency buzz will instantly illicit a response. The expression “the squeaky wheel gets the grease†is used to demonstrate how the actively complaining person will get attention before the person who behaves in a quiet reserved manner. Paying attention to our most obvious challenges sometimes masks the underlying hidden and perhaps more essential area of our life that when addressed will bring about deep healing. Addressing the obvious more active front initiates a faster more acute attitude than facilitating therapy with the slower lingering empty places that usually require consistent attention and deeper reflection. For example: While John’s anger could be tempered through anger management techniques like screaming into a pillow, a more complete therapy would be facilitated by uncovering and resolving the fears that catalyze his rage.

The depth of awareness necessary to feel these deeper patterns involves slowing ourselves down. This deceleration moderates the pace of our lives and extends a person’s length of time to live healthily on the planet. Animals like elephants and tortoises live long lives because of the slow, even pace they maintain. In contrast insects, which fly at accelerated speeds live very short lives. High intensity burns energy too quickly.

Finding a healthy range of experiences between higher and lower frequencies will sustain life vitality while also providing challenges that deepen our consciousness level. The degrees of extreme circumstances we choose are catalysts of consciousness that may move us forward or back on our constantly evolving path.

Established patterns of behavior remain stable until acted upon by a complementary energy pattern. Susan used to respond to frustration by acting out with fits of rage that included throwing objects at the cupboards of her kitchen. Afterwards she experienced exhaustion and depression. This and other extreme patterns in her life eventually led to illness- cervical cancer. What is the complementary energy/behavior necessary to transform this life threatening balance pattern? The symptom, cervical cancer is a clue. The connection to reproduction, creativity, sexual relations, children and birth were addressed in Susan’s life through nurturing herself with healthy food, slowing down her overall pace, and spending quiet times to explore her artwork. Her life became more like the fetus being nourished in the protected dark womb for nine months. More time was spent cultivating kindness with her mother, and all her relationships. Her anxiety and the illness it initiated were acted upon by a deeper look at the big picture of life and how to find a more flowing behavior style. -Fire element was tempered/regulated by water. She has completely recovered from what her doctors regarded as a terminal illness.

As facilitators of health and healing, our effectiveness is measured by our ability to mirror complementary, transformative energy patterns to the person we are working with. It is not what we do, it is more how we are- the space we hold, that makes the difference between being a healer and a practitioner (a practicer).

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Most insects spend their lives vibrating at a much higher frequency rate than humans. That may be the reason they are comfortable living in electrical boxes and survive exposure to the same radiation that kills people.

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