Li-cheng-yuen-250-years-old For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using Nei Kung  (Internal Training), Chi Kung ( Life Force Training) and Tai Chi Chuan (Supreme Ultimate Fist) to [...]


Let Us Help You With Our Highly Effective Holistic Nutrition Counseling Therapy Services

While we all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle how many people actually make enough effort to both attain and maintain this lifestyle on a daily basis? If you desire to truly create a [...]



Give-gift-health Give the gift of Health this Christmas season  Tyto vánoce darujte dárek zdraví English: 1)  Christmas Sessions with Seymour I  session gift certificate is 1200 ($100 USD) 2 [...]



Attract-the-right-relationship Vibrant Relationships? : ) If you are wanting to learn how to attract THE RIGHT relationship or if you feel your current relationship needs a little work… This [...]


yoga body intelligence patricia pace

Yoga-body-intelligence-Patricia-Pace Introducing Body Intelligence Yoga in the Wisdom Flow Style. This unique style of yoga from Hawaii masterfully blends precise alignment principles along with [...]


Yoga Why Patricia Pace

Yoga-Why-Patricia Pace Yoga at iSOHA with Patricia Pace. Why do we practice yoga? Perhaps you have heard that doing yoga will ease your aching body or help you get into better shape. The practice [...]


seymour koblin endorses healing hands school holistic health

seymour-koblin-endorses-healing-hands-school-holistic-health Posted on March 16, 2017 by Andrea Pinsonneault “In 1989 I began a Holistic Health and Massage school called School of Healing Arts in [...]


Zen Touch Shiatsu Benefits

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits September 2013  Zen-Touch Shiatsu session at Miraculous Mondays~ It was very painful to walk. My back and legs ached so much-standing or sitting.
After just a few [...]


Aging with Pizazz

Aging with Pizazz: I recently taught a class in Israel on this topic. To better fulfill the premise of this workshop, I am adding the following material  Pizazz defined: I invite the reader to [...]


Holistic Health Massage San Diego

Holistic Health Massage San Diego : As a long time pioneer (30 years) in the San Diego Holistic Health and massage world, many people ask me about the Holistic Health School scene in San Diego. [...]


Ли Цинъюнь – 250-летний китаец

Ли Цинъюнь – 250-летний китаец: Будьте зодчим своего тела – храма, в котором обитает душа. Будьте деревом жизни – гибким и стойким одновременно, в любую погоду. Будьте, как искусно [...]


Взгляд на здоровье: традиции и современность

 Взгляд на здоровье: традиции и современность Симор Коблин Жизнь… Баланс в Движении? Что выбрать – Восток или Запад? Парадокс противоположностей. Учиться, Слушать Голос природы. Следовать зову [...]


Israeli Inspiration

The Israeli Inspiration-following is a description of Seymour Koblin’s Education  tour to Israel                         It is [...]


Testimonials School-Services

 Testimonials   As a middle-aged person, it is important to engage in activities that are health-enhancing on a regular basis in order to have the best quality of life as you age.  But with a [...]


Wired Male-Female YOU ?

How are YOU wired-male-female? Answer the following and follow the score tabulation at end. You hear an indistinct bark. Without looking around, how well can you place the dog? (a) If you think [...]

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