This is an Advanced Internship 500 Hour $8000 Certification.
NOTE:All education at isoharts.com is designed for personal development mentorship expert training. For CA BPPE approved vocational training, please seek a CA BPPE school in your area

Our 500 hour Whole Foods Nutrition & East / West Herbology Consultant/Coaching Program brings together the two perspectives of scientific knowledge and Energetic properties of foods. We instruct students on how to help people nourish their lives by balancing nutrients with the energies that best complement each person’s nutritional needs. For example, an overly pressured individual will be best served by understanding which foods can open and relax his/her body mind spirit while providing the nutrients that complement the functioning of all body systems. The iSOHA Nutritional Counselor will go deeper than addressing the client’s symptoms by assessing which body system is most lacking and which is overworking. The extremes of this balance is the root/source of any and all symptoms. Physiology and Pathology are integrated with Lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies or excesses in order to provide a Holistic approach to diet.

 All Sections: 500 Hrs –    

This program is divided into 3 sections-KNOWLEDGE WISDOM INTUITIVE that can be started in any order and a 4th final section consisting of the 50 hr thesis where students typically make recommendations with actual clients under the supervision of Seymour Koblin and/or one of iSOHA’s Certified Nutritional Counselors/Coaches. Each of the three sections represents a balanced focus of physical, emotional and spiritual applications. 


Knowledge/Physical 200 Hrs
Anatomy & Physiology 33 hours
Includes physical mechanics of the body and various bodily tissue systems. Skeletal, Muscular, Integumentary and other systems are looked at structurally as well as integrated with the meridian system of Chinese medicine. We will study the emotional and intuitive anatomy perspective in the two other WFNC segments. Chi and Nei Kung alignment exercises are included which teach students and future clients how to alleviate any body pain while simultaneously establishing strength and flexibility.
Whole Foods Nutrition 30 hours
Basics of Nutrition and how Digestion and Elimination work with different nutrients derived from all sources. Energetic approaches like Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Chinese Medicine are compared mechanically and metaphysically.
Food Preparation 30 hours
Various methods of food preparation are taught mostly with vegetable-based ingredients. Techniques for balancing animal foods are also integrated.
~Energetics of Food
~Food Preparation for Regeneration and Immunity and
~Food Preparation for Cleansing and Detoxification
are the 3 areas of focus in the hands-on food prep classes.
Electives 107 hours
Students can choose between Tai Chi Kung, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Yoga and other classes taught at the school that peak their interest.

Wisdom/Emotional 100 Hrs
Anatomy & Physiology 33 hours
Digestive, Immune, Circulatory Lymphatic and other systems are presented with an emotional perspective integrated into their physical functions. Students will also learn food energetics-how different foods affect the flow of energy in the body (expansion/contraction, up/down, hot /cold, inward /outward, regular/irregular etc.)
Client Communication & Counseling Healing w. Feelings 20 hours
Learn to communicate with clients in a way that combines empathy with conflict win /win resolution techniques. Create rapport with a wide variety of people with varying personality styles. Does your client want statistics and facts, philosophical perspectives or a combination of both? Relate to people’s desires, goals, healing and lifestyle using combinations the 7 levels of consciousness:.Physical, Sensorial, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Philosophical and Intuitive
Art of Speaking 15 hours
Learn to speak effectively to both clients and groups. The successful counselor will require both confidence and experience when appealing to a wide variety of people. Note: Internship/mentorship includes coaching with public speaking.
Herbology Introduction & Traditional Home Remedies 30 hours
Learn the Basics of an East/West orientation to Herbal Studies.
Whole foods nutritional counselor Integration Courses 2 hours
(Nutrition, Herbs or other Holistic Electives)
Students can choose between Tai Chi Kung, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Yoga , Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and other classes taught at the school that peak their interest. Intuitive

Spiritual/Intuitive 150 Hrs
Anatomy & Physiology 34 hours
In contrast to the old models of science, modern science looks at the quantum physics perspective of how the Brain/ Body works. Perception and belief are included in the study of the nervous, endocrine and other body systems. Genetic malleability and the most modern understandings of anatomy and physiology are presented..
Intuitive Body Reading 16 hours
Body Reading for Health, Love & Life Path: Learn how the source of your life purpose and challenges are described on your face, hands, body language, back, birth date and more. Discover life lessons, health Constitution and Condition. Help self, friends, family, and clients to fulfill their life purpose. Intuition is our single most important guide when making important decisions. Learn to recognize when it’s calling you and how to call on it whenever necessary.
Destiny & Intuition 10 hours: The Body maps and theory of Body reading: Chakras, Yin/Yang, 5 elements are used to identify one’s own intuitive style and to improve all intuitive senses – Visual: Aura Reading & Seeing intuitive messages, Audio=Hearing Messages and Kinesthetic feeling Intuitive Messages. INTENTION exercises will teach people how to set intentions that manifest as reality- for HEALTH- RELATIONSHIP and PROSPERITY. Participants will learn a technique that Seymour created that will allow participants to feel an event at a specific age in the past where a person is still working through. Also, learn to how to use this energy into resolution in the present.
Holistic Business Practices 20 hours
The holistic approach to marketing your business includes a web page, social marketing, articles /post writing and public speaking skills.
Opportunity! Become a team member of iSOHA’s promotion of Holistic Nutrition as well as being a Certified coach for others going through their program in distance learning or directly with students in your geographical area.
Comparative Nutrition 20 hours
Learn to use traditional nutrition systems as an energetic language rather than a cultural dogma. Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Raw Foods, Acid / Alkaline, Traditional Chinese medicine and other models are applied to individual needs rather than static book information that suggests similar applications for all people. Learn to discern between logical intellectual theories and nutritional recommendations that are based on actual experiences with different clients. Discover what foods and lifestyle recommendations are TRULY beneficial for each person.

Thesis 50 Hrs
Students provide Counseling and monitor progress of 5 clients for 5 weekly sessions in a mentorship format supervised by Seymour Koblin and/or one of iSOHA’s Certified Nutritional Counselors/Coaches.

Clients will be taught to integrate the seasons/Elements(Chinese Medicine) of the year, the Three Doshas (Ayurveda) the forces of expansion/contraction, hot/cold into clients’ daily lives and every nutritional recommendation. Nutrient quantities are paired with the E-motional and Spiritual Qualities to create vital health on all levels.


Delicious Healthy Foods and Herbs Inspire
E-motional and Spiritual growth


Students who enroll for any or all of the 3 sections below receive discounted tuition from the regular $15/hr or 300 Kc/hr individual class price.

TUITION includes all Books, Audio, Video, PPT presentations as electronic files

Affordable Payment plans can be arranged below. 

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Contact Seymour with any questions!

NOTE: All education at isoharts.com is designed for personal development mentorship expert training. For CA BPPE approved vocational training, please seek a CA BPPE school in your area.

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