Shaping Our Destiny – Book

Our outer body reveals the source of any health challenge. Like a tree, the leaves  indicate the condition of the roots. In the journey of  developing our purpose in life, health is the single most important  tool that that shapes our destiny. Learn how these outer signals provide cues for us to evolve our soul. Face, Body Reading, Body Language, Birth dates, Energy Meridians and more integrate the ancient principles of Yin/ Yang and the 5 Seasons/Movements/ Elements into a system of health care that integrates our life with the forces of Nature.

Photos, Illustrations and  Poetry accompany the detailed information to provide an absorption of the material in a practical and creative manner. It has been suggested that the reading of this book is a healing experience in itself. A great reference for  both the holistic practitioner and layperson.

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Shaping Our Destiny is Seymour's most  extensive  work on Eastern health principles and practices. A fascinating expose on how to read the body and make individualized recommendations for achieving health - Body Mind Spirit.

Shaping Our Destiny Book Overview

Imagine the applications for a holistic reference book covering all major principles of mind-body, holistic healing compiled in one place?  With utmost attention to detail, renowned lecturer and author Seymour Koblin presents such a book:  ‘Shaping Our Destiny’.

Readers will benefit from the breadth of information contained therein, which Seymour gained during 25 years of studying and teaching ancient Eastern healing modalities.  Specific health recommendations and remedies offered in many chapters also stem from Seymour’s years of experience assisting clients from all parts of the globe to achieve optimal health.

Based on his extensive knowledge, experience and intuitive wisdom, Seymour outlines many options or paths to achieve vital mind-body-spirit health.  Insightful assessment techniques and healing modalities are thoroughly described.   Sections of the book even delve into the miraculous, and sometimes mysterious, ways that one can attune with another person’s energy fields for a health assessment and ultimately to transmit healing, through energy work.

“Heaven’s force and earth’s force are attracted to each other and seek each other out along the body’s central vertical axis, collide and express themselves in spiral-like energy vortexes, which make up the chakra centers” (p.178)

About 1/3 of the book covers what is called ‘body reading’, ways to visually identify a person’s constitutional (innate) and conditional (changeable) tendencies. Seymour categorizes constitutions as steadfast, central or flexible and references one’s condition according to the 5 seasonal movements flowing(winter/water), rising(spring/tree), radiating(summer/fire), grounding(early autumn/earth), and gathering(fall/metal)

“Constitution represents our genetic and energetic foundation…Every challenge materializes in and on the body as an indicator of extremes in the balance of life- a depiction of patterns seeking a healthier life expression...Looking at both constitutional traits and a person’s daily changing condition will reveal a holistic and more accurate overall picture.” (pp.  91,130)

Readers can easily identify which of the five elements require finer tuning.  The author makes the profound connection between ones health and the five elements system which describes the movements in nature.  Recommendations are presented throughout, offering behavioral, nutritional and exercise suggestions to enrich one’s life, by following these natural movements. Poetry, short quiz questions following each chapter, and unique, comical and custom illustrations interspersed throughout the text further support learning..


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