Because of the popularity of Thai massage and it’s similarity of moves and stretches to Zen-Touch™, Seymour created a Zen-Thai Touch practitioner  program so graduates are prepared for clients and employers who request  Shiatsu or Thai massage.

Seymour has taught this course in Thailand to advanced Thai practitioners who wanted to incorporate Energy Work, Body Reading, Chinese Medicine applications and  how to add intuition, and improvisation to Thai massage that is typically more of a routine massage  style. The course can be taught in shorter or longer formats depending on the needs of the student or spa that wants to incorporate the Zen-Thai Touch style into their menu. it can be taught and practiced on a Mat, Chair Massage Seat or Table.

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Practitioners who already have familiarity with Western massage Thai, Shiatsu or Tui Na may require less training than beginners.

Probably the biggest difference in the actual work is that Zen-Thai Touch is slower than Thai massage. Zen-Thai Touch Practitioners are trained to feel the Energy field in a client that moves with the blood circulation and heartbeat. This involves more holding and listening before moving to another location. The principles of Zen-Touch™ ~Reverence ~Be Received~ Flow continuously,~Be Natural and always use and balance at least~ 2 areas of contact, creates a session that is never painful even when deep pressure is applied. Let’s twist again

Most spas and clients appreciate being stretched in a slow nurturing way that ultimately creates a deep state of regenerative healing~ the Zen State~ I loved the stretching done in a way that allowed me to relax into it. I felt the depth of the work and was amazed that the therapist could work deeply on me without any pain. I got worked on by both male and female practitioners. This soothing approach initiated in me a space that was somewhere between sleep and wakefulness – like a moving meditation. I wanted more and scheduled every day I was at the spa because I don’t know anywhere else that Thai massage or Shiatsu is practiced this way. I am coming back to San Diego for sure cause of the weather and now to get more Zen-Thai Touch. Cindy B. Chicago

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