Burdens our Electromagnetic Field from the Wires CSE?

Weight with the purchase of housing or land near masts with wires?

How far to build and live wires from the CSE?

At least seven times the official buffer zone! 
– We measure how far back the harmful values and are already possible to sleep and live.
If you give us enough preemptively protect too tolerant of legal limits, we ourselves keep an eye on how far away from the wires EHV already emp drops enough – it is ideally sleep and live in the values consistently lower than:
magnetic field below 1 milligauss = under 100 nanotesla
and electric field under about 5 volts per meter.
These values apply to 50 Hz – line between the poles, but also in households.
Namely, recommend permanent housing, and sleep:
from 22 kV (three wires) – a distance of 35 m away,
from 400 kV best 220 mA farther, very much depends on the terrain and trees … see below.

A woman in black shirt with hands together. >> Do not buy near the house nor land!
Do not be fooled by benevolent legislation, then obviously they are to prevent health!

>> Decree No.1 / 2008Sb. changes 106 / 2010sb. – Limit values >> pdf <<
>> Decree Ä.291 / 2015 Sb. – current

Some legal limits in force until November 2015 (and then almost the same):

  • NF alternating magnetic field at 50 Hz .. 100 μT (micro Tesla) 
    • NF electric alternating field at 50 Hz .. 5000 V / m 
    • NF electric alternating field at 610 Hz .. 87 V / mThis means that if you sleep close beyond the protection zone with high tension wires and have health problems, but not in a permanent exhibition in excess of that legal values have against the current legislation reckless chance. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the presence or proximity of poles HV (i mob.vysílaÄů) when selecting the land or building housing in advance!Long burden of the electromagnetic field lines – wires of very high voltage, caused mainly due to sustained exposure to health changes, mainly weakening immunity number of functions of the organism, if the site lives asleep. The legal limits based on the levels and distances, which are immediately burned body jumping an electric current + a multiple of “for sure”, but that’s actually, unfortunately very weak and shortsighted and does not even achieving genuine precautionary according to German studies.
    A woman in black shirt with hands together.Preventive reasonable and healthy distance comes from virtually thousandths legal limits:
    instead of the statutory limit for magnet.pole (100 μT) is not to exceed a reasonable long-term stay longer or above 0.1 μT = 100 nanotesla = 1 milligauss .
    instead Act. threshold electric field (5000 V / m), it is wise to stay and sleep in the values of the electric field – potential - up to 5 V / m .
    (electric field component alone drops already with the wall of the house to the zero potential is conductive wall bleeds into the ground, but problem for shielding a magnetic component that goes through the vertical walls of the house and will not compromise her, so it is necessary to watch especially magnetic component – ideally to exceed the long-term 1 milligauss, which is the second unit of measurement 100 nanotesla.)in practice, this means that from wires with high voltage and transmitted shock drop box below follows the reference value is approximately at a distance :
    230 (domestic or village divorces after columns) - up to 1m (ENPI)
    380 V (three phases in the house and on the pillars of wood) - to 2 m (ENPI)
    22 kV (three wires on a metal pole) - to 35 m (preferably over 40 m) (not staying)
    40 kV (wires on the lower mast) - to 70 m (not staying)
    110 kV (3 + 3 phase and the ground for a larger mast ) - to 110 meters (not staying)
    200 kV (3 + 3 phase and the ground for a larger mast) - to 170 meters (not staying)
    400 kV (the largest towers in the Czech Republic – 3 + 3 phase + ground) - 210 m (not staying).Realistically, reach electromagnetic fields may vary according to terrain, curvature and especially growth of trees and shrubs that can do substantial part “seduce” into the country, but in winter the effect drops fallen leaves …
    It also depends on the flow of current in the wires, take away here described as normal approximate diameter where there is bare land without the shielding effect of the trees.
    the situation also varies with the weather and the seasons – humidity and conductivity of the air and the rains!
    these commonly measured distance thus can not completely replace real measurement on a particular property, so you this measurement offering .
    just real measurement with certainty proves how far back detrimental field and from what to distance comes into consideration actually healthy to live and sleep! 

    the essential difference also lies in the measurement method – whether it is just a pointor summary – takes into account the size of the body and its conductivity, thereby “naindukovává” then throughout the body and has a substantially larger quantity field (depending on model Ing. Kubes)!

    A woman in black shirt with hands together.

    A woman in black shirt with hands together.
    Let me explain: Measurements common ordinary magnetometer (Gaussmeter) is the point. A small coil in the body of the device it scans the field present only in very small point. Thus exposed to a radiation everywhere in every facet cm 2 body. But our body is highly conductive, it consists of over 70% water, so it is necessary to calculate more realistic with the total effect on the whole amount naindukovávaného field over the entire surface of the body (as a flat very bulky antenna) and the overall resultant field value – not a small point, but nabraného entire surface of the body!
    for this purpose best serve Kubešova measuring devices that sense the conductive point (a metal rivet on the meter) when his thumb touched the whole body coupled to a summary of the present value of the field . So we use Kubešova circuit, with which the measurement summary influence on the whole body more real fundamental differences over 100 mGauss!
    A above distance by the size of the transmitted stress, comes out of the more careful measurement summary with KubeÅ¡ova devices, i.e. here above distance already guarantee a truly safe place to summarily measured value below 5 V / m and below 1 mg – for everyday sleeping children .

    Example : the land at 30 meters from the three lead wires 22 kV’ve already measured point fashion (actual common magnetometer) value below 1 milligauss, but after touching KubeÅ¡ova circuit that senses the summary value, frilled entire surface of the body, yet the value immediately jumped above 100 milligauss! A piece next decreased to about 35 meters in, almost suddenly to zero. So up to 35 meters would allow long to sleep. The magnetic field behaves when measuring Kubes – a summary value significantly abruptly, not gradually – as should be clear-cut edge, instead of a gradual rise.
    Description certainly looks complicated, but in the field it easy to demonstrate immediately and will be appreciated.
    Please contact me for more information or understandings measurement.

    Once on land we have and not hit the entire strong field unsuitable for permanent residence and sleep, should i use and measure other values – check the frequency bands neighboring transmitters, geopathic zones, radiation, we’re on a plot traced water springs, their depth, intensity, and neg. effect of rising above the surface of the land (where it is not appropriate then sleep).


Protection zones around high-voltage power 
– demonstration elder law with limits no. 458/2000 Coll.

>> The full text of Act no. 458/2000 Coll. >> pdf

Us out of this particularly interested in § 46 – Protection zones (I’ll update)

(Around high-voltage power)

(1) protective zone facility of the grid is the area in the immediate vicinity of this device designed to ensure reliable operation and to protect the life, health and property of people. Guard band formed effective date of the zoning decision on the location of the building or planning approval with the placement of buildings, unless under the building code required neither of these documents, then the date on which the facility of the grid into operation.

(2) The protective zone are protected by overhead lines, underground lines, power stations, factories and power lines measurement, protection, control, security, information and telecommunication technology.

(3) the protective zone of overhead lines is a continuous space defined by vertical planes along both sides of the lines in the horizontal distance measured perpendicular to the lines that is from outer conductor lines on both sides

a) for voltages above 1 kV and 35 kV , including
first for bare conductors 7 m ,
the second for conductors with basic insulation 2 m,
the third for suspension cable lines 1m

b) for voltages above 35 kV to 110 kV including
first for bare conductors 12 m ,
2nd for conductors with basic insulation 5 m,

c) for voltages above 110 kV to 220 kV including 15 m ,
d) for voltages above 220 kV to 400 kV including 20 m ,
e) for voltages above 400 kV, 30 m ,
f) for the hinge cable line 110 kV 2 m,
g) for the device’s own telecommunications network license holders 1 m .

(4) In the forest intersections between keeping the transmission system operator or the respective distribution system at its own expense a free strip of land with a width of 4 m on one side of the foundations supporting points overhead line according to paragraph 3.a) point 1 and point. b), c), d) and e) if such a free strip must; owners or users of the affected properties are required to enable them to such activities.

(5) The protective zone of underground lines to the power system voltage of 110 kV lines and the control and security technology shall be 1 m along both sides of the marginal cable; u underground lines with a voltage of 110 kV is 3 m on both sides of the marginal cable.

(6) The protective zone of the power station is defined by vertical planes running at a horizontal distance

a) at outdoor electric stations and stations with voltages greater than 52 kV in buildings 20 m from the fence or the outer face of the peripheral walls,

b) for pole electric stations and tower stations with an outdoor inlet transfer voltage levels above 1 kV and less than 52 kV, to low voltage level of 7 meters from the outer edge of the floor plan stations in all directions,

c) for the compact and masonry electric stations with transfer voltage levels above 1 kV and less than 52 kV, to low voltage level of 2 m from the outer casing stations in all directions,

d) inboard electric stations 1 m from the build up.

(7) Protective band electricity generating plant is delineated by vertical planes running at a horizontal distance of 20 m perpendicular to the fence or the outer face of the envelope generating plants.

(8) the protection zone of overhead and underground lines, electricity generating plants and power stations is forbidden

a) to set up without the consent of the owner of the facility construction or placing structures and other similar establishments …



Once again I must stress that the above-mentioned security force away from high-voltage power and “protective” zone – the law already holiday away housing from the wires CSE are totally inadequate. And count on those least seven times, in the case of 100kV lines prefer to 150 meters and 400 kV lines over 200 meters! Respect me the recommended distance from land and housing, high voltage, for your health and the health of particularly sensitive children! Specific values on the property will read and explain, from what place he can live healthy. Here we will watch the level of 5V / m, children’s maybe 3 V / m.

It seems like a protective zone policymakers should mean to a person close to the wires did not catch fire or cause electric shock. Maybe they thought also that in the construction of a nearby house not damaged high voltage lines. But to prevent or pre-caution about the health of people have definitely not taken into account. It would take a 1000 x sensitive limits, which take into account the actual verified response – damage to cell walls etc.! Top modeled after the Salzburg precautionary limits.
If we do not protect the legal limits, we policed ourselves, at what distance from the wires HV emp already dropped enough – that is, ideally below 1 milligauss = nanotesla below 100 and below about 5 volts per meter. These values apply to mains voltage at these stages at a frequency of 50 Hz – line between the poles.

Very reasonable solution is to let the wires translate into the ground!
Electromagnetic fields then we can measure perhaps only 5 meters from the site of the cables.
Closer to still know nothing operators ask for specific EHV lines. Some such variant offer interoperability and the proportion of the owners of adjacent land in a certain mode spoluhrazení costs, which are usually above one hundred thousand CZK.

Developers and their crowded beautiful houses in the immediate (legal) proximity to wire the CSE allow in accordance with applicable law, so there damage to health, psyche and joyful life of people who move in there!

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