Wired Male-Female YOU ?

How are YOU wired-male-female? Answer the following and follow the score tabulation at the end.

  1. You hear an indistinct bark. Without looking around, how well can you place the dog?

(a) If you think about it you can point to it
(b) You can point straight to it
(c) You don’t know if you could point to it

2. How good are you at remembering a song you’ve just heard?

(a) You find it easy and you can sing part of it in tune
(b) You can only do it if it’s simple and rhythmical
(c) You find it difficult

  1. A person you’ve met a few times telephones you. How easy is it for you to recognize that voice in the few seconds before the person tells you who they are?

(a) You’d find it quite easy
(b) You’d recognize the voice at least half the time
(c) You’d recognize the voice less than half the time

  1. You’re with a group of married friends. Two of them are having a clandestine affair. Would you detect their relationship

    a) Nearly always
    b) Half the time
    c) Seldom

 wired-male-female ?

  1. You’re at a large and purely socIal gathering. You’re introduced to five strangers. If their names are mentioned the following day how easy is it for you to picture their faces?

    (a) You’ll remember most of them
    (b) You’ll remember a few of them
    (c) You’ll seldom remember any of them

  1. In your early school days how easy was spelling and the
    writing of essays?

a) Both were quite easy
(b) One was easy
(c) Neither was easy

  1. You spot a parking place but you must reverse into it — and it’s going to be fairly tight squeeze:

    (a) You look for another space
    (b) You back into it.. carefully
    (c) You reverse into it without much thought

  1. You’ve spent three days in a strange village and someone asks you which way is north:

    a) You’re unlikely to know
    (b) You’re not sure but given a moment you can work it out
    (c) You point north

  1. You’re in a dentist’s waiting room with half a dozen people of the same sex as yourself. How close can you sit to one of them without feeling uncomfortable?

    (a) less than 6 inches (15 cm)
    (b) 6 inches to z feet (15 cm to 6o cm)
    (c) over z feet (60 cm plus)

  1. You’re visiting your new neighbour and the two of you are talking. There’s a tap dripping gently in the background. Otherwise the room is quiet:

    (a) You’d notice the dripping sound immediately and try to ignore it
    (b) If you noticed it you’d probably mention it
    (c) It doesn’t bother you at all

 wired-male-female ?

  1. You feel confused about an experience that occurred at work or in your home life.
    a) You talk about it with someone you trust to better understand it
    b) You wait at least an hour or maybe even a day before you speak with someone about it
    c) You don’t speak of it to anyone until you have figured it out for yourself
  1. When making love you prefer
    a) darkness
    b) dim lighting
    c) enough light to see your partner’s eye color
  1. When deciding whether to enter a deep intimate relationship you first
    a) establish safety and trust by matching words with actions
    b) express the same ideals
    c) use your intuition
  1. When packing for a two week vacation

    a) you write a needs list in advance and pack at least 8 hrs in advance of the departure time
    b) you carefully make a list in your mind and pack the night before or early the same day of departure
    c) you wake up, pack and go to the airport

wired-male-female ?

  1. When driving to an unknown destination youa) look at the map the night before, follow the map or (guidance device) and ask for directions at the first hint of possibly being lost
    b) look at the map before ou start driving, pay careful attention to signs or (guidance device) and only ask for directions if you are running late
    c) trust you will find your destination and only ask for directions when things seem hopeless

 wired-male-female ?

  1. When going out to socialize you prefer
    a) to know at least 48 hrs in advance where you are going and who might be there so you can prepare energetically and physically(e.g. what to wear)
    b) to know in advance of the time and date but the details are only moderately important
    c) to be surprised about where and who will be there
  1. You enter the shopping mall to buy a pair of warm winter boots for at Macy’s.

    a) You get sidetracked by all the other stores, bargains and new winter inventories. It takes you a half hour before you finally get to the shoe department at Macy’s
    b) You see and feel all the possibilities but by using your willpower and a promise to yourself to look after you get your boots, you arrive quickly to Macy’s shoes and by your boots.
    c) You go directly to buy your boots at Macy’s and are proud that you accomplished your mission in 20 minutes.

  1. You are at a club on a Saturday night enjoying the music when you notice someone across the room that you are immediately highly attracted to. He /She walks over to you, looks you in the eyes and with a sincere tone of voice asks you; Will you make love with me tonight?
    a) You, using a brief sentence or explanation say in effect an emphatic “NO”
    b) You find yourself considering it but your sense of reason predominates and you say “No”
    c) You are intrigued by this person’s attractiveness and either the surprise, mystery or the challenge of this situation motivates you and you say, YES.

    1. Which two of the three qualities below are most responsible for maintaining long-lasting marriages and partnership relationships?

    a) Trust (consistency between words and actions and the ability to work through and resolve conflicts),

    b) Romance (creative communication where ideas are shared between partners in a sensorially pleasing environment   (e.g. dinner at a nice restaurant, holding hands in nature, soft background music),

    c) Passion ( an extremely stimulating, compelling soulful connection expressed by highly sensual and sexual energy.

    Again, which two of these three are most important to you?

    a) Trust, Romance
    b) Trust, Passion
    c) Romance, Passion

  2. Without any forewarning, you receive a note from your boss saying that your services at work ( a job you like ) are no longer required and to please take all your personal belongings from the office before the end of day.
    a) You immediately call your best friend to communicate your surprise and to discuss what happened in hopes of making some sense of the situation.
    b) You inquire within yourself to get some understanding for half an hour before you talk to someone else at work who may help you understand what happened.
    c) You either 1) enter you boss’s office unannounced, demad an explanation and fend your right to keep the job or 2)  After a moment of reflection, You tell yourself, that’s life and it must be meant for you to be elsewhere.

    1. Your important long term loving relationship ended several months ago and you are now considering getting closer with someone very special that you really appreciate. Which of these three qualities MOST bring up your DOUBTS that this new relationship will work for the long-term.
      a) Your new potential partner earns a very modest living compared to both you and your ex who was very wealthy and lived a “money is no object†lifestyle.
      b) You trust your new potential partner implicitly but wonder if there is enough spark to initiate long term shared life growth.
      c) Your new potential partner is attractive, affectionate, warm and caring but when it comes to passion and intensity in the bedroom he/she pales in comparison to your previous partner who together with you always created fireworks. 

    Scoring the test

    (a) answers = 10 points

    (b) answers = 5 points 

    (c) answers = 4 points                              

    Unanswered questions count for 5 points.

    If you were hesitant to select a, b, or c on some questions,  rescore your questionnaire with alternate answers and add again-OR, higher scores pull you into the Female- wired category, lower scores shift you toward the Male -wired category.

    People with a predominance of male wired behavior will score between 84 and 104.

    People with a predominance of female wired behavior will score between 135 and 210.

    The overlap — scores between 105 and 134 – indicates thought flexibility- a malleability of male /female brain wiring that embraces both gender tendencies. People in this group suggest the most potential for success through adaptability.

    Scores of less than 100 and scores above 160 represent people with a more one-sided brain wiring style than most…yet differences also attract and if you are with someone who represents your opposite in brain wiring, you also have the most potential for growth when you resolve your highly contrasting thinking styles.

    Men Scoring above 134 show a more female brain bias.

    Females who score below 100 show a more male brain bias.

    Exploring and RESOLVING differences in thinking, communicating and behaving is the key to evolving consciousness through win/win relationships.

    A woman in black shirt with hands together.

There are deeper differences that can show up in such a simple test. It is those differences we must explore.

See Post: Chi-Love-Sexuality-Creative-Force

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