Body reading

The body is a temple for the unique expression of each soul ~ flowing within the oneness of the infinite Universe.

Each of us has a unique life purpose- An assignment to fulfill- A dream.

The complementary opposite forces of nature- Yin/Yang shape the Gestating/ Evolving soul nesting within our bodies.

Consider, that the directions to our unique journey are written on a series of maps located on our outer body. This course reveals both the maps and therefore how to interpret them using Intuition.

Body-Reading-Preview Chakras

Energy centers reveals and heal the distribution of Chi throughout the body.

Which way does your energy flow?

Energy pathways conduct the forces of nature in ways that parallel the cyclical seasons of the year and therefore times of day. Each phase has physical emotional spiritual associations.

Count 3 months after your birthday. These meridians and their associated seasons movements, organs, reactive and therefore in harmony behaviors were your first influences. Have you used them and therefore or do they still use you?

In conflict, which do you do most often? Which do you like least in others? These reactive behaviors point to the root of one’s health challenges.

Within the forces of nature there lies a place where touch initiates our relationship with the breath of eternity feel it… Be it share

Hara- our center the most powerful and vulnerable place where all secrets hide or become alive~ such an honor to Embrace~ with compassion all pains Erase~birthing the gestated soul~ home for the human Race.

Touch, both assesses one’s condition while catalyzing Health Healing.

Learn to feel how a physical sensation reveals a behavioral pattern.

Hara Assessment according to Seasons/Movements.

Read which Meridians, organs, E-Motions & Spiritual practices are calling for attention according to Body Language.

Learn which foods will create or resolve behavioral extremes according to Energy and Balance(in contrast to good or bad).

Spell Stressed Backwards:

Everyone is different

Constitution= Inherited, Genetic and early development influences. E.g, Steadfast/Practical or Sensitive/Creative thinking style.

According to these men’s backs, learn who is inherently more accountable for their actions and whose words are backed by his actions.

Which of these men is most

  • Playful 2) Patient or 3) Pragmatic?

Learn to read which women is predisposed to bearing male offspring and who has a deep “inny†navel.

Which woman is more predisposed to vulnerability in relationship?

Which child is predisposed to being more naïve and gullible?

The ear is a mini-map of the whole body and therefore reveals parental influences.

What messages are you responding to? Are they working for you? Or, are you working for them?

Learn how your tongue shows the distribution of energy/Chi through the whole body Hot? Cold? Essential knowledge for Herbal Recommendations.

Time layers:

Learn to see & feel what past age this man’s issue with assimilating anxiety and therefore letting go of the past is still awaiting resolution.

Our hands reveal Inherent & Transforming traits.

Learn to tell that this man’s original passion has been dissipated by a distracting interest and would be best served by relearning to circulate his emotions like he used to in childhood.

Predisposed(anything can change) to an independent thinking style, he left his stressful home environment around 18 or earlier. He appreciates creative people and activities as long as it’s cheap $.

Also an independent personality. In contrast to the previous person, he likes home and family-would love to visit home more and is better off finally saving $ lest he exhausts reserves. A veritable virgin in the area of deep Intimacy? It may be hoove him to find a partner who is well versed in Tantric sensual energy cultivation.

Test- is your subconscious cooperating with your conscious desires? Of course you would like more…..? Are you really ready to receive? And if not, Learn How.

Zen-Touch Facial Assessment

On the journey towards Health, Growth & Fulfilment? Accept the truth-without resistance, criticism or judgement- Accept what is true.

How to know what is genuinely True? Cultivate and circulate the Chi within the body still the mind, Breathe and Listen the next step, if any, will move us.


All the fascinating maps on our journey, are but a step to the truth we sense in each relationship..


SHHHH…. Breathe… Let your breathe be the wind that blows away thoughts… like clouds disappearing across the sky… leaving clear empty space within the borders of your body.

Still the 5 senses the 5 tones become silent, the 5 colors become invisible, the 5 tastes dissolve, Touch the Infinite Breathe the Eternal.

To feel our hearts Beating to the Rhythm of the universe to echo our personal Harmony with mother nature’s ever-changing melody. To absorb the infinite in every relationship and overflow with sensitive compassion to all.





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