Over the Space Between Dark and Light

Oozing between soft and hard, happy or sad, cold or warm Black and white

Are 5 Ways …circular bridges that bind all things

5 Movements, 5 Elements, 5 Senses for us to embody

the rainbow ‘s unique radiance

A place between Suffering and Salvation ~ Virtue or Vice

A space where light all ways shines

A place where 5 colors of the rainbow are the only shadows

of the  love inside us ….. sacred, divine

The ancient Chinese model of the 5 Movements/Elements provides a fascinating depiction of the workings of the universe. These five movements parallel the seasons of the year, the hours of the day and portray the infinite ebb and flow of all events within the cycles of nature. Sensing these movements in our bodies and following their messages will bring us to a sacred place where we stop judging others and ourselves…. viewing the universe as a unified continuum of vital energy- perfect balance, vibrant health, infinite peace….. 

Flowing, Water, –  night, winters darkness- Our Sense of Hearing

Shhh…. Listen…. Do you hear the iridescent waves of the ocean washing upon the shore? These waves dance inside the body —blood flows to every cell reminding us of our origins in water. Go inside… listen to your blood embracing the borders of your body, from your feet to your head feel the waves stirring through every finger touching every toe. Do you hear it? We were born from the fluid filled amniotic sac tumbling around in the darkness to the sound of the infinite flow of the universe. “The Dreamâ€/ our purpose for being that was nourished in our gestation is touched again in the dream of sleep— darkness. Do you hear the voice within that always speaks to guide your path. Rest…Stop…. Listen

By cultivating deep peaceful sleep and knowing when it is time to rest or hibernate we build the reserves our body requires to fuel and recharge our will.  Prepared, we can now tap into our ability to hear the inner voice that always connects us to the big picture of our life path. We are courageous, adventurous primed by infinite wisdom.

Rising, Tree, morning, spring light—Our sense of Sight

Look! What do you see? Remember your sense of being and watch how you rise out of the darkness into the new spring light. Your dream is now followed by action. Fueled by will and connection to your destiny. See yourself do it. You accomplish any task with the fresh spontaneity of a fresh spring morning. Birds are singing and the sun raises your ideas into the smiling deeds of enthusiasm unfolding.

Frustration? Breakout!

Like fresh sprouts bursting through the earth to catch the morning light

There’s a feel that comes in the spring

The vision of hope a new beginning

Where all the world is alive and shining

Waiting to see us all- the young and the old

and birth each day with the smile of perfect timing

Radiating, Fire, High Noon, Sizzling Summer Passion, — Our sense of Taste

Actions become inspired, one idea births the expansion to infinite possibilities and you are blissful…. exploding with intense excitement- So much Joy- your smile sparks into the fire of laughter circulating to every cell of the body. So good you can taste it.

Can you remember a time where your whole body laughed in ecstatic bliss – you laughed so hard you thought you would burst- Perhaps tears came to temper your fiery mirth.

Circulate this feeling throughout your body mind spirit. You came here to live passionately. Be it.

Grounding, Earth, Early Afternoon, Early Fall Nurturing—Our sense of Touch,

Feel, Feel, Feel. Put your attention on the sensations of your body and feel the nurturing touch you desire and are willing to share. Bonding in the spoken words or in silence your connection to others grounds you. Carry through your inspiration as you feel safe in participating, in communion, connected to all.

Gathering to Completion

In the first breath away from the umbilical cord you discovered “Iâ€- Individuality. In each moment, in the scent of every breath comes the awareness of your uniqueness.

“My wayâ€â€” goals, inspirations, and all tasks are harvested into MANIFESTATION. With every inhale comes the power of “I completeâ€. You honor your word in actions and are accountable. Also comes the knowing of when to exhale, let go of the past and move on. The breath guides the balance between holding your ground to do what’s right or to let go, forgive, be kind and move on.

SENSE: hearing vision taste touch smell
ELEMENT: Water Tree Fire Earth Metal(air)
CHALLENGE: Fear/Low Confidence Anger Scattered Blaming others Guilt. Stuck in a rut

Warming foods

Sprouts, Greens

Cooling foods

Leafy, Bitter Greens Sweet Ground


(e.g.squash, pumpkin)

Root Vegetables, Whole Grains
HARMONIZING BEHAVIOR: Small challenges Free play

(no pressure)

One step

At a time


response ability


Enjoy variety


Water Activity,

Eye Exercises,

Visual Stimulation






Deep Breathing,



Are you challenged by any of the 5 senses and their associated characteristics? Do any of the 5 seem natural or abundant? Cultivating a balance of them all will round out our lives heightening our experience of the sensual world we came here to enjoy.

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