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 As a middle-aged person, it is important to engage in activities that are health-enhancing on a regular basis in order to have the best quality of life as you age.  But with a busy life, it is equally important to pick activities which give you the maximum return on your investment of time.  Chi Kung is one such activity which combines so many benefits in one practice.  I find that Chi Kung helps keep my joints and muscles flexible, it promotes better circulation, it promotes deeper breathing, it promotes more balance and symmetry on both sides of my body, and it promotes better concentration and relieves stress.  It also promotes increased sensitivity to the energy flow of Chi, which is a key component of understanding and application for those interested in Chinese Medicine.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Chi Kung at iSOHA Rocks

Lastly, the practice is foundational for those who wish to add Tai Chi to the regimen which has martial applications for self-defense.  Who could ask for more from one practice?  I highly recommend it as a component of your personal health regimen, and when coupled with highly skilled and ethical teachers such as Seymour Koblin and his associates at ISOHA, the practice is that much more beneficial.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.I attribute my success as a Holistic Health Practitioner to Seymour Koblin and his School of Healing Arts    (now iSOHA).
My 16-year journey of practicing Zen-Touch, Nutrition, and other energy therapies has not only benefitted my clients but my own life as well in that it helped to make sense of the world we live in. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t reflect on my days at the School and the lessons I learned. It was truly a life-changing experience and I am so grateful to know Seymour.

Crystal Spicer, HHP
New Leaf Healing Arts
Boise, Idaho

I do not know about the whole school, but I can say that Seymour Koblin is a master instructor and healer.  The depth and breadth of his knowledge are vast, yet he communicates in a simple and clear style that makes it easy to take in what he is teaching you.  His “Zen-Touch” style of massage is quite unusual.  It combines several forms of Eastern and Western healing knowledge into a deep, yet gentle, experience that is well worth learning and/or receiving.  I am not surprised at all that he is gaining international recognition.
Linda Reed- San Diego


To whom this may concern:
This is a letter of testimonial and gratitude for Mr. Seymour Koblin for his supervision, instruction, and mentorship over the past two decades.

Mr. Koblin gave me the opportunity to teach over twenty years ago. He was a constant presence in my classroom taking notes, sometimes sitting outside so that I would not know he was listening. He would give me feedback often right after class when the students had left, or he would come into the class and provide immediate feedback while the point being discussed was fresh. Later during the internship classes for those of us learning to teach he would often offer suggestions to help me be a better teacher. He would address everything from the verbal and body language being used to the examples and illustrations given in class and of course to the actual material being taught.
There were many times I sat at the back of his classes taking notes on how he taught. Later we would go to dinner and talk about any doubts or questions I had. He was always willing to help and motivate me.

Now that I have been teaching for over twenty years I still keep many of his suggestions in mind. It is thanks to his continued support and guidance that I consistently receive excellent feedback from my students and supervisors.

Best regards,

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Testimonial for Seymour Koblin & iSOHA from Hugo Anguiano

Hugo Anguiano    [email protected]   Integraltherapies.net


I started taking classes with Seymour at the [International] School of Healing Arts about 2 years ago. We met in person first to discuss my interest and figure out a plan that was just right for me. I really appreciated this because it gave me a sense of comfort and empowerment to begin the process of becoming holistically certified through the school.of healing arts.
The personalized attention I received during my studies was so helpful and I believe essential to my learning and growing. I was able to ask questions and have discussions with Seymour on the various topics being taught in order to further my understanding and really integrate my comprehension of the course material into practical application. It also gave me the opportunity to move at my own pace during the hands-on experiences. In addition, Seymour met with me via Skype for distance classes and coaching. I was so grateful for this as it gave me the freedom and flexibility I needed to accommodate my schedule while still being able to work toward my certification and receive the individualized care that proved to be so beneficial.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Thank you so much! – Robyn Sanders –

I have been taking Chi Kung classes at ISOHA with Seymour Koblin for 3 years. It was my first time to be introduced to Chi Kung. I thoroughly enjoy the classes. I feel comfortable with the teacher because he watches each of us and makes sure that no one gets hurt while exercising (by doing movements incorrectly). I also appreciate the individual approach and recommendation of how to use Chi Kung in everyday life even when just walking stairs for example. He never makes one feel as that there is a lot to get better at. Once you get what was pointed out he gives you another goal to work on. The positive benefits I personally get from Chi Kung are a painless hip, better body posture, – I walk with a straighter back, I feel more flexible and especially the lower part of my body feels and looks more fit to me. Chi Kung teaches me to breathe deeply and slower than usual. Apart from these physical benefits it also brings a calming effect for my mind. I need to exercise every day if I want to take regular advantage of these benefits. I have never had pain while doing Chi Kung on my own and if I ever started to do movements incorrectly the teacher pointed it out during the class, Because I was taught so well during the classes, I benefit from exercising on my own.- 

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Chi Kung with iSOHA rocks

Chi Kung teaches me to breathe deeply and slower than usual. Apart from these physical benefits it also brings a calming effect for my mind. I need to exercise every day if I want to take regular advantage of these benefits. I have never had pain while doing Chi Kung on my own and if I ever started to do movements incorrectly the teacher pointed it out during the class, Because I was taught so well during the classes, I benefit from exercising on my own.- 
~Jana Nachlingerova~

Testimonials :

It’s like having a slow running faucet and knowing something is wrong and then the plumber (Seymour and his trained practitioners) open up the sink cabinet,  point and say “there’s your problem!”

-Chris Calabrese

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Seymour showing Karolina where the “opportunity” for change is located in this person’s belly

Note from Seymour. We actually look at what most people call a “problem” as an opportunity-a challenge that shapes our life purpose to be greater than ever. The effort we take to transform or correct yields a depth of soul evolution that would otherwise never be achieved. Every problem shows up because we have the necessary skills to resolve and evolve.

Partaking in the Nutritional Counseling program via correspondence with Seymour was a great experience. It was exciting to gain new knowledge and skills, and also comforting to watch my progress from my own home. Although circumstances prevented me from attending school in person, this correspondence program allowed me to continue my education without a hitch! If you are a self-motivated individual, with a schedule that doesn’t allow for regular attendance, this program is perfect for you. Seymour is intuitive and kind, helps you along your path with great feedback and guidance. 

Seymour, I think the process of working with you went very smoothly. I felt supported and encouraged by your comments. I think your trust in my intuition gave me a huge confidence boost when attempting to assess my clients. So thank you. 🙂

 Testimonials :

I can’t express how much knowledge and skill set I learned in one day. I feel so compelled to continue to study and gain as much knowledge and hands~on experience as I am able to. 
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you, and I truly hope we will be in touch. Within the next couple months I definitely will be looking to purchase your books and look into the Internship, as it would be a great privilege to do so. Continue to be well and keep up the great work! I wish the very best for you. Thank you so very much.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Jacqueline Miller w. Seymour at IBW ZT Shiatsu class

  Jacqueline Miller-student Institute Beauty and Wellness- Milwaukee. Wisconsin


~ September 2013  Zen-Touch Shiatsu session at Miraculous Mondays~
It was very painful to walk. My back and legs ached so much-standing or sitting.
After just a few mintes of this massage, my back and legs felt such tremendous release from the pain. I’m so very amazed

Brigitte McCoy


“Seymour and I have met in Prague when he was planning to start an International Branch of Zen Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu. His ideology was to enlighten the Eastern European countries on the beauty of alternative healing and lifestyles. I became his student, assistant teacher, and translator. Seymour’s efforts in the Czech Republic fell on the frugal ground and he has been a leader and an inspiration to many students and clients for years now. He is a very keen and knowledgeable person who loves to teach and enlighten his audience with life-like examples. Thanks to the background I have received from Seymour in the areas of Oriental medicine, passing my Oriental portion of NCBTMB was a breeze- even years later. I can certainly agree that his teaching methods using colorful examples help students understand and retain the knowledge for a long time. Seymour is a great person, skillful practitioner, knowledgeable mentor, and an excellent teacher. I fully recommend his expertise to anyone in need.”


“I’ve known Seymour Koblin (CEO of iSOHA) for many years. I consider him to be a person of integrity and mastery in his field. He has developed his own methods of healing and has taught them internationally. From my experience of him, his life is devoted to the process of healing. This is, no doubt, reflected in his organization (iSOHA).”
A woman in black shirt with hands together.Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D.

Intuitive & Transformational Counselor

NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner
(760) 753-0733 .  JaneCohenCounseling.com

“Life is designed to work wonderfully well.  If your life appears to not be working, there are limiting decisions distorting your experience of reality that can be cleared.â€




Xerlan Geiser-Deery I have done Shiatsu and Thai and Traditional Floor work for many years. My lovely older Shiatsu Mat has served me quite well for many years. Thank you Seymour Koblin for inspiring me and teaching me so many years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t do something I learned from you!


I have to say THANK YOU for all your attention during the day course.  I was the woman you “read†as a demonstration at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. You impressed me with your intuitive knowledge of all my health issues.

I went into your course with total disbelief- .only being there to see if I could understand the oriental way of thinking better…  The courses I have taken so far have confused me beyond belief… But you made it sink in for me… Seeing it thru your eyes made me understand it, realize it..and again thank you

With a smile,
Kim Hartzel


Dear Seymour,

Thank you gratefully for your marvelous workshop in Prague. I am absolutely excited by your style of interpretation, your work with people. I am fascinated by the great facility, which you had transmitted us your deep knowledge and experiences clearly with, your great wisdom, fineness, and kindness.
Thank you also for a new point of view on yin – yang, work with chakras and diagnostics of elements. I am enriched a lot because of that. But it was not only words and information which I was interested in. It was your (spirit) energy mainly, voice intonation, body talk. It was energy under your words mainly, which has taught me a lot of new experiences and connections, which you had not even said many times. Thank you, thank you for the education hidden “behind wordsâ€.

“I’m so glad you were born! You have transformed so many lives in such a positive way! You are a blessing! Your good works are continuing for generations! Lots of Love!”- K M Brandmair


I have now seen a Great Master – You- during your work (by peripheral vision  ) in Plzeň (Pilsen), where I was brought by intuition. And a short example of Zen-Touch™  massage had only confirmed my feelings.
I have had no pain in the small of the back after 31 years since this first zen-touch therapy. During the second zen-touch therapy I experienced the mystical touch of Shiva.

This “feeling of connections†and intuition had brought me also to your workshop in Prague. But your work surpassed all of my inner feeling – expectation. I was deeply influenced that you have the same style of interpretation and mainly the same energy as my spiritual Guru Jára who gave me the desire to live and fulfill my original life journey by means of Artantra® Feng shui 13 years ago.

Your workshop, which picks up threads of magic zen-touch therapy, released stagnating energy in me. Many new inspirations, intuitive inspirations, have come to me since Monday. I have missed them for long weeks, months. The most intuitive inspiration “has come to me†this morning and it is connected with you.

With the wishes of all good and even better for you.

With Love  Dáša


A friend called me this morning all in a stew about her relationship with a fairly new significant other.  it seems there are some communication issues. ., anyway, I mostly listened but did offer a few thoughts that could be helpful, including some ideas from your class last night and previous classes regarding differences between the sexes.  By the end of our conversation, she had settled down and was in a much more positive mind-space.  I don’t think I could have been as helpful to her had I not learned a thing or two from your classes!  Anyway, I thought you would like to know how you and your communication classes helped me.
C. Land

“As a practitioner of massage for over twenty years and a former student I highly recommend Seymour’s classes through School of Healing Arts to anyone seeking a quality holistic education or enhanced personal growth. Seymour’s mastery of the healing arts is unparalleled in my experience. The teachings that he embodies encompass an entire healthy lifestyle. Through Seymour’s calm, supportive communication style, intuition and customized internships each student is encouraged to reach their full potential. Take one class and you’ll be hooked!


During my attendance at School of Healing Arts (SOHA), I received a broad holistic education with well-qualified instructors. SOHA offers a tantalizing mix of Eastern and Western modalities enabling students to customize their educational experience. Internships provide the depth required to attain subject mastery. After graduating as a Holistic Health Practitioner/Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor I started a successful business incorporating the valuable skills learned during my training. The newly transitioned school in Little Italy is housed in a beautiful facility and provides the environment of a professionally managed higher education institution. I highly recommend International College of Holistic Studies (formerly SOHA) to any prospective student seeking quality holistic education.
Joy Athans R.N., H.H.P.

Owner/Operator San Diego, CA

Joy Athans RN, HHP San Diego, CA” Chrysalis Healing Arts

Señor Seymour
I avidly practice your zen teachings with every client. It transformed the art of the message (not massage) we can share in a session. Thank you for being you and for the reminder to focus always.

Many blessings.  Your student and peer,
Steven Siglin


Dear Seymour,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Seymour is truly unique because of his expertise in so many areas of health and fitness. He applies this knowledge to improve both physical and mental health. 
When my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid-2011, I started an intense amount of research into eastern medicinal options to help support her decision of a western medicine approach. Being 66 years old she was very set in her Czech and Austro-Hungarian traditions especially in terms of eating habits and was tentative to explore alternative options. Through the process, I came across a book on Amazon by Mrs. Mina Dobic. After reading it, I decided to contact her. She recommended that I connect with Seymour, whom she considered to be an expert and the best fit to help us along our situation. 
Spending time in both the Czech Republic and California, he was 100% committed to the process. He introduced the concepts and practices of alternative medicine in a very sensitive yet pragmatic way that was ideal for a woman who still carried reservations about her chosen path. His patience, connectivity, knowledge, and skills impressed our entire family. His care is adjusted individually and based on the individual needs/wants; he has also agreed to be keeping their sessions at my grandma’s house. 
Our experience has been as follows: he first examined every detail of my grandmother’s condition, then set a very specific menu/diet (adjusted over time based on progress), and treated her on a weekly basis, with physical therapy, exercise, and other activities that greatly aided in her recovery. I remember days when my grandmother would cry from the intense pain in her bones caused by the chemo therapy; once Seymour came as for his regular weekly visit, she was pain-free. 
He created and unleashed a tremendous level of trust, and built a true relationship of mutual benefit that I have never witnessed before. All this has been achieved despite a significant language barrier on my grandma’s side, as she doesn’t speak English. Talking about a connection! My grandmother’s health has improved significantly and people are continually shocked to find out about her continuous journey.” 
Service Category: Medical – alternative medicine
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Jana Thompson has recommended your work as President Academic Director Zen-Touch, Macrobiotic, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant at School of Healing Arts.


I have been exploring the connection between my physical and my energetic body in more depth through some of what I learned from you.  When you showed us in the Zen-Touch class how pain can show up when you push one point on the body, but that it evens out when you push two points, was defining.  That Zen-Touch invites to hold with little movement and wait for the invite to be received has been liberating, to say the least.  Of course, I knew that electrical currents run between two points, but I have never found such comfort in applying that knowledge to my physical experience.  Where most people thrive with lots and increasing movements and friction, my world opens up when I hold still. … when a point is just ‘held’.  I feel a new sense of freedom now that I realize that Tao recognizes the connection between the principles of running energies between two points, and how pressure can be applied by not just physical weight, but more so by energetic presence …  and how all that can apply to the corporeal body as well …

Maybe the physical experience can really be integrated with the energetic one after all …

Sending you Love & Light,



International School Of Healing Arts, is a spiritually based interfaith 501c3 non-profit public benefit organization located in both San Diego, CA the USA and Prague, Czech Republic. ISOHA presents the work of its founder, Seymour Koblin.
Since 1981 Seymour has been an international educator traveling to numerous countries Inspiring the Path of Holistic Health. He is most well known for the creation of  Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, his unique approach to Macrobiotics that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Kabbalah and other traditional Energetic Healing methods. Seymour is also known for his unique approach to E-Motional Healing utilizing Calm Passionate Communication, Vision Training and Intuition Development.
Since 1989, Seymour has also participated in founding several schools that are either using or have at one time used his original San Diego, CA name- “school of healing artsâ€.
In 2014 the 30 years established San Diego state-approved “school of healing arts†changed its name to International College Of Holistic Studies/ICOHS. Seymour was the founder of these healing schools and others.

Seymour departed from ICOHS in 2015 and formed a new spiritually based 501c3 non-profit organization called International School of Healing Arts based in San Diego, CA, and Prague, Czech Republic. The Idaho New Leaf,  Manchester-UK, Kiev-Ukraine, and Moscow– Russia schools also use “school of healing arts†in their name.
These schools and others are separate entities. They have no legal or educational tie to each other. Note: Owning a name that has such broad generic words in the title may lead to ambiguity for some especially on the internet in google, yahoo, bing or other search engines.
If you have any questions about any of these different schools that come up in searches please contact [email protected].


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