Be careful to always keep the knees out to the weight on outside of your feet.

The “Snake” has always been reference to the backbone in Taijiquan. So whenever there is a tai chi posture that has anything to do with a snake as in (snake creeps down), it has reference to the backbone and the life force in the body.

The spine is a powerhouse of accessible energy or Jing that we can make use of in an emergency in either self defence or in the healing area. Each vertebra is a small capacitor (as we say in electrical terms) that stores energy and releases it when necessary.

During Qigong and Taiji, we placing the body into such a natural position that each vertebra placed perfectly on top of each other and the stored Qi in each vertebra attached to its neighbouring vertebra.

So we now have a much larger well of energy that we can then use for work. It’s like having a chain on the ground, pick it up and only that portion of the chain will rise in your hand.


However, if that chain is locked into some kind of cylinder, you can pick up the whole chain and if you stand it on its end, each link in the chain will fall onto the one underneath it.

This is what Qigong standing is for and as Taijiquan the most potent form of Qigong (when done at its most advanced levels), this also happens during our daily form practice.

And this the reason why so many are now contacting me exclaiming about the amazing things that are happening to them and their training after training in the 12 Qi Development tools, which come directly from the Old Yang Style of Yang Lu-ch’an.

They are then able to take what they learn from these tools and integrate that back into their daily Taijiquan practice.

Toe kick:

Exhale inhale

Knees out so the weight felt and supported by the outside of our feet.

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