Right Heel Kick

The Heel Kick  a common posture found in t’ai chi ch’uan.  the other hand (in this case the left one) extended in the same fashion as the other, but looking forward following the line drawed by the extended leg; Both hand are open in full palms.The Heel Kick an easy posture to learn from beginners. The only complication may be the equilibrium that requires.

Tai Chi Kung Heel kick

Tai Chi is a martial art, and can involve inherently dangerous activities. Attempting any activity may involve risk of serious injury or death.

Anyone who is not an expert should seek qualified instruction before engaging in any activity.

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Balance, poise and coordination are the words most people use to describe Yang-style tai chi chuan’s kicking techniques. … Only two of Yang’s direct martial art disciples are still living — one in China and one in Hong Kong. … Because tai chi is a close-range grap- Doc-Fai Wong demonstrates a tai chi heel kick (1), then shows (2) the kick’s application against an opponent, delivering it to his foe’s hip.

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