This is very standard Tai Chi warmup below the gates and middle gates and the upper gates.

The most important in this generation chi is body alignment twist both the sides.

Stabilize our hips and turn lumbar vertebrae and exchanging the lower back strength.

Stabilize hips and twisting waist.


Serves as the reservoirs for the body chi is out the weight on the outside of the feet and never bending at the solar plexuses.

Incorrect knee position which has no support on the either side of the knee.

Correct knee position which has support on the either side of the knee.

And twist our waist and minimum hip movement as the waist turning.

No pressure on the knees at all if pressure is there that will keep our knee worse so keep the knees with no pressure to keep them safe while twisting.

Spinal stretch:

Closing the close and bending at the solar plexuses and contracts all the internal organs within the body.

Location: This will contain internal organs and cause pain if done too long.

Constructs the thyroid area and endogean system.

Instead keep your pelvis tight and bend the lower your navel.

Lumbar & Thoracic vertebrae aligned in a straight line. Knees out. Head pulled forward to lenghthen cervical vertebrae. Weight on outside of feet.

Returning the position by coming up and head lifted from above and pelvis tucked under spine knees out and weight on outside of feet.


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