Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

Spring represents the power to break through stagnation and create fresh new growth – freedom. Immunity is a state of being where we adapt to a difficult situation becoming newer and better than before the challenge.
The seed that was lying dormant building Chi in winter now breaks through the ground sprouting/rising into a new vision of life. The enthusiasm derived from seeing the new world above the cold dark soil .instills enthusiasm within and for all to see.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

A vital immune system reflects this Spring-Like new, fresh, clear and vital image in the quality of our cells nourished and cleansed by our blood.
Pleasantly cool, clear of any stagnation, we rise to the occasion of putting our dreams into action. The liver that stores blood all night now activates its 589 functions-450 different tasks every minute. We make decisions spontaneously (Yang) and have the foresight to pace (Yin) ourselves for future priorities. Hence we are both quick to act (Yang) and also know when patience(Yin) best serves us to seize the best moment.
Finding this balance between acting now or waiting assures the reserves created in Winter are still abundant. One of the most common immune system compromises stems from too much action too quickly leaving the Kidney Jing reserves burnt out. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Rabbit? The rabbit with all his enthusiastic bravado became tired from acting too quickly and fell asleep while the tortoise steadily finished the race.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.


Symptoms of Spring/ Rising compromised immunity commonly manifests as allergies, skin discharges, tears, nasal mucus, burning and itchiness (unmetabolized oil) anywhere on or within various body cavities.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Such physical irritations are often paired with a similar mood of frustration. These breaking through stagnation signals are typical of this movement and actually, represent a healthy response. And…better overall immunity would occur if these clearing mechanisms would have proceeded more slowly at a pace that cleanses while leaving one’s energy intact.
Imagine being cooped up in the office on a fresh spring day. UGHHHH,

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Brief experiences of Frustration and Anger can serve as a motivating surge of energy that breaks through stagnation….AND if persists too long, the energy backs up and wears down the immune system

heat builds in the Liver and like that seed in spring, bursts through any pore or cavity that will assist the body to feel free again. If this pattern continues, heat will be taken from the resources of the Kidney Jing, leaving one depleted of inner heat and suffering from peripheral heat signs. A very common scenario arises when depleted reserves are only noticed in Autumn, Fall or Winter as the colder seasons arrive.

Immune responses often occur because of lifestyle extremes during the season(s) previous to when the dis-ease presents itself.
E.G. Look to the lifestyle 1- 4 months before as to the cause of spring allergies. If the blood condition was vital/stable/ in homeostasis throughout winter, spring allergies will be but a past memory. If these allergic signals/symptoms are suppressed with anti-histamine type medications, those important wastes that were supposed to come out will only be buried deeper, causing more serious future dis-ease.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

How to recognize Spring Liver Rising Movement imbalance:

-Gripping, uptight attitude
-Ist or most intense reaction to conflict is impatience, frustration or anger
-When sitting cross-legged knees are high off the ground and back is slightly hunched forward, or highly flexible- knees easily lay flat on the ground
-Difficult to put fingers under the right rib cage
-Vertical or horizontal wrinkles, discolorations or skin blemishes between the eyebrows
Yellow Red or Brown Skin discharges, especially on the side of face and body (along Gallbladder Meridian).
-Dull brown hue on face
-Right mid-back area is protruding and resistant to touch
-The right eye appears tense and contracted compared to the left eye
-One’s sclera is red clouded or yellowish
-Attracted to Sour flavor, Sweets Alcohol, and, Drugs as a tension release solution
Voice either rises in pitch or stays monotone with a controlling almost or actual shouting threatening tone when conflict arises.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

People with well-functioning liver/Rising Spring Movements display PATIENCE and opposite features to those mentioned above.

Spring Immunity- the Rising Movement Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Spring Immune System Solutions


Spring Immune System Solutions
1) Rest and follow some of the previous winter recommendations to rebuild empty reserves from Flowing Movement- Winter.

2) Morning Activities: Early to bed early to rise gives one the opportunity to enjoy this time of the day when the sun rises, birds are singing and all plants are expanding to greet the coming day. Consistent time spent this way enhances liver chi. Walking barefoot in the morning dew-filled cool grass, sand or any natural surface will stimulate rising energy.

3) Fresh Activity: The spring season qualities associated with the liver/gallbladder rising energy respond favorably to spontaneity and life actions that are free of constraints. Any satisfying activity that is derived from breaking through obstacles stimulating new growth, balances the rising movement.

4) Non-competition: Activities that are free of excess structure, or extreme pressure initiate lightness, freedom, and liberation. Freestyle dance and outdoor activities like hiking are examples. Note: People with liver challenges are often attracted to aggressive, competitive livelihoods or sports like weight training because the power rush that often results in these activities provides a temporary sense of liberation. While this momentary relief offers some benefit, without the balance of relaxation and stretching, these activities can exacerbate liver conditions by initiating too much contraction.

5) Eye Exercises: There are many exercises that stimulate the rising energy indirectly through the eyes which is the sense organ associated with the liver. Sit in a straight back position and slowly rotate the eyes in a circular fashion, clockwise and counterclockwise. Imagine you are tracing the hours of a clock as you focus your vision in twelve different angles. If any position seems more difficult, go back to it until you focus more comfortably there. Also move your focus from the center of the clock towards and back from each hour and minute. Cover one eye and repeat these exercises. End by closing your eyes with your palms gently resting over them. Do this exercise before, or as a break during or after meditation.

6) Transform Frustration and Anger into useable healing energy. WHERE does your anger show up in your body? Breathe into this location. Let it circulate within your body. Use the frustration instead of it using you. Ask, WHERE am I choosing to go with this person? Resolution? Peace? Closer? Further? Staying in the body feeling empties the brain allowing intuitive wisdom to appear.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase: Food Recommendations

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase


1) Include Fresh Food Preparations: Raw or lightly cooked vegetables can break through the stagnation that impedes the movement of rising energy.

2) Include Greens: Plants that grow quickly with a vertical growth pattern like green onions, leeks, celery, and chives initiate fresh spring-like vitality into our lifestyle.

3) Include Mushrooms: Mushrooms, especially black mushrooms (called “shiitake,â€) were considered the signature plant remedy for the liver. Too many may cause fatigue or “spaciness.â€

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

4) Include Grains: Barley and wheat berries harmonize rising/liver energy. A unique variety of wild barley known as “Job’s Tears†is especially helpful for balancing skin conditions caused by compromised rising energy.

5) Include Dandelion: This plant, used as a green in a salad or a root in tea preparations, provides gentle cooling energy.

6) Include Sour Foods: Sour tasting foods such as vinegar, lemons, and tart fruits (cranberries) initiate rising fresh energy.

7) Include Color and Beauty: The liver is connected to our sense of vision and responds positively to creatively prepared and visually appealing meals.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase

Be Care full of an excess of

8) Heavy Food Preparations: Baked foods such as bread, lasagne, and rich foods containing refined sugars, meat, eggs, oil, and sauces can suppress our rising/liver energy.

9) Chemically Treated and Artificial Foods/Ingredients: Pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and other artificial substances overtax the liver’s function of detoxifying the blood.

Traditional Home Remedy for Enhancing the Rising Movement
Leafy Green n’ Clean Juice:
Finely chop the greens of freshly picked vegetables (carrots, parsley, radish, leeks, bok choy, etc.) Add the green to water that has been brought to a boil. Shut the flame and let the greens steep for three to five minutes in the covered pot. Strain and drink the resulting broth warm or at room temperature. A quicker method is to make a drink from green barley powder found in most health food stores. Drinking a 6-8 ounce cup in the morning will stimulate the liver to function more efficiently while initiating a fresh, clean, and activated the flow of blood to the heart.

Be Careful of concentrated liver cleanses. Most liver remedies are cooling and dispersing. This assists the balance of the Spring Rising energy that when constricted creates heat and tension. While commonly helpful, if ones Kidney Jing is deficient excess cold, fatigue, pains and anger result eventually. There is one that includes olive oil and spices that is very popular. This combination of concentrated ingredients can more often than not make the liver discharge too quickly leaving people drained of energy. Slower cleanses that leave us energized are ideal. Take this into consideration when using any and especially the following remedies.

Spring Immunity-Rising Movement Phase


Greens Juice
1 cup daikon greens 1 cup green cabbage 1 cup scallions
1 cup big leafy greens (collard, kale)
Juice the greens. The best way is to very finely chop them, mash by hand in a Suribachi, and then squeeze out the juice. Simmer the juice 2-3 minutes. Add a few drops of lemon or tangerine juice. Drink as is. Alternatively, 2â„3 part of the Greens Juice can be mixed with 1â„3 part of apple juice or apple cider.

Leafy Greens Juice
This drink helps dissolve heavy stagnated protein and animal fat. Very finely chop two or three kinds of large-leaf green vegetables (kale, collards, dandelion, daikon or turnip leaves, or Chinese cabbage). Add twice the amount of water. Bring to a gentle boil and simmer 3-5 minutes. Add a pinch of sea salt or a few drops of shoyu/soy sauce toward the end of simmering and stir. Drink hot or at room temperature. Note: You can reuse the leafy green vegetables if desired.

Sour Apple Sauc
Peel and grate a sour green apple (like a granny smith). Put in a small saucepan. Add a small amount of water and simmer for about 2 minutes.

Apple Cider with Tangerine or Lemon Juice
Squeeze juice from tangerine or lemon into a small cup of cool apple cider.
Steamed Greens with Lemon Juice
Steam (vigorously) chopped, big leafy greens about 1-4 minutes. Remove from steamer and place in a serving dish. Squeeze on several drops of lemon juice.

Green Magma/Barley
A cooling, refreshing, simple green drink that builds blood through chlorophyll-rich barley grass. Helps to relax an overly-tense liver. Probably the safest and quickest way to harmonize the liver with no risk of side effects. Can be taken as a tonic regularly. Purchase at any health food store.

Amasake with Lemon or Tangerine Juice
Squeeze juice from a lemon or tangerine into a small cup of cool amasake, drink.

Umeboshi or Brown Rice Vinegar
Use only a small amount occasionally. Excess can initiate tightness.

Sour and Slight Sweet Taste is the general preference in helping to remedy liver disorders. Replace sweet with the sweet-and-sour taste.

Herbs to Research:

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