Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu Session

Seymour offers sessions on a donation basis so people can assess what the value of a session means to them. Depending on the work included, location, and people’s financial perspective, donations range between $50 & $500.

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Zen-Touch Shiatsu Session- $100 Experience a deeply nurturing and healing session.-Gentle stretching applied slowly while stimulating transformational meridian and acu-points all performed in a "be received/natural " environment, make Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu an experience that you will always remember. Practitioners may offer nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations for clients to deepen and extend the benefits of their session. SESSION FEE~ BY DONATION ~

Created by Seymour Koblin as an expression to alter the stereotypical painful experience of traditional Shiatsu, Zen-Touch™ educates the body mind spirit to do what it inherently knows...how to heal, regenerate and create radiant health., Techniques range from light energetic touch to deep pressure all depending on the natural needs of each client. Zen means no thing. ZT practitioners support a client by slowly holding, stretching when or where appropriate and simply supporting each client's path to wellness. SESSION FEE ~ BY DONATION ~ Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu Session FEE ~ BY DONATION ~ Practitioners mirror an empathetic mood of balance to any distortions or stagnation presented by the client. Change occurs when or if necessary. While points, meridians, and theoretical knowledge is studied, when it comes to the actual session, intuition is the main listening tool. The client is the instructor and Life Force/ Chi Ki /Prana is the guide.

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu Session SESSION FEE ~ BY DONATION ~ Dear Seymour,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Seymour is truly unique because of his expertise in so many areas of health and fitness. He applies this knowledge to improve both physical and mental health. 
When my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid-2011, I started an intense amount of research into eastern medicinal options to help support her decision of a western medicine approach. Being 66 years old she was very set in her Czech and Austro-Hungarian traditions especially in terms of eating habits and was tentative to explore alternative options. Through the process, I came across a book on Amazon by Mrs. Mina Dobic. After reading it, I decided to contact her. She recommended that I connect with Seymour, whom she considered to be an expert and the best fit to help us along with our situation. 
Spending time in both the Czech Republic and California, he was 100% committed to the process. He introduced the concepts and practices of alternative medicine in a very sensitive yet pragmatic way that was ideal for a woman who still carried reservations about her chosen path. His patience, connectivity, knowledge, and skills impressed our entire family. His care is adjusted individually and based on the individual needs/wants; he has also agreed to be keeping their sessions at my grandma’s house. 
Our experience has been as follows: he first examined every detail of my grandmother’s condition, then set a very specific menu/diet (adjusted over time based on progress), and treated her on a weekly basis, with physical therapy, exercise, and other activities that greatly aided in her recovery. I remember days when my grandmother would cry from the intense pain in her bones caused by the chemotherapy; once Seymour came for his regular weekly visit, she was pain-free. 
He created and unleashed a tremendous level of trust, and built a true relationship of mutual benefit that I have never witnessed before. All this has been achieved despite a significant language barrier on my grandma’s side, as she doesn't speak English. Talking about a connection! My grandmother’s health has improved significantly and people are continually shocked to find out about her continuous journey." 
Service Category: Medical - alternative medicine
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity J. Thompson


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