Chi Kung & Tai Chi Kung Instructor Certification

CHI KUNG Practitioner/Instructor 100 hrs and/or TAI CHI KUNG Practitioner/Instructor Certification 200 hrs

Public group classes, individualized lessons and supervised instruction of Tai Chi Yang short abbreviated form, and self-defense applications are included. The training is a proficiency program and some students will need more or less than the estimated hourly approximation. When intern has attained sufficient skill, a test of the Tai Chi Forms, Chi Kung and Nei Kung sets will be conducted with Seymour or a Certified instructor to decide if certification is to be awarded and/or what points require adjustment and fine-tuning. Successful Graduates are accepted for additional Certification with American Tai QI Qigong Organization.

NOTE: All education at is designed for personal development mentorship expert training. For CA BPPE approved vocational training, please seek a CA BPPE school in your area.

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