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Nutri-Journey- Seymour guides listeners through the  journeys of the 5 Transformations/Seasons/Elements of Chinese Philosophy. Let the sounds, music and guided script take you through the transformation of your e-motions to create vital health of body mind spirit. 1)The Dream, 2)Action, 3)Passion, 4)People/Perseverance, 5)Completion/letting go

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Nutri-Journey- Seymour guides listeners through the  journeys of the 5 Transformations/Seasons/Elements of Chinese Philosophy. Let the sounds, music and guided script take you through the transformation of your e-motions to create vital health of body mind spirit.

NUTRI-JOURNEY™ was created through Seymour Koblin’s desire to change the typical
format of nutritional counseling where the client is subject to an often overwhelming list of hard to follow recommendations. NUTRI-JOURNEY™ teaches participants to heal themselves by both  harnessing and freeing the power of our emotions.

goddess-moon-princess The series of guided “journeys” with their accompanying music, affirmations and scripted audio, empower participants to transform their health condition and to continually deepen/reinforce their path to radiant health.

Do you use your e-motions or do they use you?



Do your feelings bring you closer to or further from others?


Instead of distance, use feelings to create intimacy


I have often been puzzled about “emotions”and it has taken me almost fifty years of attending our Earth Planet School to begin understanding and more importantly using them. Following are some of my conclusions:


I define emotions as sensations in the body that are designed to both guide our awareness and fuel our journey towards a healthier expression of our life path. Feeling emotions is an important step in
maintaining health and preventing dis-ease. The circumstances that show up in our life are, for me, like food and drink- elements that nourish our bodies. We choose which to consume and then experience their effects on our body mind spirit. Similar to the energy fluctuations caused by excess sugar or alcohol consumption, certain circumstances we participate in, may create extreme highs and lows that compromise one’s health condition. Have you ever felt an emotional “hangover” that left you feeling drained of energy?  The conscious or unconscious memory of such painful experiences may motivate us to avoid “feeling.”

I have often heard comments from others about how “unemotional” I seemed. This puzzled me because my experience of stressful circumstances was very profound. When confronted with conflict, physical sensations like body, heat, constriction, or shivers aradiated through my body. I tended to
“internalize” my feelings. I have come to realize that many people consider an emotional person to be someone who verbalizes and/or shows emotions through a display of animated facial expressions or body gestures- a form of “externalizing” feelings. The latter response, externalizing, includes the


As emotions may very well be our most motivating life force, we would benefit from some sort of education on how to experience therm. Nutri-Journey is one of several methods that
encourages us to experience feelings as physical sensations. These sensations will fuel the evolution of deeper consciousness and vital health .“other” in an effort to communicate and “connect” while internalizing may appear as detachment or dis - connection. Ideally, if one who internalizes is given the time to feel, it is likely that he will eventu-ally return to the relationship with important feedback which results from the experience of going within. On the other hand, the person who externalizes immediately, may in fact be avoiding the awareness of the deeper sensations she is experiencing while possibly pushing the “other” away by displaying aggressive reactions like yelling or even physical violence. Perhaps, the perfect balance comes from 1) momentarily going within to feel the internal sensations, 2) getting the learning and resulting vitality and 3) verbally, visually or through touch, communicating the experience to the other. This efficient balance of internal listening and external expression may bring two people closer through the sharing of deeper heart- filled understanding and communication.




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