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While we all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle how many people actually make enough effort to both attain and maintain this lifestyle on a daily basis? If you desire to truly create a healthy lifestyle and are wondering how to actualize it, taking help from a nutritional counselor would be of immense benefit. A nutritional counselor /coach can show you how to efficiently dedicate your time and efforts to transform your health into a state of wellness that includes vitality of body mind and soul. Specifically carried out to cater to each person’s unique health and lifestyle needs needs, healthy nutrition is an ongoing ever-changing process. In holistic nutritional counseling, an individual seeking help will have a different experience in contrast to working with a registered dietitian, who assesses only dietary intake and identifies areas where the change is required according to only to quantitative considerations (calories, recommended dietary allowances, etc.).

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A holistic nutritional counselor/ coach educates a person to make their own healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. Balance is the key. From this Holistic perspective, there are no good or bad foods. A client is educated on how to balance foods by recognizing which foods create more extreme effects than others. When this understanding of balanced nutrition is combined with lifestyle practices like exercise, breathing, emotional and spiritual considerations, one’s nutritional perspective becomes a complete way of life that considers each person’s unique health condition. The Nutritional counselor provides information & educational materials along with support and follow-up to help the individual so that he or she can make and maintain necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

It is important to emphasize that in holistic nutritional counseling, apart from assessing one’s dietary intake, habits and body weight, required lifestyle changes and barriers to those change are both identified and resolved. If you recognize the challenges of bringing out a significant change in your lifestyle and/or maintaining it, rest assured our nutrition counseling therapy services would be of immense help.

Whether you are interested in self-wellness or becoming trained to help others, Whole-foods-nutritional-coach at International School Of Healing Arts has classes that will assist your journey to achieve a radiant, inspired life based on vital health.

Whole-foods-nutritional-coach is organized into three sections, which can be started in any order. Also, there is a final section comprising 50 Hr thesis, where students take private lessons in a mentorship format with Seymour Koblin and one of ISOHA’s Certified Nutritional Counselors/Coaches. If interested in learning more about the same and uncovering nutrition counseling online training details, explore our site right away!

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