Whole-foods-nutritional-coach is divided into 3 sections that can be started in any order and a final section consisting of the 50 hr thesis where students typically take private lessons in a mentorship format with  Seymour Koblin and/or one of iSOHA’s Certified Nutritional Counselors/Coaches.

Students who enroll for any or all of the 3 sections below receive discounted tuition from the regular $15/hr or 300 Kc/hr individual class price.
BODY READING when taken as an individual class costs $500 or 10,000 Kc

Nutrition- Knowledge- Physical : 100 hrs- $1000- 20,000 Kc 

Anatomy & Physiology                                              15 hours
Includes physical mechanics of the body and various bodily tissue systems. Skeletal, Muscular, Integumentary and other systems are looked at structurally as well as integrated with the meridian system of Chinese medicine. We will study the emotional and intuitive anatomy perspective in the two other  WFNC segments. Chi and Nei Kung alignment exercises are included which teach students and future clients how to alleviate any body pain while simultaneously establishing strength and flexibility.

Whole Foods Nutrition                                               15 hours
Basics of Nutrition and how Digestion and Elimination work with different nutrients derived from all sources. Energetic approaches like Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Chinese Medicine are compared mechanically and metaphysically.


Communication & Counseling                                  15 hours
Learn to communicate with clients in a way that combines empathy with conflict win /win resolution techniques. Create rapport with a wide variety of people with varying personality styles. Does your client want statistics and facts, philosophical perspectives or a combination of both? Relate to people’s desires, goals, healing and lifestyle using combinations the 7 levels of consciousness:.Physical, Sensorial, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Philosophical and Intuitive

Food Preparation                                                                30 hours
Various methods of food preparation are taught mostly with vegetable-based ingredients. Techniques for balancing animal foods are also integrated.

~Energetics of Food

~Food Preparation for Regeneration and Immunity and

~Food Preparation for Cleansing and Detoxification

are the 3 areas of focus in the hands-on food prep classes.

Electives                                                                                                 25 hours
Students can choose between Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Zen-Touc™ Shiatsu, Yoga and other classes taught at the school that peak their interest.


Nutrition- Wisdom – Emotional- 100 hrs- $1000 -20,000 Kc

 Anatomy & Physiology                                                        15 hours
Digestive, Immune, Circulatory Lymphatic and other systems are presented with an emotional perspective integrated into their physical functions. Students will also learn food energetics-how different foods affect the flow of energy in the body (expansion/contraction, up/down, hot /cold, inward /outward, regular/irregular etc.)

Art of Speaking                                                                      12 hours
Learn to speak effectively to both clients and groups. The successful counselor will require both confidence and experience when appealing to a wide variety of people. Note: Internship/mentorship includes coaching with public speaking.

 Body Reading                                                                       20 hours
Body Reading for Health, Love & Life Path: Learn how the source of your life purpose and challenges are described on your face, hands, body language, back, birth date and more. Discover life lessons, health Constitution and Condition. Help self, friends, family, and clients to fulfill their life purpose. Intuition is our single most important guide when making important decisions. Learn to recognize when it’s calling you and how to call on it whenever necessary.

INTUITION: The Body maps and theory of Body reading: Chakras,  Yin/Yang, 5 elements are used to identify one’s own intuitive style and to improve all intuitive senses – Visual: Aura Reading  &  Seeing intuitive messages,  Audio=Hearing Messages and Kinesthetic feeling Intuitive Messages. INTENTION exercises will teach people how to set intentions that manifest as reality- for HEALTH- RELATIONSHIP and PROSPERITY. Participants will learn a technique that Seymour created that will allow participants to feel an event at a specific age in the past where a person is still working through.  Also, learn to how to use this energy into resolution in the present.

Herbology Introduction                                                       15 hours
Learn the Basics of an East/West orientation to Herbal Studies.

Ayurvedic Nutrition- Principles and Practice          15 hours
Learn to incorporate Ayurvedic principles from ancient East India into one’s personal needs in any geographic or climatic zone

Whole foods nutritional counselor Integration Courses
(Nutrition, Herbs or other Holistic  Electives)                   28 hours
Students can choose between Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Zen-Touc™ Shiatsu, Yoga and other classes taught at the school that peak their interest.

Nutrition- Intuitive- Spiritual – 100 hrs- $1000
Anatomy & Physiology                                  
15 hours

In contrast to the old models of science, modern science looks at the quantum physics perspective of how the Brain/ Body works. Perception and belief are included in the study of the nervous, endocrine and other body systems. Genetic malleability and the most modern understandings of anatomy and physiology are presented.

Energy Anatomy and Physiology– Chakras, Yin/Yang 5 movements /transformations are focussed on in this segment to fine tune students’ intuition.  6 hrs

Comparative Nutrition                                    15 hours
Learn to use traditional nutrition systems as an energetic language rather than a cultural dogma.  Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Raw Foods, Acid / Alkaline,  Traditional Chinese medicine and other models are applied to individual needs rather than static book information that suggests similar applications for all people.  Learn to discern between logical intellectual theories and nutritional recommendations that are based on actual experiences with different clients.  Discover what foods and lifestyle recommendations are TRULY beneficial for each person.

 Holistic Business Practices                                                         15 hours
The holistic approach to marketing your business includes a web page, social marketing, articles /post writing and public speaking skills.
 Opportunity!  Become a team member of iSOHA’s promotion of Holistic Nutrition as well as being a Certified coach for others going through their program in distance learning or directly with students in your geographical area.
Whole foods nutritional coach Integration Courses             44 hours
Students can choose between Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Zen-Touc™ Shiatsu, Yoga and other classes taught at the school that peak their interest.

Nutritional Coach Internship -thesis    50 hours- $500

 Students document assessment and recommendations with at least 5 clients seen over a period of 3- 6 months. The proof is in the pudding of each student’s  assessment and recommendations with clients. Apply, adjust and report each client’s journey with explanations for the different models used with each person’s nutritional journey. Sample thesis is provided and each graduates thesis can be used as a promotional tool for new clients. This section includes private instruction lessons with Seymour Koblin or an iSOHA certified Nutritional Coach to insure confidence and success.

                         Tuition for Commitment to all 4 sections:  $3000

TUITION includes all Books, Audio, Video, PPT presentations  as electronic files

Affordable Payment plans can be arranged -add $350 to total. Once enrolled, the student is responsible for payment of the entire course.

Our 350 hour Whole Foods Nutritional Coach Program brings together the two perspectives of scientific knowledge and Energetic properties of foods. We instruct students on how to help people nourish their lives by balancing nutrients with the energies that best complement each person’s  nutritional needs. For example, an overly pressured individual will  be best served by understanding which foods can open and relax his/her body mind spirit while providing the nutrients that complement the functioning of all body systems. The iSOHA Nutritional counselor will go deeper than addressing the clients symptoms by assessing which body system is most lacking and which is overworking. The extremes of this balance is the root/source of any and all symptoms. Physiology and Pathology are integrated with Lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies or excesses in order to provide a Holistic approach to diet.


George Ohsawa Father of Macrobiotics

“George Ohsawa” once commented how a tree lives for 1000’s of years by maintaining a very simple and inexpensive yet totally inspiring existence. How?
Free of costly supplements, and special therapies, a tree receives nourishment by integrating its life with the same powerful forces of nature that surround all life forms. A tree lives with very basic needs yet shares so much passion by influencing and feeding the souls of all beings who appreciate its majestic presence. These life creating forces of nature are truly remarkable. iSOHA teaches students to integrate these forces of nature into each nutritional counseling.


Now there is scientific evidence verifying the power of these primal sources of energy that ancient cultures have spoken of for thousands of years. The basis of all life that the ancients spoke of as the complementary energies of Yin/Yang are now referred to as gravity, electromagnetic, strong(holding material together) and weak(moving phenomena apart) forces. The Tao, Wuji, or Infinite universe, now referred to as the Unified or Zero Point field is the space that nourishes all life forms.


Foods and Emotions are connected


iSOHA students’  recommendations consist primarily of whole foods and herbs as the main ingredients of a nutritional counseling session.  Supplements are a secondary recommendation in cases of severe deficiencies. All life forms require three primal nutrients in order to survive. First is air, next is food and third is nourishing relationships. E- Motions may, in fact, be more energizing than O2 or Food. Feelings/ E-Motions are the only sources of fuel that live and grow within us. While O2 and Food come from outside us, it is the inner fuel of sadness, happiness, anger, and inspiration, that have the ability to nourish or deplete depending on our response when these states of being are stimulated.
It is common for people to say thoughts and beliefs are important in healing. Are they as powerful as our feelings? Spiritual Development? Almost anyone can feel spiritual at a  retreat in nature.  People use intellectual concepts learned in ideal environments as a foundation for spiritual consciousness only to be shown the reality of their true development when challenged by the emotional conflict of a close relationship.






All of these-Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual/Intuitive influences are addressed in a  Holistic nutritional counseling session. iSOHA communication classes teach students to create rapport with clients within several states of Consciousness- 1) Physical, 2)Sensorial, 3)Intellectual, 4) Emotional, 5) Social, 6) Philosophical and 7) Intuitive.

Energetic studies include  Ayurvedic, Macrobiotics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western diet perspectives studied include Raw, Cooked, Alkaline, high protein, and Vegan approaches. ISOHA counselors are taught to assess which of the above influences match the constitution and condition of each client. We treat people’s individual needs without ascribing to any one or right/wrong approach- BALANCE


For those interested in Macrobiotic  Counselor Certification or any other specialty (Herbs, Aromatherapy, Chi Kung), the Internship will be unique. More time will be spent comparing traditional specialty theories and practices.  We study how specialties like Macrobiotic, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Aromatherapy or Chi Kung fit into a wide application that includes cancer prevention and therapy, immunological dis-ease and any other symptomatic approach. All studies are integrated into the personal issues of each person we work with, The roots and history as described by the founders of Macrobiotics or any specialty will be studied in a way that integrates traditional practices with the many varying modern day nutritional applications.

Students can choose from the different electives and internship directions to create their own style of Nutritional Counseling. Some may like to emphasize, herbs, some aromatherapy, vegan approach etc.


Course work is designed to be completed within six to twelve months, however, students can finish in any time frame that is comfortable and participation can be extended to accommodate varying work schedules.  Individual classes are offered on weeknights and weekend days.  Distance learning is also available with direct coaching by Seymour Koblin and other Certified Teachers.




Foods affect Feelings



Martina Coco Smart Cuisine Vojackova –  ESSENTIAL  SEASONAL MACROBIOTIC  Food Preparation series starts this September 2017. Martina and Seymour share a wide scope individualized approach to Macrobiotics that is both healthy and  DELICIOUS.


Healthy delicious and satisfying foods

“Martina’s food is so satisfying. Most people are amazed that it is Macrobiotic. Unfortunately, the Macrobiotic experience for many in the Czech Republic is other than delicious or creative. I am so grateful to find Martina. Her food radiates vitality and an inquisitive,  inspiring flavor that makes one wonder how can such healthy food be so satisfying?  One taste of her food and you will understand what I am talking about” – Seymour Koblin


iSOHA’s Macrobiotic Counseling and Cooking Certification will impart these principles and practices to all participants.

Whole Foods and Comparative Nutrition, and Food Preparation classes are best taken in the beginning of the course and the Clinical Internship will culminate the program with actual case studies.

The International School of Healing Arts offers a correspondence DISTANCE LEARNING version of the Nutritional Counselor course.  300 hours in lessons are studied through books, or handout formats and may include audio/or video tapes of classroom lectures, These materials and tests are sent to the distance learning student in a progression that is appropriate for each student’s available time frame and level of competence. Once lessons are completed new lessons will be sent by post or e-mail. Seymour Koblin will supervise each student through their studies through e-mail, video, chat or phone conversation. Tuition also includes personal hands-on education and testing by Seymour Koblin or a Certified teacher located in student’s area. 


In order to verify comprehension and hourly progress, reports, questionnaires, and tests are returned to the School for grading.  Although flexibility is provided for individual situations, it is recommended that the student complete a minimum of 5 to 20 hours of coursework per week.  Students must write a  monthly progress report to ensure continuing commitment in the course.

Completion of the remaining 50 hours of clinical internship is accomplished through detailed client history forms and nutritional recommendation guidelines, which the student writes for each client they are working with.  These on-going monitored case studies provide a valuable experiential practicum and serve as the student’s thesis.


After all coursework, questionnaires, and reports have been completed, a final exam is sent to the student.  The essay style exam is a measure of the student’s ability to apply their learned skills in a creative problem-solving format as the questions do not have answers that could be memorized or be found in reference material.

Affordable Payment plans can be arranged (add $350 to total Tuition of 3500 = $3850.) Once enrolled, the student is responsible for payment of the entire course.

Some students may apply previous experience and education as transfer hours which reduces both Tuition and Time commitment.

 Ask about our work-study Scholarship program.



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