Healthy Decisions – An Integation of Conscious and Sub Conscious Influence

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How to know?

Where to Go?

 What is the Way?

Fast or slow?


Breathe… feel the body

Where are my feelings

High or low

Above or below

Am I Tight or loose?

warm or cold


Breathe… feel the body

Let  the “way”/TAO surface

Wisdom glows

Let it flow

 After breathing and letting my feelings guide me if an answer is still unknown, I use the following questions as powerful guideposts:

1) Is the Juice (result) worth the Squeeze (effort)?

2) Is my decision coming from Fear or Love?


Love NEVER Hurts

(myself or anyone else. If pain, sadness or any other expression of a feeling is being experienced by myself or someone else than PURE Love is being blocked and fear is present)

3) Am I using my brain (unity) or is my Brain using me (separation) 

4) Does my decision bring me closer to my Dream purpose in Life

 Or Does it move me back?

5) Which choice improves my health (physically emotionally spiritually)

Since our bodies are a protective covering that nourishes our internal gestating spirit, like a pregnant woman nurturing new life, I ask if I were pregnant which choice would I make?

AND since I am not physically pregnant can the choice I make be easily balanced (by my body mind spirit) today or tomorrow? Example: drugs, alcohol, sugar, vulnerable and extreme relationship interactions. Any longer than one, two, or three days of recuperation can influence us to consider whether that choice really serves us or do we serve that choice?

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