5 Movements – 5 Senses

5  Movements of Life

Between Dark and Light

soft and hard, happy or sad, cold or warm

Black and white

Are 5 Ways …circular bridges binding all

5 Movements, 5 Elements, 5 Senses to embody

the rainbow ‘s radiance

between ~ Virtue or Vice

where light all ways shines

5 colors of the rainbow are shadows

of the love inside us ….. sacred, divine

Sensing embodying and evoking the ancient Chinese model of the 5 Movements/Elements and following their messages will bring us to a sacred place where we view the universe as a unified continuum of balanced vital energy- vibrant health, joy, peace,

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

5 movements, 5 senses

5  Movements: Flowing

Shhh…. Listen…. Hear the iridescent ocean washing upon the shore? Waves dance inside the body as blood flows to every cell reminding us of our origins in water. …Do you hear it? – born from the fluid filled womb tumbling in darkness to the sound of the infinite flowing universe.

Every Night in deep sleep we “Dreamâ€/ our purpose for “Being†just as was nourished in the dark womb of our gestation… touched again in the ritual of sleep— darkness. Rest…

and build the reserves our body requires to fuel and recharge our will. Prepared to be reborn, we hear our inner voice.… courageous, adventurous primed by infinite wisdom.

Back away? Retreat …..yes follow your caution to recharge to bring greater vitality to Your dream- or bravely forge ahead allowing intuition…TO BE led

-following your way, your Path, Your destiny

Flow represents The Core of our physical structure housed in the Lower Back, Organs of Reproduction, Our Reservoir of sexual/Create ive energy, the Essence that builds our bones, brain, and nervous system, the filtering our of internal ocean …our water element ….the blood –the Kidney Chi – Regenerated every night in the ritual of sleep

There’s a feeling that comes in the darkness of winter’s cold hibernation.

In the comfort of warming quilts, bundled up to rest in the embrace of soothing stillness, energizing my being, where deep rest regenerates my soul, my spirit, my dreams and destiny.

5  Movements: Rising

Look! Remember your sense of Dream and watch how you rise out of the darkness into the new spring light. Like a sprout bursting through the earth rising to catch the rays of the morning sun. The essence of a growing tree fueling the sparks of creative action, growing reaching for new heights. Your dream is now followed by the spontaneous actions of a fresh spring morning. See yourself do it. Birds are singing as the sun raises your ideas into the smiling deeds of unfolding enthusiasm.

Frustration? Anger ? Breakout! Find your freedom –remember the big picture/Your dream reminds you … patience ….. ingenuity..Genesis creating new beginnings

The direction of our actions, housed in the right ribcage, rising to the eyes, the sparks of nerve synapses activating our tendons into bodily action, the speed of energy functions, now, the Liver acts …live now direct your dreams into action or wait till time shows you.. the opportunity

There’s a feel that comes in the spring

vision of hope -new beginning

the world is alive and shining

see us all- the young and the old

and birth each day with the smile of perfect timing

5  Movements: Radiating,

Actions become inspired, one idea births the expansion to infinite possibilities and you are blissful…. exploding with intense excitement- So much Joy- your smile sparks into the fire of laughter circulating. So good you can taste it.

Feel the laughter -The charismatic chuckle of a baby- a child beaming in pure joy

OR-Remember a time where your whole body laughed in ecstatic bliss –laughing so hard you thought you would burst- Tears came to temper your fiery mirth.

Live passionately. Be it. Express your spirit

Too many inspirations? The intense flames of passion leave you burnt out…breathe… fuel to sustain your joy….. temper your intensity, one step at a time- make your bliss last all ways for ever

– Radiate through every cell, pumped by the Heart, the joy of ecstasy

Empassioned and enduring a candle burns, endures… a slow burning hearth …warms our core–

Summer shines its warm inspiring light on all to feel

Flowers bloom in fluorescent radiance

As our hearts sing with joy

We celebrate the Spirit of our bodies caressing the heavens above while still feeling the solid earth below our feet

Stretching, Radiating up and out – re joice

5  Movements: Grounding

Inspirations become focused-Grounded…. Like ashes from the aftermath of a cleansing transformational fire, nourishing the earth to produce fertile soil, Our inspirations motivate us step by step to carry through, to focus to nourish our desires in the sweet soothing richness of human connections.

Feel. Feel Feel embody the touch of Human desire-Put your attention on the sensations of your body …. feel the nurturing touch you desire… and are willing to share. Bonding in the spoken words or in silence –your connection to others grounds you. Follow the hunger of your stomach- It motivates you to carry through your inspiration as you feel safe participating, in communion, connected to all.

Or perhaps in your connection with others you feel your vulnerability- betrayal – abandoned—Blame an other..he/ Is your sense of heaviness the result of someone else’s actions-You have a choice-he/she is your teacher… a participant in shaping your soul….. be grateful

You have what it takes to respond….. response ability Grace full attitude -gratitude

Resources, Fuel, Endurance… enduring blood sugar, the secretions of the pancreas, Immunity from the white blood cells of the spleen -the neutralization /resolution of all toxicity- Your physical Body provides you with the necessary fuel to feel emotionally…Safe, Safe in Sharing, whatever the consequences – You are a chamber of Love and no other can ever take that from you- You embody mother Earth-Generous Nurturing Touch reminds us …we are home

There’s a feel that comes in early autumn where rustic leaves of orange, red, yellow and brown fall from the heavens to embrace mother earth. To nurture her, to hold, protect, give back to the source of all things. Falling in love, connecting, merging- Held in forever, giving the greatest gift, I am one with love.

5  Movements: Gathering

In the first breath away from the umbilical cord separated fro the mother who nourished your every breath-you discovered “Iâ€- Individuality. I am an individual- In the scent of every breath comes the awareness of your uniqueness. From all your experiences with others -A late Fall Harvest is Gathered – a year comes to an end- Well Done- You did it …….“My way†Your Way— goals and all tasks are harvested into MANIFESTATION.

Or……   if you did it??? Are you to blame for being wrong or hurting someone? Remember there are no failures… only feedback Make your failure into FEED BACK- Nourishment from what you have walked away from..the Past-Be kind to yourself, make amends, and drop your heavy load

Guilt is like a bag of bricks drop it… make amends- and drop your heavy load

tread lightly on your journey to the light

Inhale– inviting the power of “Iâ€- completeâ€- words accountable through actions. Dependable -Acknowledging the lessons of our past- being your self

Exhale, let go of limiting patterns of the past

Cleaning the grooves of your blemished learning. Cut and paste, cancel /clear- delete Overwrite the past . You have a new hard drive on your ever-changing Human soul completely upgraded.

The breath guides the balance between the acknowledgment of a choice you have learned from or being stuck in the past

doing something because others consider it “the right way†or being true to yourself to let go, forgive, be kind and move on… be happy.

Remember to overwrite……Upgrade

Lungs, breathing in… Identity/your style -your way- Exhaling… letting go of limiting patterns

As in the feeling of a late fall harvest gathered bundled row upon row- I rest in the manifestation of long awaited goals and dreams-

I reap what I sow. I am response able- in kindness to my deeper self I acknowledge the past as a learning. Now its time to go- Deeper, Deeper back to the flow


hearing vision taste touch smell


Water Tree Fire Earth Metal(air)


Fear Confidence Anger Scattered Blaming others Blaming Self


Sea Vegetables


Sprouts, Greens


Leafy, Greens Sweet Ground


Root Vegetables, Grains


Small challenges Free play

(no pressure)

One step

at a time


response ability




Deep Sleep

Water Activity,

Eye Exercises,

Visual Stimulation






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