Zen Touch Shiatsu Benefits

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

September 2013  Zen-Touch Shiatsu session at Miraculous Mondays~

It was very painful to walk. My back and legs ached so much-standing or sitting.
After just a few mintes of this massage from Seymour Koblin’s student, my back and legs felt such tremendous release from the pain. I’m so very amazed

– Brigitte McCoy

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

I met Seymour many years ago while I was “suffering” from deep pain. He began his Zen-Touch Shiatsu and to my amazement every  place he touched relieved my pain. It was like his palms or  thumbs were like erasers-literally erasing any previously experienced pain. When I asked him later how he did that, he replied-“I didn’t do anything except encourage your natural healing abilities. You healed yourself.- Alithe

I have to say THANK YOU for all your attention during the day course.  I was the woman you “read†as a demonstration at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. You impressed me with your intuitive knowledge of all my health issues.

I went into your course with total disbelief- .only being there to see if I could understand the oriental way of thinking better…  The courses I have taken so far have confused me beyond belief… But you made it sink in for me… Seeing it thru your eyes made me understand it, realize it..and again thank-you

With a smile,

Kim Hartzel

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

Dear Seymour,

Thank you gratefully for your marvelous workshop in Prague. I am absolutely excited by your style of interpretation, your work with people. I am fascinated by great facility, which you had transmitted us your deep knowledge and experiences clearly with, your great wisdom, fineness and kindness.

Thank you also for a new point of view on yin – yang, work with chakras and diagnostics of elements. I am enriched a lot because of that. But it was not only words and information which I was interested in. It was your (spirit) energy mainly, voice intonation, body talk. It was energy under your words mainly, which has taught me a lot of new experiences and connections, which you had not even said many times. Thank you, thank you for the education hidden “behind wordsâ€.

I have now seen a Great Master – You- during your work (by peripheral vision  ) in Plzeň (Pilsen), where I was brought by intuition. And a short example of Zen-Touch™ massage had only confirmed my feelings.

I have had no pain in the small of the back after 31 years since this first zen-touch therapy. During the second zen-touch therapy I experienced the mystical touch of Shiva.

Your workshop, which picks up threads of magic zen-touch therapy, released stagnating energy in me. Many new inspirations, intuitive inspirations, have come to me since Monday. I have missed them for long weeks, months. The most intuitive inspiration “has come to me†this morning and it is connected with you.

With the wishes of all good and even better for you. Dasa

“I’m so glad you were born! You have transformed so many lives in such a positive way! You are a blessing! Your good works are continuing for generations! Lots of Love!â€- K M Brandmair

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Seymour Koblin- Creator of Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu

“As a practitioner of massage for over twenty years and former student I highly recommend Seymour’s sessions through School of Healing Arts to anyone seeking a quality holistic education, therapy and/ or enhanced personal growth. In my experience, Seymour’s mastery of the healing arts is unparalleled. The Zen -Touch™ Shiatsu that he embodies encompass an entire healthy lifestyle. Through Seymour’s calm, supportive communication style, intuition and customized application, each client is encouraged to reach their full potential. Have one session and you’ll be hooked!- J. Athans R.N.

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

Dear Seymour,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Seymour is truly unique because of his expertise in so many areas of health and fitness. He applies this knowledge to improve both physical and mental health. 
When my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid-2011, I started an intense amount of research into eastern medicinal options to help support her decision of a western medicine approach. Being 66 years old she was very set in her Czech and Austro-Hungarian traditions especially in terms of eating habits and was tentative to explore alternative options. Through the process I came across a book on Amazon by Mrs. Mina Dobic. After reading it, I decided to contact her. She recommended that I connect with Seymour, whom she considered to be an expert and the best fit to help us along our situation. 
Spending time in both the Czech Republic and California, he was 100% committed to the process. He introduced the concepts and practices of alternative medicine in a very sensitive yet pragmatic way that was ideal for a woman who still carried reservations about her chosen path. His patience, connectivity, knowledge and skills impressed our entire family. His care is adjusted individually and based on the individual needs/wants; he has also agreed to be keeping their sessions at my grandma’s house. 
Our experience has been as follows: he first examined every detail of my grandmother’s condition, then set a very specific menu/diet (adjusted over time based on progress), and treated her on a weekly basis, with physical therapy, exercise, and other activities that greatly aided in her recovery.

I remember days when my grandmother would cry from the intense pain in her bones caused by the chemo therapy; once Seymour came as for his regular weekly visit, she was pain free. 
He created and unleashed a tremendous level of trust, and built a true relationship of mutual benefit that I have never witnessed before. All this has been achieved despite a significant language barrier on my grandma’s side, as she doesn’t speak English. Talking about a connection! My grandmother’s health has improved significantly and people are continually shocked to find out about her continuous journey.

Service Category: Medical – alternative medicine
. Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Jana Thompson has recommended your work as President Academic Director Zen-Touch, Macrobiotic, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant at School of Healing Arts.

Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

I have been exploring the connection between my physical and my energetic body in more depth through some of what I learned from you.  When you showed us in the Zen-Touch class how pain can show up when you push one point on the body, but that it evens out when you push two points, was defining.  That Zen-Touch invites to hold with little movement and wait for the invite to be received has been liberating to say the least.  Of course I knew that electrical currents run between two point, but I have never found such comfort in applying that knowledge to my physical experience.  Where most people thrive with lots and increasing movements and friction, my world opens up when I hold still. … when a point is just ‘held’.  I feel a new sense of freedom now that I realize that Tao recognizes the connection between the principles of running energies between two points, and how pressure can be applied by not just physical weight, but more so by energetic presence …  and how all that can apply to the corporeal body as well …

Maybe the physical experience can really be integrated with the energetic one after all …
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Activationsart.com by LON

Sending you Love & Light,


Zen-Touch Shiatsu Benefits

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