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Introducing Body Intelligence Yoga in the Wisdom Flow Style.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Patricia Pace- Yoga Instructor

This unique style of yoga from Hawaii masterfully blends precise alignment principles along with a balanced flow technique that introduces the natural way of spanda.
Spanda states that: In the pulse of existence there are two currents.  You may know this as:

Shiva: the Sun – the Source of Energy and Pulse of Life force, and

Shakti: the Earth – the creative expression of life.  Shakti is the wave of the Shiva pulse in action.


This balanced action on and off the mat allows us to blend steadiness with ease, helping us grow stronger and wiser without pinching off the joy of the ride.
In the Wisdom Flow style of yoga, you will learn about optimal alignment and how to get there with more ease and joy.

Common problem areas such as tight hamstrings; inflexible and sore or injured shoulders; and stiff necks and hips are skillfully addressed in a non-rigid and creative format that is fun and approachable.

We will learn the more challenging poses such as deep forward bends, backbends, and inversions in a way that brings more depth and accessibility than ever before.

The art of inversions will be carefully addressed, and its importance in balancing the hormones will be more fully understood.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Yoga, balance, Breath, and concentration

Along with precise alignment, there is also a comfortable flow between the poses which enhances ease of movement and flexibility.  Spanda in action!

In addition, every class teaches ancient and powerful breathing techniques that help the body as well as the mind to be more alert and also more at ease and peace.  Ancient wisdom for modern life.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga are also artfully threaded through each session, bringing us deeper into the essence and meaning of yoga.


These classes will be taught in a workshop format and are 2 hours in length.

Patricia Pace has studied and taught yoga for over four decades.
Initiated into Integral Yoga under the guidance of Sri Swami Satchidananda in 1976, she has embraced yoga as a life path.  Her studies included traditional Iyengar training for 25 years, as well as movement, inspired practices of Ashtanga, Anusara and the Wisdom Flow style.  Patricia’s early experience of living in an ashram is at the core of all her teachings, offering compassion and wisdom of the heart and mind.

She currently lives in Maui, Hawaii where she has a thriving massage practice.

She also teaches yoga classes, workshops, and retreats, including teacher training programs.


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