Today workout is meditation it means sitting quietly still space and let the energy flow

Chi flows wherever it is required within a quiet mind

Meditation= Sitting Quietly stillness

Taoist meditation means sit quite mind allow the change to move allow the body requires it

First we going to stretch your legs and put the leg on top gently set the put the head and spine straight .

In this position lean forward from below the navel

Send knee down and never bend at solar plexus.

KWA=Hip socket below navel area

Nest of Jing/ Reproductive Chi

Then go into cross leg position any cross leg position is fine or some point do this posture meditation stretching hips Crossed Legs “Lock†the Chi so that Chi can circulate the upper.

Small orbit Inhaling down to the center into the Chi and exhale. So we have lock in our legs and half of our body is connected to earth and rest of our body to heaven. So we have a in a balance.

To make balance to the arms we fold like this which create hole to all the finger and put your thumb touching the little points of the hands and grab your fingers around so fingers are interlaced with each other.

Tai Chi- Supreme Ultimate

Hold the hand below the navel Hold Hand lock in sea of Chi- Tan Tien gathers and cultivates the energy

Be contrast to more expand posture that will open chi and keep the energy cultivating inside


Head is lifted from above chin down eyes keeping downward and outward.

Tongue resting on the root of the mouth behind the upper teeth and almost like the smile position.

Lifting upper energy towards the heaven and grounding to the roots of our leg.

So the first step is position and next step is breathe. Inhaling down to the front and therefore exhaling to the to the top of the spine.

Belly rises on the inhale- Collapses on the exhale.

Second breath variation is same pathway inhaling and exhaling as belly rises and expands simultaneously close the pelvic floor muscles and therefore continue to inhale making belly larger at end of your inhale and therefore exhale let all the tension go all the muscle relax to little bit coordination.

Inhale and exhale close the pelvic floor muscle and front little and back. Genitals, perineum, anus, belly still getting more breathe from there expanding and then exhale- relax the pelvic floor muscle.

Remember the breath is slow, deep, long and therefore smooth.

Let focus on those breath and see what happens 2nd breath style accentuates building the Chi in the Tan Tien.


Shoulders down very important is straight sitting and opening the hip socket. Then once the position is set breathe inhale belly raises and therefore exhale belly collapses.

2nd breathe variation as you inhale and therefore exhale when you relax.

3 steps:

Position Breath stillness- quite still. When thought comes take a breath.

Thoughts are like clouds.

Breathe is like the wind.

Blowing away the thoughts.

Clear empty space within the borders of your body. Count backward 5,4,3,2,1, stillness…

Position Breathe


Creative Reproductive Reservoir

Belly Hara

Twist each side

Chest the Chinese called as “Kong†Chi

Head sometimes called as “Shen†Chi= Spirit

Lower we have Jing Chi Center we have quite and bubbling

Shen Chi Jing goes up through the eyes

Eye Exercise

Massage the eye points

Relax the eyes

Under your eyes just gentle massage the eye points and get the relaxation massage.

Follow your finger for eye rotation exercise for vision improvements.

Send Blood and Chi to your eyes

Focus on circulating the exercising the muscle of the eye. Palm on your eyes relax.

Put your charged saliva on your palm for little energy and don’t have to touch your eyes and charge of the energy feels good vision improvement.



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