The Chinese character for “Human†is depicted in this Tai Chi Kung Exercise

Exhale just close inhale just open hand

Human Embraces Heaven & Earth

Knees out to put weight on the outside of our feet

Inhale open Exhale close

Pelvis is tucked under the spine

Inhale and Exhale


Tai-Chi-Kung-Exercise What of the Breath?

We are always told to breathe Long, Deep Small and Smooth into the Tan Tien below the navel.

How does our breath regulate the Chi?

How does our breath help us to navigate the Tao leading us to oneness with the universe?

Each inhale provides the potential to receive the entire universe within our consciousness housed in the body.

Each exhale provides the potential to empty ourselves of any residue that obscures the vitality of body mind and spirit.


When stress pervades, there is a distortion in the  balance between inhale/receiving and exhale/letting go…..


When the Tao pervades, our breath, is without logic-automatically operating our every action like a finely tuned instrument played by a master musician

Which is easier for you in this moment~ Inhale /receiving or exhale/letting go?

Gently Focus  within every  cell on the one that is requiring harmony

And so it is


Achieving this ever-changing balance between inhale and exhale is a reflection of the Tao moving through us. The journey of appropriate breathing in each moment, circumstance and life event, like a magnet attracts the Tao to live within us.

Master, does darkness in the world shun our inner light?

Reply: The fabric that represents human nature and the nature of life itself is held together by double ended threads

Our capacity to feel fear is but one side of a river shore

connected to our capacity to feel courage

Our anger is but one eye viewing our capacity to see and be benevolent

Our anxiety but a flicker of two sides in the fire’s ability

to generate warm passion

Sadness is but one side of a scale that also measures…touches caring and deep bonding with others

Pride and self-accomplishment are revered because we also know…breath the grief of shame and  guilt


To fear evil ? Shall we fear our own humanity?

Shall we fight evil in the name of good?

As such we fight and defeat ourselves and humanity

Instead, face the shadows and the light

Feel…use them -the dark and bright , loose or tight

each person chooses for her or him alone… wrong or right?

Make sense  of them and CHOOSE




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