Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase Fire-Like Energy
The summer represents the up and outward movement of life that radiates passion in expansive ways. The Circulation of Healthy Blood is essential to immunity. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when laughter is radiating through you or when inspiring creativity – writing, painting, dancing, sport, music or making love fills your every cell?

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

This ecstatic experience is essential to the health of our body mind soul. Imagine life without summer?? Many people live without passion and wonder why they become susceptible to dis-ease. AND it is important to regulate this Fire- Like energy lest we burn out.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

This movement is the only one that has 4 meridians to manage the potential volatility of the Summer- Passion Radiating, Fire- Like energy.
Heart Regulator/ Pericardium protects the heart like a self -regulating door on a human furnace that monitors the closeness of others- an invisible umbilical cord with a doorway that opens or closes depending on how much fire can safely burn within us. Coincidentally the Pericardium/ Heart Regulator meridian flows into the middle finger that is used by many when the pushing closeness of another has threatened one’s safety.
Continuing the metaphor of the furnace, if that door let in too much air, the fire will burn too quickly and chaotically eventually risking energy depletion. When we get to hyperactively heated we tend to ask ourselves why and how this happened. If we find a reasonable answer our possible anxiety is usually mellowed and grounded. This is the work of the small intestine that tempers our moods like the actual organ does when we digest food /fuel.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Heart Regulator-Doorway to passion
Small Intestine- Reason,-Why When, How, Where that ground our passion
Triple Heater-E-motional energy circulation

The small intestine ideally assimilates/recombines the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins and minerals we have eaten creating a balanced fuel source for all our metabolic requirements…Ahhh what a relief our fire is burning Calm Passionately.


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

The Triple Heater meridian is like the pipes leading from the furnace to circulate our healing passionate fuel to any and all body locations as needed. 1)Upper, 2)Middle 3) Lower Body( the THREE heater areas.)

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Heart Regulator/Pericardium
Consider,one of the most fundamental considerations within human existence is SAFE CONTACT with OTHERS.
Direct or indirect methods, conscious or subconscious are used to support this necessary fundamental principle inherent to human relations. Some methods 1) evolve our soul, Some 2) purely maintain survival and some 3) stop short of supporting our full potential as “humans beingâ€.
H.R. / Pericardium.= DOORWAY to letting passion into the heart- the 2 way umbilical cord between people
Too open (Yin) = BLIND passion may lead to hangover anxiety, swings
Too closed (Yang) = BLAND passion, creating a superficial, layer of numbness

Yin: The ability to receive energy in the heart is displayed in a genuine smile that extends it’s power to beams of light glittering through our eyes, the sound of laughter that melts residual cold from memories of days long past and a knowing that all is well, echoing peace through every cell.
Yang: The ability to express one’s personal expression of passion.-to share the touch, the sight, the taste the sound and breath of “my” unique soul’s message to imitate? or innovate.

Small Intestine:
Yin: The ability to stay open and flexible to why, and how passion pervades using intuition to guide intellect in order to ground the flames of possible chaos- to remember useful past constructs without being limited by them.
Yang: The ability to pass on(to the large intestine) what no longer serves us in understanding the reason for every and anything, that dares to shake our safety. The ability to take response ability now in each moment and share our grounded passion with others.

Triple Heater:
Yin: Instead of being scared of feelings the Triple heater remains open to always using emotional fuel for health and healing. The ability to surrender embrace and circulate or transform the temperature (cold or hot) of passion, joy, ecstasy, bliss or sadness, depression anxiety.
Yang: The intuitive intelligence to know where heat, cold, energy is required for the sustenance of the human body that houses the soul’s assignment to evolve one’s Destiny.

EXAMPLE: As a child, Jane always loved her father’s bedtime stories. She felt safe and so close to her dad. The laughter she spontaneously exuded always soothed her of any daily concerns with friends or family. Daddy always knew how and when to end the story in a way that assured a smile as she drifted off to a well-needed sleep. (Heart Regulator and Heart receiving).
Sometimes schoolmates would say things that felt stressful to Jane. She felt her heart racing, as her shoulders rose and she heard herself silently say “why are they so cruel”? Sometimes she had an impulse to retort with her own cruelty towards them. She then remembered her father’s words “take a breath, feel your stress, where is it? The characters in his bedtime stories did this and instead of becoming like the others, these characters always felt peace within and compassion for those whose cruelty was just a misguided cry for closeness (small intestine assimilating, transforming into useful realization). She understood. Jana remained quietly breathing until she felt both centered and calmly energized (triple heater/circulation of e-motional fuel) and sometimes after her friends’ comments subsided she would say something like -“You sound really upset, let’s go have fun at recess”.

Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

Recognizing Challenges that Require Resolution in the Summer Radiating Phase:

1)People who exhibit a majority of the following characteristics are expressing radiating summer passion energy to the point of burn-out: decreased sleep, more energy than usual, inflated self-esteem, increased productivity, sharp and creative thinking, extreme gregariousness, hyper-sexuality, indulgent pleasure-seeking (buying sprees, reckless driving/party- ing), physical restlessness, fidgeting, excess talking, over-optimism, exaggeration of achievements, inappropriate laughing and joking.

2)Another example of an imbalance in summer passion radiating occurs when the desire to share emotionally exceeds one’s personal style and reservoir of emotional creativity. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe impersonators crave the spotlight, yet their performance is a mere copy of someone else’s inspiration. Needing to be ” life of the party”, name dropping and always having a “better than” story than another person also indicate the heart calling for attention.

Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

Physical traits
3)A harder than regular and Shell-Like rounded mid- to upper back area

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

4) Red Cheeks with freckles denotes a sensitivity to sugar/sweets in heart and pancreas (nose area above the tip)

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

5)Expanded/ Bulbous nose tip denotes overly expanded heart

Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

6)Line/crease under/through the tip of nose indicates a tendency for uneven heartbeat rhythm.


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

7) Difficulty with, or too frequently stretching arms above head is the body’s natural way to balance heart and small intestine meridians.

Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

8) Drooping nose tip reveals a secretive nature protecting vulnerability of the heart

9)Speech impediments(heart energy extends into the tongue), as well as any irregularity of color, texture, shape, and appearance of the tongue all, reflect the heart’s challenge in ci circulating CHI to the corresponding organs and areas of the tongue.


Summer- Immunity-Radiating Passion-Phase

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Red, Yellow or Brown= HOT

Thick White=Too Cold

Upper tongue=Heart, Lungs, Sinuses & Brain

Middle = Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, Small Intestine

Lower= lower Intestines, reproductive, Bladder

Tongue Assessment reveals a vast field of information relating to all body pathways communicating to and from the heart. Tongue assessment is essential when making warming or cooling recommendations that will harmonize the upper, middle, or lower body organs and areas -circulated by the Triple Heater Meridian and powered by the Heart (the fire), Small intestine (the fuel) and introduced through the Heart Regulator/ Pericardium(the doorway)

Radiating Movement: Behavior Recommendations
1) Passion and Joy
: Any activity that instills passion and joy while maintaining an even-burning energy level keeps the heart spirit inspired. Healing laughter is a powerful remedy that inspires the soul.
2) One Step at a Time: Hyperactivity or scattered attention referred to as “Shen†disturbances in Chinese phi.losophy are harmonized by following through on inspirations one step at a time.
3) Rotating hot and cold showers or baths: (ending on cold- which contracts body cells to store/consolidate warmth and circulation) Full body or even foot baths will stimulate blood circulation and exercise the heart.
4) Sweat: The natural heat of infrared sauna conditions the whole cardiovascular system. If available, a Native American sweat lodge that combines heat with prayer and traditional song is usually an inspiring experience for one’s body, mind, and spirit. Make sure to replace minerals and fluids lost through perspiration.
5) BREATHE: Slow your heart rate and balance heart rate variability ( a sign of adaptability) by breathing. In 5 element application, the metal-like orderly quality of the lung regulates the heart’s tendency to scatter with chaotic thoughts/ rhythms. While slowly breathing through the nose, tongue resting on the roof of the mouth, focus your attention on the body’s physical sensations. When thoughts arise, experience them as clouds and each breath is like the wind blowing away the clouds leaving clear empty space within the borders of the body.

The Chakra Energy system asserts that the heart is the central energy vortex between the physical lower body/and the upper brain-body. The Vagus nerve that regulates Parasympathetic / Relaxation flows through these THREE important body Zones bridged. by the Heart

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Yin /Yang Pairs of Chakras add up to our connection with the Infinite / 8;
1 +7 , 2 +6, 3 +5, and 4 +4 (relationship) = 8 OUR BREATH mediates flow of these important energy balancing influences. THE HEART/RELATIONSHIPS is the Bridge
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

6) Tongue Exercises: In Chinese philosophy, the tongue represents a physical branch of the heart.When breathing connect the upper and lower body by touching the roof of your mouth behind the upper teeth with your tongue. Stretch your tongue by sticking it out and rotating it. Exercise your tongue heart connection energetically by challenging yourself to speak your heart. For extra fun, master your use of the tongue in lovemaking.

Radiating Movement: Food Recommendations
1) Include Leafy Greens: Collards, kale, chard, and mustard greens are examples of foods that stimulate the radiating movement while maintaining a healthy balance.
2) Include Beneficial Grains: Corn, amaranth, quinoa, and teff have a lighter quality than other grains. Their origin in warm climates makes them natural catalysts for generating even-burning fire energy.
3) Include Bitter Taste: The bitter taste provides a slightly contracting effect that prevents radiating energy from becoming too intense. The desire to balance the radiating movement may reveal itself when people crave coffee and chocolate—foods, which in their pure form are naturally bitter tasting. Less extreme sources of the bitter taste can come from grain beverages made with roasted corn, barley, dandelion, and chicory.
4) Avoid Extreme Foods: A heart attack occurs when accumulated compacted fats (gathering movement) erupt (radiating movement) from arterial walls and become deposited in a narrower location (gathering movement) along the artery path. At this gathering point, circulation is cut off and an attack or stroke occurs. Depending on one’s condition, any food items that catalyze extreme metabolism fluctuations—alcohol, cof.fee, sugar, spice, salt, or meat—may contribute to compromises in the radiating movement.
5) Avoid Nightshade Vegetables: Tomato, eggplant, potato, peppers, and tobacco create hyperactivity over-stimulating the radiating movement.
6) Maintain a Balanced Variety: Meals that balance a wide variety of cooling, warming, aromatic, and pleasing tastes prepared with healthy ingredients will inspire joy, and balance the radiating movement.
7) Maintain a Balance of Spices: Desires for life passion are sometimes displaced in cravings for spicy foods that, in excess, can compromise digestion and cool the body, mind, and spirit. (Most spices originate in warm climates because they induce perspiration, which results in an overall cooling effect.) Curry, cayenne, black, white, and chili pepper create this effect. Ginger, mustard, and horseradish are more long-term condiments that create a steadier balance. Find what works for the individual.

Traditional Home Remedy to Activate the Radiating Movement
Ransho: This powerful remedy is most effective with people who eat a plant-based diet or for those whose animal food intake is moderate. Consult a qualified Macrobiotic counselor to ensure its safe and effective use. Ransho activates the heart in cases of lethargy and weakness when the cause is excessive expansive factors like sweets, alcohol or drugs. In the case of a heart attack or stroke, a sign that indicates Ransho will be effective is if the subject’s hands are open (expanded). Avoid if their hand is closed as this usually indicates heart failure from excessive contactin (eggs, poultry, salt).
If you are questioning the use of Ransho, add a raw egg to a miso soup broth made from scallions, Chinese cabbage, onions and a little ginger. This remedy offers a less extreme way to activate cardiovascular circulation.
In the case of drug overdose, either of these remedies may facilitate too quick of a discharge. The miso soup without the egg offers a safe way to effectively balance the condition.
Break and mix the white and yolk of an organic, fertilized egg. Add one tablespoon of organic naturally brewed soy sauce. Beat and mix thoroughly. Take once and if good results occur and are still necessary, take again after waiting a minimum of six hours.

Herbs to Consider under the supervision af a qualified practitioner.

ST. JOHN’S WORT- Calming Spirit and managing mood swings






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