Inspired by those who are learning to speak their heart: who take the time to transform text to talk:

Take a moment… taking slow breaths, Remember all the people who loved you into being.. they are all with you..

Be with them.. now know and feel that you deserve this ever present love, as a reflection of the way you love and behave with others…

Breathe this knowing through every cell and that’s all.. I am love, I love and when in doubt I choose love and so it is-Focus on the sacred geometry image for ~

ABUNDANCE~ so much to be grateful for Acknowledge what you are grateful for…


Feel it, let the image adorn your soul through your eyes… taste the gratitude grace full attitude which transforms any shadows into light Fear creates foundation for deeper faith..

Frustration generates the genesis of patient, flexible Freedom… emerging into the light..

Anxiety teaches step by step passionate enduring ascension the heaviness of drama begets our true dharms-~ service~

Depression digs a receptacle of individuality, uniqueness ~ your unique style of self devotion..

Feel these lows.. the darkness of the unknown, or pains of growing… mere moments in the gestating womb of life’s mysterious? or mystical journey.

Inspire the breath of eternity within you to meet the ongoing shaping of your heartfelt journey to the soul’s evolution. Be brave… embrace… surrender…


Hear, see, Taste, Touch, and Speak

Hear, see, Taste, Touch, and Speak this breath through your voice echoing in response to those who challenge you drop the story darting through your brain- files upon files of text…

JUDGING and justifying without even listening to the voice response of another?

Your breath empowers the voice within to speak your heart in connection with the reflecting soundboard of an other Breathe.. as the wind blowing away the dust or the dark clouds of repressed fear…

Surrender use this vital energy instead of it using you.

Breathe… leaving clear empty space within the borders of your body extending this space for you & all your relations..

Fullness, light and growth arise from our emptiness- the nest of receiving and eventual flight of expressing Speak your heart “cour” latin for heart Cour Age as long as you live

Speak your heart BE BRAVE In time… starting now… RECEIVE… wait…

In time, starting now and DECIDE… like DO CHOOSE WHEN and

to EXPRESS Two be the unity of range and engaged duality.. Two be the unity of trance ended duality sharing where receiving Expressing are the same one..



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