a response to someone who asked to promote their CBD products on iSOHA website
Dear ______

 While I appreciate the information, iSOHA promotes healthy living similar to a tree that lives 1000’s of years without supplements or medications of any kind. 
Food, Exercise, and Relationship resolution are the tools we use/recommend. Medications including excess or daily use of herbs make the body lazy in resolving the many pains and symptoms that are otherwise naturally taken care of through Food, Exercise, and Relationship.
Headaches and other pains and symptoms will continue and worsen until we learn to drop our dependence on concentrated medications including the ones in your article.
We get our results from daily essentials that boost the immune and all body systems instead of treating with the band-aid medications in your article that simply hide symptoms.
 The blood that nourishes and cleanses every body part and system is completely new between 10- 120 days. All symptoms in your article can be alleviated in that time. We prefer to help people heal themselves in this time frame rather than prolong and weaken themselves through dependency on drugs and the substances in your article.
Let me know if you are ever interested in healing at the source (instead of treating symptoms and weakening the body soul through addicting substances).

 Blessings- Sey

Natural Health Vitality and care is established without supplements, medications, pot, Cbd’s through everyday life activities-Exercise, Food, Relationship E-Motions and making soul enhancing decisions.

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