What is the Infinite Universe?

We are taught to be one with the Infinite Universe What is the Infinite Universe? Perhaps It is best to ask -what is not the Infinite Universe? Everything, including what was, what is and the potential of all that will be. How are we to be one with such an unfathomable force?

The Tao our best guide in navigating the Infinite Universe Between the forces of Heaven and Earth, Sky and Sea, Yang and Yin An almost silent melody is being played, and an almost invisible path being shown When the spirit within is calm, we sense it Be wise…follow it.


3 categories- Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

How can I stay calm enough to sense my Tao… within the incessant movements of life …the people who surround me.As well as the continual distractions of my internal rambling mind. How can I find my calm center? Our Body is a conductor of all nature’s forces and focused into 3 categories- Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

These 3 are like strings of a finely tuned instrument that must be integrated together. Action is the lowest and most stable frequency. It serves as the base of all the other strings and without its order, we stumble in chaos like a wounded bird at the mercy of a strong wind, thrown every which way until it plummets to the ground below

Thoughts the highest & sharpest frequency that when out of control, act like daggers piercing our reality, like wild bees buzzing and flying in every direction to escape a bear attacking the hive. Feelings, the middle frequency the most influential of all three. The lower and upper string pivot around this center that determines the emotion of any piece of music.


Calm resolving harmony

Happy or sad determined by the middle tone of a chord. The middle note determines disturbing dissonance or calm resolving harmony…peace. In the embrace of discord, people often react with random chaotic even violent thoughts and actions. In the embrace of resolving tones, life is a lullaby from which deep sleep results and eventually begets upon waking…. inspiring thoughts, feelings and actions.

That is so beautifully said. Yes, our lives are like the many instruments of a symphony…..playing together~ where a wide array of harmonies convene with peace, freedom and love as the ultimate result of the many rhythms, tones and moods expressed throughout our life. But Master, unlike a symphony that is led by a conductor, surely each of us must conduct ourselves…


How do we conduct ourselves so that the many moods of life help us rather than hinder our journey towards peace…love How can we conduct ourselves to achieve this goal? Remember and practice the founding lessons of our Kung Fu which is based on Tai Chi- translated, means-“the Supreme Ultimateâ€. In each movement, One leg or both act as the root, the other leg, waist, or arms directs the Chi. The mind being focused on and coordinating such centered, relaxed yet strongly connected movement, guides the infinite chi through us without obstruction…FREE….


We are a calm unified vessel conducting…expressing, receiving the harmonies of Heaven and Earth… within every relationship….yielding or initiating, we take response ability…. nourishing self and serving others….as such, all answers and important questions flow through us….

Re solved.. We hear, see, taste, touch and breathe the ever evolving life force to and through us as ONE. ……..Some call it Intuition- We call it “Embracing our Taoâ€

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