life-of-a-lily a metaphor


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Protected Flowers-Protected life

The wind that carries the seeds plays no favorites
the seeds fall according to the fortunes of nature; wind and weather
those that fall in fertile soil may be tended and cared for,
grow strong and bloom
those that fall in barren soil will die soon….


 Reincarnation- the soul’s recycling to reform embodied life

the quality of this energy seed is determined by the quality created  by  our previous life
VULNERABILITY and our ability to surrender and adapt,
nourishes the potential we created in the previous embodied life
a well nourished life- a life that developed, learned and progressed through the many challenges presented,
will be carried by the winds of nature differently than the seed that avoided it’s lessons
Some will cling to life in arid places, barren sites or in deep clefts…..
Embrace this destiny of the human soul
to find beauty through perseverance in the seemingly ugly times,
to find strength amidst the weakness of challenging environments
to find peace and even happiness in the sadness of cruelty
to cling to the inspiration of life that blooms
from the transformation of adversity
A woman in black shirt with hands together.
and so the traveler, unsuspecting comes upon a site of great beauty
a single lily growing  among the rocks
the compassionate mindful traveler waters the lily in passing
grateful for its strength, its beauty- its tenacity to life
and growing in the rocks, it is an amazing lily
Every bit  and perhaps more inspiring than the lilies of the well gardened field
Who will you be in each moment today?
the wind? the seed? the rocks, which Lily? the compassionate traveler?
For every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
Every moment today represents the seed and soil of our hungry soul
Chewing our experiences well brings appreciation
Surrendering to our vulner/ (wound) ability,
We absorb life’s shaping, tuning
We find gratitude and thus
BE, COME nourished

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