The weeping willow:

Merging and captivating balancing between stillness with movement.

Embrace with core strength composed of roots trunk and thin branches with dancing leaves- sensitive, vulnerable that portraits the young male and female with the form 100s of years with flowing river touches.

The weeping willow as one Breathe the essence with the every feel and perhaps through her weeping tears which senses all the feelings.

The source of her inner stability and which is charged by the the both hormone and we sense the Tao our true way.


If you compare your life to a book of pages

you will be just that

Story after story

Every moment, a new page, a new story

Also, BE aware of the bookmarks that serve you, lest you serve them

If you must be a book,

be the book of mirrors

Let the pages be one mirror after another

Look deeply and you never see the same you twice

Like 1000 rings in the trunk of a tree-

Be, See the new you alive and well …..healing, changing…growing

Let the pages of this book initiate your inquiry and the vision within

After reading each page of text, look in the reflection of a mirror… Breathe…..Shhhhh, relax your eyes  Feel … Receive

(The author and illustrator are projecting a message that like an archer, shoots an arrow. Consider being like the wind, that breathes and thus directs the arrow to the truth that resides in your heart.)

There is an ultimate Tao/ Path/Way or One Universal Truth that may apply to all beings and phenomena. Some of the phrases and writings in this text may be universal truths. When it comes to an individual, there are many personal ways to find the One Universal truth. Example (to consider):

“Sound Health is the most important tool necessary for creating a happy life.â€Â  Many, maybe even all, would consider this a TRUTH/ (Universal Tao).

And EACH PERSON will find his/her personal way to create Sound health. One person attributes Yoga as her Path/ Tao to achieve Sound Health- another, Nutrition.

The phrase, “One Truth Many Paths†from Swami Satchidananda refers to the One Truth as Enlightenment and there are many Paths / personal Tao’s to get there.




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